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get your turpentine this is a workshop! || thetis
« on: July 28, 2017, 01:26:13 PM »
It was almost nightfall. Birds began to chant, perched in the trees. "Time to go to bed" the winged singers seemed to say. Well, not for them. Among the chorus, another sound, — a hushed, subtle sound — could be perceived… if people really pricked up their ears. Puppy feet were sure more clumsy than grown up ones, yet lighter and more discreet too. And as of this moment, these two words could very well describe a youth with a striped back and mismatched eyes, diligently following a well known figure of the White order.

Following the White Seour was not a constant hobby for Ninkilim — collecting bones was rather time consuming, after all. But the promising child could certainly grow to show interest in walking alongside the White Rosa and her chosen ones, as well as her shadows. Only time would tell.

For the time, it was mostly to get glimpses of dear Baba’s handy work — Nin’ knew Thetis still created her quirky and intriguing little idols. Art was a passion they could get behind. Art was a manifestation of Faith itself. Ninkilim had an ever growing interest in both of them. So it was honestly quite logical for them to end up on the trail of Thetis. It would have happened, sooner or later.

Excitement was certainly present in their heart, but it didn’t shift their focus. It wasn’t the time to demonstrate their joy, not yet. They would stay quiet. Spying was actually a lot more fun that way — speaking in hushed tones, whispers, secret calls, or just plain mutism coupled with body language was like speaking in coded language. It added a sense of mystery and stakes. Everything felt… meaningful and spectacular that way.

They approached silently, getting closer to the place, closer to one of their closest role models… and then, they stopped. There was enough distance between them so their eyes could spot several items scattered in their field of vision, and still be out of Thetis’s notice, hiding behind tree trunks. Apparently, the White Seour was busy on retrieving materials, slowly building another idol. Perhaps a final version of the other ones? Whatever it was, Ninkilim was thrilled.

They didn’t address the White Seour, letting her to her handy work. They weren’t here to chat — not initially. They were here to watch, learn, and admire.


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