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cruel to be kind [acceptance]
« on: July 28, 2017, 10:09:29 PM »
The alluring scent of an array of flowers and trees had been tempting Senna for days. Having recently been residing a comfortable distance outside of Inaria's border, Senna debated whether or not to approach and seek acceptance into a new home. For several months, she had lived a rogue; it got to be lonely and often times dangerous. And unfulfilling. Senna's sense of purpose was waning, which may be a selfish reason for joining a pack but she felt like any community could use an extra body to help contribute. She liked to believe that her knowledge of remedies and ability to tend to and keep up with the young was worth something to someone. As long as she wandered on her own, none of herself could be put to use, really.

Inhaling, Senna surveyed her surroundings. As she approached the Inarian border, a feeling of immense curiosity washed over her. She had definitely heard several promising details about Inaria, be it the beautiful lands or the seemingly diplomatic wolves that resided there. Senna knew she belonged among a pack more willing to stand behind a verbal solution before resorting to physical war. Hopefully, her inability to inflict much damage on opponents didn't hinder her chances of finding a pack to stand with. Senna may not be able to cause many wounds, but she could certainly heal them. Or outrun whatever was trying to inflict the wounds.

As her paws crossed the border, she began to flick her ears in search of another body nearby. The last thing she wanted was to startle someone, so she opted to remain in one area until someone, hopefully cordially, came across her.
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Re: cruel to be kind [acceptance]
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2017, 11:16:50 PM »
He was making yet another round of the borders after an earlier delay when he spotted an single individual that appeared to be slightly over the border. Crossing the boundary was a serious offense and if she had been larger, not that she wasn't already larger than him, he may have gone ahead and called for backup and moved to intercept. As it was though he simply paused a moment to watch and study her and the air, just because she didn't look like a threat didn't mean he would throw caution to the wind. It was a very brief moment though no more than a few seconds of study since he couldn't very well spend minutes watching her with her paws over the border and not do something about it and something was precisely what he was going to do. He strode briskly forward ready to cut across her path if she tried to proceed further across the border eyes fixed on her with a critical and not entirely welcoming gaze. He was a diplomat yes but he was also a sentry which meant it was his job to protect the pack and that meant thoroughly questioning and investigating anyone who so much as put a pinky toe or even a pinkie claw across the border.

"You. Explain. Now". He ordered sternly watching her every move for signs of any ill intent and waiting to hear and take apart any explanation she gave for her lapse in judgement piece by piece to make sure she was no threat. And if it turned out otherwise then he could hold her off long enough to summon the guard if he couldn't send her on her way himself or if she simply happened to be the lure and bait for a trap. Either way Inaria would remain as safe and secure as he could possibly make it. There would be no more pain for his packmates if he could do anything to prevent it.

((sorry for taking so long to get to this, and sorry it's short))
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