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Cold wind whistled through his long ears as Zeke stood atop the mountains of Gemini, looking down across the kingdom with hard golden eyes. He narrowed them to sharpen his gaze as he searched for the pale pelt of his bastard brother, trying to spy on him from afar. He wanted to keep tabs on Corrosion from now on. Wait for he perfect moment to get his vengeance. Zeke could learn to be a patient person.

He was torn from his brooding thoughts when movement near the wall caught his attention and he shifted, moving further down the mountain to get a better view. Squinting hard he could only make out colors, a red wolf chasing a smaller, grey white and maroon wolf who looked a lot like Lev from afar. Intruders? Bandits? With a snarl Zeke picked his way down the mountainside as quickly as he could, his foothold slipping once or twice in his haste. Stars help anyone who dared lay a finger on his sister, he would rip them limb from limb. Months of practice aided his descent and it wasn't long before he reached the ground and sprint towards the Wall.

He isn't the first to arrive and the realization makes him snarl in disappointment as he slows his sprint to a jog, a low growl rumbling in his chest, hackles raised. He could see now that whom he thought at first to be his sister was instead one of her children, one of Tauro's brats. But his fury would not be quelled so easily. What gave this stranger, this intruder the right to come in here and attack one of there own? He could smell the blood, see the stain against the child, his nephew's chest and it filled his head until his pupils dilated and he teeth ached.

Subdued or not Zeke would charge in, brushing past the Cavalier and the other Saboroan refugees and sank his teeth into the base of the males tail. "She said start-" Clamping down with all his strength his heard a crackling snap fill his mouth as he separated the trespassers tail from his body and spat it aside, "Talking." If Avery or one of the others turned on him with their teeth he'd flash his own, "What, you expect me to let this intruder come in here and attack one of our kids without losing something?" His golden eyes were full fury, begging one of them to strike him for disobeying their orders. It wouldn't be pretty.

"If he missed the effin' heads on the wall he deserves to lose his tail."


OOC Note: Zeke suffers from Grandiose Delusions and can be edgyunpredictable and very violent. He's a real jerk but I, BB, love everyone <3

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[t r a v e l e r]
ooc; PLEASE wait for Serrate, then Century to reply before posting again! This is CLOSED to any more attackers at this point, but I'm not opposed to onlookers/gawkers still joining just to see what's going on.

TW: violence/gore and emotional trauma.




          Like the true fool he would soon realize he was, Traveler was bouncing around with Century having a grand ol' time. When he smacked the boy from his running and upright position the larger male winced slightly. Though the child tumbled in a mass of giggles so the oversized Fringe assumed Century was just fine. He noticed the slight bit of blood he'd smeared on the kid's neck and opened his mouth to apologize when the boy noticed his paw. "Huh? Oh this? crap yeah Kid, it's just a little cut," he reassured even though it was a slightly uncomfortable sensation. The male grinned a huge toothy grin to Century then, "It's nothing to worry over Kid." He could feel the boy's feet on his chest, maybe if Century was lucky he'd grow to be close to Traveler's size though the Fringe wasn't sure that would ever happen. Short of meeting Orion, Traveler had yet to meet another creature that was as large as he, except perhaps his older brother. The red and brown male smacked his lips playfully and was about to hop off of Century to allow the boy to chase him when something a little bit (un)expected happened.

No warning, no sound, suddenly he turned and there was a man barrelling towards him at the speed of light. Danger in his eyes, it wasn't an unfamiliar sight but unfortunately for Traveler he froze just like he had last time. "THE eff?!" Bam! Zin slammed into the side of Traveler's shoulder and the large Fringe let out a startled yowl. "Dude what th--" the boy started to yell at Zin in a shaky voice when the hair on the back of his neck stood up. He'd stepped back from Zin, who was now trying to get between him and Century, but Traveler's honey-colored eyes were elsewhere. Trav's head turned just in time to see Lev as she sailed down from the top of Gemini's wall like a paratrooper or a little flying squirrel. Had this been a different situation the brute would have probably been rolling in the ground laughing at her and the imagry that was popping into his head but this was not a different situation. "Heeyyrrrrrrrr!" It started as a shout and ended in a growl. The furious mother made up for her lack of stature in the amount of tenacity she put into her attack.

The Valykire flew into him, teeth making contact with the side of his neck, latching partly onto his jaw. Little limbs wrapping around his neck, momentum from her sailing trip powerful to the man who was already in motion. The Fringe giant tried to catch himself, but the bite and the force were too much, he yelped lightly and began to topple backwards. Fear was beginning to send him a rush of adrenaline, and he no longer wanted to ask questions or laugh, he wanted to run. The young male was no warrior, he knew little on how to defend himself or how to fight in general; his past was made up of running from any and all conflicts. But Lev had his neck, or part of it, and this other male was there too with his teeth bared. Legs kicked and muscular neck began to move, he wanted free but he couldn't run, instinct kicked in and his large mouth opened wide. Long pearly, barely used fangs would reach out in an attempt to snag the woman who had toppled him over. If any of her had came dislodged from him during their tumble, it was fair game now. Heart racing thousand times faster than it was, he could hear the blood rushing in his eyes, eyes were wide, wild.

