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Matchstick Men [Nyx]
« on: July 28, 2017, 06:32:05 PM »
At least he was not a sabre.

Twice Lucien's size, still, but he was quite finished with the bumbling brutes, incisors dangling down to their collarbones. He could repurpose one as a chisel, if he really needed. Now that wasn't a bad idea; he resolved to go digging one of these days.

"Nyx, is it?" he greeted, stopping just shy of the massive cat. If he so much as flinched a threat, Lucien could be in the canopy and halfway out of Stoneclaw.

Of course, he could kill it, but that's rarely the most prudent option.

"Lucien LaCroix, newly-named Dragoon. I'm told there's far more to it than striking a pair of stones together, is that right?"

He presented the lion a smile then, if not a bit dopey. As if he hadn't watched the Plains burn black, laughing.

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Re: Matchstick Men [Nyx]
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2017, 10:04:55 AM »
Nyx wasn't expecting company. Well, none other than Vi anyway, who followed him nearly all the time these days. When the voice of a male caught his attention, he paused in his tracks. The small creature that greeted him was a stranger and Nyx narrowed his eyes ever so slightly, suspicious of the creature. He'd never seen or heard of him before and in such a small pride, that was unusual. Still, he knew Nyx by name so someone had to have directed his path.

The massive lion turned to view the smaller male, golden eyes taking in his form to remember him for later. Just in case. "I'm Nyx, yes." he began slowly. "New Dragoon eh? Hm.. well, in that case, what do you know about fire?" He asked, still not over his suspicion, but so was his default mode. Suspicion was his nature, wasting time was not. Depending on what this Lucian knew, Nyx might not have to train him much at all and they'd be able to go out and do things that desperately needed to be done. Like heading back into the Black Plains to visit some of the tar pits and gather tar for the braziers at the King's Lookout. Work needed to be done and Nyx wasn't going to turn it down.
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