Author Topic: Superficial with a Rotten Soul [Raphael]  (Read 337 times)

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Superficial with a Rotten Soul [Raphael]
« on: July 23, 2017, 02:40:26 PM »
In the twilight, just beyond sunset, Ashtaroth sprints through the sand. All the day's heat radiates back up from the grains, working themselves between her toes, into the heavy breath coming from her nostrils. The arctic fur has never been a boon for her, and she huffs heavily, in and out, ribcage still too small for her organs.

She has to see him.

Siblings scattered across the Valley; she hopes Lotus and Ninkilim teamed up for their adventures today, since Ashtar couldn't escort them. It's all too real. Feizin, either absorbing information from the priests, or tacked on the end of Anamelech's tail while she plays Gigantea.

Raphael will be in the den. Where else would he go?

Baby-sharp claws scrabble at the cliff-face, too hurried to follow the winding path up. Poor brother: aesthetic disappointment, shame to be seen in public. An aspect of their father's wrath. No one listens to the man that cannot speak, but if he saw himself in Raphael... The both of them; they know something. They know too much. Ashtaroth may have come upon the same conclusion. The conclusion that cost Ezekiel his tongue, his sanity; that never gave Raphael a chance.

"Raphael!" the sister yips, coming down into the den. With any luck, Thetis should be busy rounding up the remains of their litter, since the eldest sister to care for family has left them to their own devices. Either way, she shouldn't be down here. No one spends time with Raphael. That's what makes it so perfect.

"Brother!" Ashtar summons, coming into the darkened den. Raphael has made no attempt at lanterns, curled in the corner, lost in the pain of their father's rage. "Raphael?" she says more quietly, crouching near him. "Brother, I think I understand now."

Ignore him; ravings of a madman. He inherited his father's insanity. He was gifted with the understanding only they can possess.

"I spoke to Nevada today, the Red Baishun. She told me about Red teachings, and all sorts of things." Ashtar creeps towards her brother, snout so close to his ear, no one else could hear, even if they were all asleep in this nest together. "Raphael, she told me about false Rosa."

She watches his single yellow eye for any reaction, cranes her head to see the scarred side of his face as well. "It's Anamelech, isn't it?"