Author Topic: everyone's a slut [steward check-in/recruitment]  (Read 396 times)

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everyone's a slut [steward check-in/recruitment]
« on: July 23, 2017, 02:07:44 PM »
     When the eff was the last time Dixie held a little meeting to see who was a steward and who wasn’t? Her player sure as eff wasn’t sure, having issues with keeping track of time because of depression. But that didn’t matter now, it was all going to be made up for at this moment. She was gonna get to the little meeting area she liked - a little circle of trees with a large log on the side - and she was going to call these bitches out and talk to them. There was a weird confidence to the girl, one that hadn’t been there in a while. The fire had burned up almost every shred of confidence, but like the prophecy in Hawkwing’s journey, there was a spark that could still be found. And she had let it slowly build back up, and then BAM here she was.

     Dixie jumped onto the log, shaking her pelt out and letting the wind comb through her. The season was still cold, ever so slightly growing warmer by the days. But she had lived in this world long enough to know one thing: all these animals got horny when it came close to spring time. That meant she would be having jobs to do, taking care of pups and assigning stewards to litters. It was an idea to play it safe and have a check in and recruitment before the spring time came. She had already made that mistake once, and had to gather stewards almost just days before the pack exploded with pups.

     Too bad none of them had been her’s. She didn’t like dick though, so it wasn’t so bad.

     Having collected herself enough, Dixie threw her head up into the midday sky and let out her crapty dog-howl. From there she would sit on the log, balancing perfectly, until someone arrived. Whoever did, she would give them a small nod of welcome. Once she felt enough people had joined her, she would remain seated but start to speak. “Who wants ta stay a steward, and who wants ta bounce? Right now I don’t think there are gonna be much pups in the future, from what I’ve been told, but y’all know Tortuga. We need ta make sure that when spring comes along that we are prepared to raise any welps that come up.” She’d look at anyone who showed up. “So, ya stayin’ or goin’? Anyone joining?

just reposting the same opening as before because i can

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Re: everyone's a slut [steward check-in/recruitment]
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2017, 03:50:53 PM »
Sin hadn't been a member of the pack for very long, in fact they'd hardly been in Tortuga a fortnight. Every day Moccasin discovered a new plant or a new insect or animal a new sight, sound, scent. It was glorious. The wolf mutt had just discovered the beach and was admiring the spirals of a sea shell on the shoreline when they heard a summons ring out. Large, pointed ears swiveled as they tried to determine the direction of the call and lifted their head from the sand.

Finally an opportunity to get to know more people, more information about the culture and rich history of this peculiar land. Moccasin headed for the trees, trudging slowly throw the sandy beach, delighting in the feel of sinking into the earth with each step. How strange. Sin's long legs carried them swiftly through the tropical jungle until he arrive in front of a golden mutt with a blue bandanna. Her ears and tail tip were stained the same shade of blue and they couldn't help but to stare.

“Who wants ta stay a steward, and who wants ta bounce? Right now I don’t think there are gonna be much pups in the future, from what I’ve been told, but y’all know Tortuga." They didn't but Sin hoped to change that as soon as they could. "We need ta make sure that when spring comes along that we are prepared to raise any welps that come up.” What a marvelous idea. “So, ya stayin’ or goin’? Anyone joining?”

Moccasin stepped forward and dipped their head low in a show of respect for the authorative female. "Good afternoon, miss. My name is Moccasin and I would be delighted to lend a hand raising the little tykes." Children were extremely amusing and sometimes useful bits of information fell from their lips. Parents didn't think that children listened to everything they say but they were little little sponges. Sin wondered what it would be like to guide one.


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Re: everyone's a slut [steward check-in/recruitment]
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2017, 07:35:22 PM »
(Just an ooc note until I actually get off my lazy ass and post but, Cider is still around and willing to be Dixie's lil helper!)
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