Get out of here! Go! RUN RUN RUN!
His body was screaming, he was trying.

Should his mouth meet the worried mother, Traveler would lock down hard, the whites of his eyes showing as he looked at her with a tremendous amount of fear. And shake, he would shake, hard jaw in place, shaking her like a terrier would shake a rat or snake to kill. Still kicking, trying to find his footing to get out of his compromised position to one where he could flee. Should he miss the warrior woman, he would continue to lash out as he attempted to find his feet as the others were appearing. Zin, Lev, Franky was coming in hot now, all were close enough for him to snap his fangs together. Unfortunately for Traveler, Francisca was the smart one, she shouted something-- drowned out by the blood pumping sound in his ears-- and then latched onto his back leg. As the Ranger began to try and tear, Traveler hit a whole new level of panic.

Whatever fangs he might have had in someone were loose now, a loud yelp of pain sounded out and he began to fight violently to be away from the blue woman's jaws. Just when he thought he might be able to slip free the pain hit him, something slipped and snapped sickly. His muscles rolled onto themselves, tendon severed straight down to the bone now slightly cracked. "GET OFF GET OFF GET OFFEGGETOOFFER!" Screaming, screeching, poor Century would hear that even from miles away. "AHHH!" It was too much, fangs bared he swung around to Francisca in a rage, thankfully not plagued by the Fury yet. But it was not the blue woman he saw, no his eyes were seeing something else. His ears were hearing memories, he might be lunging with the best of his ability towards Franky, but the boy was in his head.

Father dead, mother dead, sister laying somewhere bleeding. Little brother was screaming for him, "Help! Help Gabe help!" It was drowned out, he remembered the sound of blood in his head, he remembered the blood pumping his heart into overdrive. He didn't move then, brother screamed for protection and he didn't move. Swept away into darkness, oblivion with a quick snap. Traveler had failed to help him, at least in reality as he fled into the water, across the sand and nearly drowned caked in the blood of his family.

Today he was in his own blood.

Did he hit her? He didn't even know, the Fringe beast hoped to bring back something but more than anything he hoped to have them away to run. Or hobble. Or whatever he could possibility do to get away before they killed him. Because that was it right? They were going to kill him. He didn't know why, couldn't fathom why, and he was scared, his throat was tight, he had blood in it, at least some of it was his from biting his gum during the struggle. He didn't want to die, he didn't want to die, he didn't deserve to die. The only survivor just to die like this? Just to die because he split away from the Bosslady for a day to get her a pretty gift? No, he was a good man, a sweet man, doting, kind, playful, if a little rough around the edges. Good people died all the time though didn't they, mom, dad, little brother, sister. They were all good people; each breath that came in felt more and more like he was choking, gasping for air. He'd managed to get partially turned from his side to his stomach, less exposed but suddenly there was a massive pressure on him.

Someone was on top of him?

"No! effING GET OFF!" He tried to scream but was barely gasped out before he felt a pain hit his neck. Another wild snarl ripped from his throat then, past the blood, past the tightness, past it all. It was the will to live screaming past the coward, past the man haunted by his memories. Large front paws pulled up under him and he forced his front half upward vigorously. The intense need to get Ki Tisa off his back and off his neck fueled the push up and he bowed up forcefully like a bucking bronco. The goal was to throw the Bat Kol possessed Tisa off of his back, and if Lev was still holding on, her too! Without thinking he attempting to gain all of his footing, even the one Francisca had damaged and the moment he moved it into place the giant's body buckled back down to the ground. This time he did not even shout, landing awkwardly on his leg, he could feel they had taken part of his nape. It was neither here nor there.

In his head he was running, but not away.
She lay dead beside him, small paws moved her shoulder several times but the blood that had flooded out her neck like a broken dam should have been enough for the boy. It wasn't; he wasn't ready to lose his momma. Little brother was crying somewhere else, Traveler wasn't looking at him. "GABE RUN!" dad was screaming, and he turned with wet eyes to see his father. The strongest man he knew, being torn down like a flower fighting a weedeater. There was more blood, so much more, "Gabriel, go!" nothing but a gurgle, last breath for his son, Traveler was in tears,
they were streaming out in real life too.

he ran as the attacker charged him, hiding, hiding away from it all, even as his brother screamed for help.

