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Dollhouse [Roman, Lotus, Ninkilim, Raphael]
« on: July 31, 2017, 01:16:33 AM »
{Pups first!}

She is the eldest, Feizin notwithstanding, and Ashtaroth considers it her responsibility to lead her siblings in the ways of Oukoku-Kai. Either that, or protect their pelts for the inevitable skinning. She sees little use for the priests-- helpful, in normal circumstances, for teaching the young and uninitiated alike their ways, but you don't grow up under a Rose ignorant of the culture.

Maybe Nevada nurtured the Red leanings in the litter; perhaps a priest can save Feizin from boring Anamelech to her own death, but the rest of them require a more practical sort of guidance. Examples of what to be, what not. Pretty slaves, gnarled warriors, the underlying hostility of their home. None of them will escape the White Order without at least a working understanding of it.

But, above all: they need to survive to that point. They need to be lovely little playthings, unthinking, agreeable, adorable. There is a reason Gigantea permitted their parents to breed, and it is not for her liking of them. Hopefully, after a couple unlucky run-ins with Tessa, an introduction to their uncles, the more intelligent of her siblings will see the way to survival. As for the others... She expects their swift deaths to be the merciful outcome.

She looks the most like their uncle, in fur alone; hard to tell build for pups, but they're at the age some are beginning to sprout into their bodies. Maybe Ashtar gains height first, weight second, or maybe she's going to stay this skinny. It's of little consequence; Roman is False Bonded to Anamelech, and that means he is her puppet as much as any of them. Leash is just a tad longer.

Ashtaroth leads her quartet of littermates, and perches behind where the wolf may be sunning himself, possibly even busy with something; sleeping off a meal, maybe. She clears her throat, loathes the accent she adopted from mama, "Excuse me sir, are you Roman?"
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Re: Dollhouse [Roman, Lotus, Ninkilim, Raphael]
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"blood still
stains when the
sheets are washed"
-Melanie Martinez

Lotus, the smallest of the sisters follows along quietly behind Ashtaroth and her brother, humming softly to herself as she prances after them. She was always following behind, skipping along behind her siblings and she wondered idly if there would ever come a day that she would be the one to lead.  Not that she minded her current position she was just curious how different it would be, was it fun?

She felt like Ashtaroth was a good, faithful leader always showing them the proper way to behave themselves in the valley of Oukoku-kai and the little girl drank in the knowledge, soaking it in like a sponge. Lotus wanted to be perfect, she wanted to be everything the White Rose her to be and more. Her photographic memory made it easy to remember the customs and lessons she was taught and she tried hard to live like she was supposed to.

Where as her sister sought to escape the White Order Lotus wanted to flourish in it, to wrap herself in its embrace and grow within it. If she survived that long that is. The White Seour had a temper and Lotus wasn't sure of her true feelings towards she and her siblings but it was obvious that her guardian was not exactly fond of them. How easy it had been for her to order the maiming of a packmate, how eager had Thetis seemed to cause pain.. Lotus certainly didn't want to be on the receiving end of that rage she decided.

If Thetis asked her to jump Lotus would jump if she asked her to kill then she would kill. Anamelech had wanted a pretty doll to play with and Lotus was top of the line quality, straining to be everything she could ever want. She wanted to make her proud. She wanted to make Thetis proud. She wanted to make Mama proud.. Lotus stopped humming and bit her lip at the impure thought, trying to push it away. She didn't have a Mama anymore.

The sight of a dark red pelt in the distance with a familiar pattern of swirls makes her tail wag. They reminded her of Mama's and that made her like Roman almost immediately and the quiet little girl pranced forward as Ashtaroth got his attention. "Hiya! 'm Lotus and that's Ashtaroth." She chirped sweetly, "She's my big sister." Lotus added with a giggle and came closer, prodding Roman's side with her little nose sniffling him all over to set his scent in her memory. "I like your swirlies. I gots swirlies too, see?" She turned her body around and pointed her nose at her side.


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Re: Dollhouse [Roman, Lotus, Ninkilim, Raphael]
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Ninkilim followed Ashtaroth eagerly, albeit at the end of the small gathering, observing their siblings in a moment of peace and quiet. The red sister was always so intent on leading, Nin’ was glad to leave such a responsibility to her, amused at her need for control, of light for her petals. They wondered if she knew too much sun was just as bad as too much darkness for the growing flowers they all were… And oh, what flowers they all were! All of them were sprouting beautifully, taking to the guidance of the White with a very personal approach. Ash’s was probably the most reluctant out of them — prideful? —  but that didn’t mean she could escape Gigantea’s influence, nor that she wouldn’t make a fine follower of the valley’s ways. Which color would she boast on her coat of arms, which poisonous thorns would she pick? Ninkilim was excited to find out — the possibility of their eldest sister deviating from Ana’s ways being the most poignant one. (What a turnabout it would be!).

As for them… there was no need for survival when you could simply live. This faith, this optimism was a thing of every day, of repeated notions and routine. Ninkilim could have grown up different, but the valley was a place with a strong aura. And frankly, what was even the White Seour’s perspective on their births when the White Rosa herself was showing interest, declared them beautiful? Nothing. There was a reason why Thetis was still Ana’s protégé. As there was a reason for their presence in Okouku Kai. Nin' didn’t fear — their purpose was clear, their future was ahead of them and would come when the time would be right. It could have been delusion. It was, on some level. But there was more to the joy, the assurance of drawing breath the next day in their little ribcage. A growing confidence, a blooming desire for more. For the time being, Ninkilim was content on living… but day after day the need to thrive was getting more pressing, more urgent.

So, when they finally found the false bond of Ana, Nin’ comes up to him with intent, their eyes glowing with interest. Their sisters talked first, and Ninkilim smiled at both of them, amused. Was there a doubt this man was of their blood? Lotus’ sweet comment was proof enough of his lineage. "Good day uncle Roman." They’d greet, in turn, with small wag of their tail. "I’m Ninkilim." If Raphael didn’t introduce himself or stay in the darkness as he often seem to do, Nin’ would gently nudge him forward. They would never utter a word though — Raphael was a big boy, he could speak for himself and mend his introductions perfectly. And if he didn’t want to speak, well, they would let him be. Though they had the intuition he would, eventually.

"We came to know more, to learn more from you." Cut the chase, smalltalk was useless. And they wanted whatever lied in the head and the heart of this familiar stranger. "If you have the time…" They trailed off for a short moment. OF COURSE their uncle would have the time. What was he to do when his beloved God and Sister’s children would come nipping at his heels? He was bond to serve them, out of his duty to the White Rose and to his blood family. And if he didn’t, he was very little man, a pitiful little soul. They resumed, as if nothing happened. Ever the polite one. "Could you please tell us what’s your calling? What is filling your days in the valley?" Please, tell us a story dearest uncle.


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