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wrong seat mickey mouse || OPEN* [TW]
« on: July 28, 2017, 01:39:38 PM »

ooc; TW —  playing with dead animals (mice) and tearing them to pieces.
*Opened for 1 more. Lotus and Feizin will join.

The afternoon was quiet. And for once, so was Ninkilim. Well, relatively speaking — their standards weren’t the usual ones. After much exploration, they had decided to enjoy themselves a good day of peace and quiet by playing pretend with helpful puppets. The idea of eating them wasn’t entirely out of the equation, but for now… Nin’ would simply play with them. It’s not like they could complain, either way.

"Hmmmmm." The sound, an echo of Anamelech’s voice, was soon becoming more than a simple emulation. It was tweaked, and arranged, into a part of Nin’s own manners, a gesture among others in their little theater.

"No, no, no!" They admonished their current actors, voice barely audible. The players were NOT well seated. This wouldn’t do. "A moment misters!" A declaration befitting of an host. As if Ninkilim was the servant, and not the master. They found the irony… exquisite.

With care, Ninkilim grabbed the dead mice, and re-arranged their positions. Now their little paws were actually on the log, not their small dumb foreheads.  "Aaaah." Better. Far better. The small bits of grass were convincing enough. A shame Nin’ hadn’t a skull to fit the size of their current dollhouse. Oh well… They’d be ready next time.

They took a long breath, and exhaled, voice shifting ever so slightly, taking place directly behind the first mouse. "Would you like a little bit of meat, heathen?" Then, they walked behind the second, they voice taking yet another intonation. "Of course heathen. What kind of meat?"

There was a silence. A stretched silence, as the mice looked in each other eyes.

"YOURS." Finally said Nin’ in their own voice, much louder and authoritative than usual, towering other the small setting. THEY were the judge, after all. But as they thrashed around the mice, shaking them relentlessly until skin fell off, perhaps they weren’t just a judge… but also the executioner.

It was for the best that Nin’ already had extinguish life out of their players, for when the sentence was pronounced there was no hesitation. If those were true relentless wolves, true forsaken souls, the fervent child would have been just as swift in punishment as they were now.

But ah, the mice were always heathens, didn’t talk much — did they talk really? — and they couldn’t be redeemed. Poor little ones. It was tragic. Wolves, on the other hand, could perfectly handle decent conversation… unless they were mutes like papa Ezekiel — whoopsy! — but even then they could see the light among the dark confines of their unlighted existence. That meant everyone could be cleansed. (Oh, optimist juvenile mind!) Wasn’t it wonderful? Nin’ thought so.

As they finished and released the mice, almost torn to shred, they looked around. Now that the moment was gone, they felt a little disappointed. "I should get you new roommates… or successors." Yes, as funny as it had been, puddles of fur and bones were hardly suitable… actors. And they — it — couldn’t even serve as a prop for tar. It wasn’t the right color.


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Re: wrong seat mickey mouse || OPEN* [TW]
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2017, 04:50:13 PM »
{Ah, heck; I'll jump in <3}

Ashtaroth thinks it a bit off Ninkilim apologizes, "A moment misters!" when they're performing to a trio of sisters. If Anamelech were here, she'd be wailing praise, that Ninkilim has taken Gigantea's impression so well. If Thetis were present, Ash may even hear her yellow teeth grinding. Oh, she's loyal alright, but to the gods. She only favours Anamelech for giving her the most attention.

Is that why Ashtar prefers Red?

Ninny's outburst startles Ashtaroth from what has stolen her attention-- a small tortoise whose tail she has already ingested before it could retreat. They try so desperately to imitate Anamelech, but the shouting sounds like Thetis. Ninkilim has taken on the both, willingly. Idiot.

Maybe one day, she will shed familial relations, like she left her disappointing parents to deal with the placenta. Bound only by her Bonds. Maybe one day, she can claim Lotus for her own. But, for now, Nin' is White as any of them, and White are not to be trusted.

The tortoise has finally emerged cautiously, begun its slow escape. She lunges forward, and snaps its head between her puppy jaws, blocks its breath with her tongue. Ninkilim likes the skulls after all. Once finally dead, she picks it up, dead limbs dangling from the shell, and deposits it in place of Ninny's mice. "Will this do, Nin'?"