His face was rubbing rigorously into the ground now, head smacking fiercely into the dirt. He wanted the memories gone, gone. Dirt was caking up in his nose, he could barely breath as it was and he didn't care. He didn't care, it was in his eyes that were now clamped shut, in his ears, at one point he'd opened his mouth and it mingled in with the blood, fur, and saliva there. Gemini wasn't there right now, the sensation of pain burned heavily, but his head throbbed. Traveler wasn't even sure where he was anymore, wasn't sure if he was still squirming. Loud echos were coming from all around but all he could see was his family, and a set of blue eyes, those same ones he'd seen earlier, or were they? The War Captain, her bloody colored body moved forward to fish him from the frenzy but he wasn't even sure he knew it. Where was the Kid? Was he safe from the fray? He'd been so scared he hadn't fought to make sure Century was okay. What if he'd failed again?

The Fringe was vaguely aware he was moving, being pulled from the fray by Avery. Paws scrabbled at the ground, not to stop her, but just to get some semblance of something, a sensation other than pain as he was dragged by his neck. But the son of Saboro's sad King would not allow that. There was no mercy here, none, his mother was screaming in his head but he knew he wasn't there deep down. Zeke's teeth met his tail, and against whatever opposition there was or wasn't, he removed it from Traveler. The red and brown boy didn't realize it, not in a conscious way, but he moaned out slightly, a whimper escaping his nose past the dirt. However his body was aware, it was getting weaker from the stress, the blood-loss. Honey orange eyes opened and lolled around aimlessly but he saw nothing. They were speaking, he could hear them but their words meant nothing; it was all foreign.

The adrenaline had stopped rushing, his mother and father's screams were slowly getting quieter, Gemini before him was a blur. Blue eyes stared at him from beyond a veil.

Who was she? The same as he had seen before? A different one? A figment of his imagination in a time of need? Was he dying? He couldn't possibility be dying from this could he? Did she have the answers? The figure turned away. Dunngoaway," he pleaded, though it was hoarse gibberish. "PLEASE." Clear enough for her to stop and look back, but she was not here for him. Gemini might have heard him too, he didn't know. Traveler wanted nothing more in this moment than to be dead; no pain, no screaming, no suffering. Death was not close, but sleep was, so he obliged himself and slipped into slumber. At some point he'd hit his head, knocked it pretty good against a stone, or the wall? No telling.

Now he lay at Gemini's feet, at the base of the wall.

What a testament to their power.

-Zin bowls into him, Traveler is startled and goes to back up.
-Lev makes contact, grabs somewhere on his neck (up around his jaw) and basically wraps around him. She's not big but she startles him and he topples backwards with her.
-Does not even slightly notice Iaera, at this point he's scared and starting to bite back to try and get these strangers off of him.
-Strikes out, Lev is the closest, intends to just hit and clamp down and shake her violently about. Get off! If he can't he'll snap at whoever is closest until he hits a mark somewhere.
-Traveler is freaking the eff out so when Franky bites his leg, she severs his Achilles tendon and damages the bone a bit. PAIN.
-Trav starts getting bad childhood flashbacks. Starts to snap and growl more violently at the ground. Flailing.
-SCARY TI KISA arrives and traumatizes poor Century some more, while Traveler is flailing and screaming on the ground, grabs him by the nape. He bucks up at this point only to buckle down to the ground under the weight of his attackers and the weakness in his back leg. Not before Ki takes part of the back of his neck though.
-Avery is screaming, Traveler is screaming.
-Flashbacks are getting worse. He's trying to get the memories out his head. At this point there is probably blood in his mouth and he's rubbing his head and face into the dirt trying to wipe the memories away.
-Zeke appears. Avery pulls one way, Zeke the other. Basic things happen and Traveler has no tail.
-Pain of the missing piece of nape, damaged hind leg, missing tail and various other bites and scraps plus the emotional trauma finally send him into a catatonic state.
-Sees random spectre, it's a little suggestive who he is seeing, but who knows. Then he passes out. No questions answered.

.played by eclipse.

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smol bomp for fortune when you get out of work/art/hell hell winks

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History repeats itself. It always repeats. It repeats on and on in an ever expanding spiral and it was foolish to try to stop something that didn’t care if you lived or died. It was pointless to stand in the way of the world. It went where it wanted to go. You either go along with it or you die.

Oh, yes, stranger from beyond the wall. Life was not kind. Life was not fair. Good people do die all the time.

She arrives. It’s hard to say when or how, the world rushing past her, screaming, wailing, all sickening pops and wet smacks as something dies. The wall casts a shadow that’s long and cold, and from it emerge her eyes.


Beneath her eyes curl the etchings embellishing the cover of the book that draw you in and promised an interesting story. They aren’t a lie. You’re too far in before you realize it’s a story you don’t want to read anymore.


There’s blood. On the grass. On the stranger. On the teeth of those that would vanquish evil where it dared lurk. On a little boy who ventured too far.


