Author Topic: A Man's Home is his Castle [Open]  (Read 310 times)

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A Man's Home is his Castle [Open]
« on: July 27, 2017, 10:37:28 PM »
Tradition II: Domain

The territory Lucien hunted, these nine miles squared, had belonged to the LaCroix "clan" (as Stoneclaw would call it) for generations before him. He challenged his father for the land, just as his father fought the twin of his litter for that right, and their grandmother, as her father had. There was history in this ground; no recent relocation could trample that.

He peeled bark from the trees at the forest's edge, just short of a physical barrier to alert all that this land was owned. Stupid, over-sized, ugly sabres. The jaguar would murder them all if he could, but... he can't. There's a reason his kind kept to the trees, the darkness. Where larger predators couldn't reach. He was not the top of the food-chain anymore.

The thought infuriatedLucien, as he ripped so deeply the tree would never be whole again. One of many, marking this scent line ignored by all but his own kind. Leopard and lion shared territory often, rarely aware of one another. Jaguar and sabre, just the same.

Claws thoroughly trimmed (nearing the quick, even), he dropped to his side, panting in the afternoon heat, and glaring at any that dared approach.