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Re: wrong seat mickey mouse || OPEN* [TW]
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2017, 10:28:02 PM »
stay strong through your pain
grow flowers from it
you have helped me
grow flowers out of mine so
bloom beautifully
bloom softly
however you need
just bloom
- ''milk and honey'' to the reader

Lotus floated along behind her sisters, humming in unison with them in a beautiful harmony as they walked through the valley. The sun burned hot on her pelt, heating her uncomfortable but she didn't feel bothered enough to complain about it. She simply wished it wasn't so warm. Her ruby eyes watched Nin quietly as she played with the dead creatures, fascinated by the little story she was playing with the mice. Unfortunately her little toys didn't last for very long and Lotus frowned in disappointment.

Ashtar wandered over about the same time and dropped a dead turtle at their feet, "Will this do, Nin'?" Lotus hummed and came closer to examine the shell, poking it with one little, inky black paw. "I dunno, it doesn't look big enough." She rolled her shoulders in a small shrug, meeting her sisters gaze with an unreadable expression. Suddenly she turned to Nin and gave her a small smile, "Ya wanna go find some new toys to play with?" By toys she meant dead mice of course.

The rodents were relatively easy to hunt down and were one of the first prey animals that they had learned to kill. Her swirly tail swished excitedly behind her, a blur of colors as she waited expectantly for her sisters reply. Of course it would be a yes but it was still polite to wait before charging off. If Nin and Ashtar agreed Lotus would bounce to her feet and prance ahead of them, the smallest of the sisters leading the way. Sometimes it felt like her bigger sisters let her get away with stuff because she was technically younger and smaller than them. Did they feel responsible for her in some way?

How did that make her feel? She wasn't sure.


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Re: wrong seat mickey mouse || OPEN* [TW]
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2017, 10:23:28 AM »
[OOC: Before my prp with Thetis]

Playing with dead animals and pretending they were toys was not something Feizin took part in. She didn’t think it was gross or barbaric, just useless to play with dead things, she didn’t see the point of it. It didn’t teach them anything, it just made Ninkilim seem like a mindless beast in her actions. Fei was placed on a hill so she could look at them, it wasn’t a tall hill, just a rise in the ground under the shade of a tree. Fei wasn’t usually seen talking or playing with her siblings, she was often the odd one out. Often left behind by the others or excluded. Like the time Lotus didn’t introduce her as her sister to the red baishun. Excluded. Odd perhaps.

It was alright, she didn’t need siblings, she needed gods. Only gods. She was undeniably the least childish of her siblings, almost born to the standard of brainwashed and focused, she grew up as an adult. She didn’t know it yet but she would one day be told by the white seour that she was throwing away her youth, wasting her cuteness. But it didn’t bother her now, for the things had yet to come. She stayed atop the small hill and watched as Ninkilim shredded her toys apart, and watched as Ashtar offered a turtle to replace them.

She watched their interactions with disdain, distant to them she followed them with her eyes, not ready to take part of be a part of them. Lotus was the only of her siblings she had some relation to in a sense, meaning that she didn’t behave like an utter heathen all the time, but was sweet to even Fei at times. Lotus offered their two siblings to go hunt for mice, not something Fei was going to participate in. ”Why do you play Ninkilim? What’s the point?” She hadn’t lifted her head to ask, but kept it on her front paws, curiously looking at her sister.

She was ready to pass judgement of her useless actions of playing with dead toys, and she didn’t see to kindly on it. In her opinion Ninkilim ought to be seeking out information of the gods if she was that bored, not play with dead animals. Fei watched her sisters if they went off to hunt mice and didn’t think much of it, but should they wander off she decided to play the older sister (older in mind at least) and follow them in small strides, walking behind them as they took off, keeping her distance but keeping watch of them.

Making sure they weren’t doing anything ungodly.
Oh Lord won't you save me
Save me from my soul
Oh Lord won't you forgive me
For I have lost control
Oh Lord won't you tell me
Am I the righteous or the damned?
Oh Lord won't you please hear me
Do I obey or do I command?

Oh Lord can't you save me
From my twisted little mind
Oh Lord won't you please show me
How to turn the water to wine
Oh Lord won't you show me
Am I the sinner or the saint?
Oh Lord won't you please tell me
Was all my suffering in vain?

Played by Bwarh