On Hawthorne who rode the giant into the dirt and tore down into the blades and vertebrae and dirty stinking flesh that lived inside. He tore and the monster fell, his eyes meeting her for just a moment because love would bring them together and love would save their sons because that’s how the story is supposed to GO--


Saliva pools in her mouth and it drips from her chin. She stands apart and they are screaming, screaming because a beautiful red boy lays buried and the red flaw dove into the heart of the sea. One rests amongst the worms and the other feeds crabs crusted with barnacles. She lives. She lives and does not make her final bed beneath dirt. Beneath sand. Her love leaks from her nose in small, foaming bubbles.

(They are RED, TOO.)

Static crackles in her ears. She can not hear them. Not anymore. She’s far away and yet she’s right here, devils dancing in the reflection of her eyes and blood soaking into her chin. The shadow cast by the wall is long. The shadow cast by the crown is LONGER.

A monster writhes and swallows all that come into its path. It reaches up and it breaks into small pieces at the corner of the eye, stretching beyond-- because there is no escape and there never has been. It touches all of them, even the small, SMALL boy that didn’t ask for this. He was supposed to be safe. He was supposed to be home.

The Queen turns, again, towards the child. She takes a step. There is nothing kind of merciful about her. There is nothing in her seeking justice. Life is not kind. Life is not fair. Good people die all the time.

They are screaming. The giant falls. They always fall. History repeats. She takes another step. Her love strings in great sticky ropes between her teeth. She hadn’t gotten to tell him. Hawthorne. Kariya. Tauro. She hadn’t gotten to tell him how much she loved him.

Another step. Here stood his son. Another boy, another tragedy. Run, they screamed. Run, little boy. Run, run, run, run, RUN, RUN, RUN!

(The crown is heavy. The people are screaming. Do you feel it settling around your throat, Century?)

She’s so cold. The stars are all around her. Darkness tries to take them from her and she reaches to pull it away with her teeth, bloodied spittle flying. Where is the sun? Where is it? WHERE. ARE. HER. BOYS?

He should be running. He should be afraid. They should have always run. Don’t cry. Don’t hiss and scream and beckon the monsters to you. Put the torch down. Run. Always run. The Old God doesn’t care who you are. History ALWAYS REPEATS.

(You should have put this book down a long time ago. Why did you ever pick it back up?)

The Red Giant reaches for the boy. Something darts past and it snaps. Come no closer. This was already written. It always had to be this way.

(“Everything,” you respond, “happens for a reason.”)

He’s red and white. Cancer had been red and white, too. It’s only one more step. Run. Run. Run. Run.

(You’ve read well.)

Time moves slow. It moves quickly. Time doesn’t exist. The Old God, the Red Giant, the awful Red Flaw, the QUEEN exhales a hot breath. She dispels the expanding darkness and finds that the stars still live beneath. Mere inches from Century, she turns away.

The Fury is a failsafe.

The Old Kingdom bred the strongest to the strongest. They bred the biggest to the biggest. They created the army that would save them and they created the Old One that hid behind hearts too big and limbs too long. When they fell, it made sure they GOT BACK UP AGAIN.

Then, it was gone.

(Sometimes, history doesn’t repeat.)

Put him,” she decrees, the Queen still, “In the pit.
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Everything went south so fast, it was hard for the young pup to keep up. First another stranger appeared, brown and angry and huge, shoving Traveler away from him and standing over him. Century stared at him, wide eyed, uncomprehending and a little anxious. Who was this man? Why was he so mad? Did they do something bad?

Then his mother came, and then others--someone was calling his name but he didn't understand. They--they were just playing! Why was everyone attacking Mr. Traveler? What was going on? He stayed, frozen, in the same spot as Traveler had playfully tackled him, right up until Iaera pulled him away. Even then, he continued to stare, wide-eyed and going from confused to terrified fast, as the action unfolded.

Two uncles he didn't know showed up, ripping into his would-be playmate, his friend, for no reason Century could figure out. Traveler wailed and he cried out in pain and Century sank closer to the ground with each pained noise. He didn't understand. He didn't understand!

Grandma appeared, and everything stopped. The noises, the attacks. Century suddenly realized he was being held and-- "Stop! Don' touch me! Get off! Lemme go! Mama!" He screeched, thrashing against Iaera's hold like a violent, trapped thing. When had the tears started?

"Mama!" He whined, running to her with tear-stained cheeks. He crashed into her with a force that was exactly necessary for the panicked, scared puppy he was. "M-mama! I-I w-want daddy," He buried his face in her fur, whimpering pitifully. Daddy would've stopped all this, Lev had told them about him. He was strong, and brave, and courageous, and funny. He would've stopped this. He would've. Right?

If only Century knew.