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Pleasurable pain [healers, open]
« on: July 17, 2017, 04:12:42 PM »
Her day hadn’t gone as planned at all and she trying to wrap her head around the problematic situation she was causing herself. This was gonna be mighty hard to explain wasn’t it? She smiled even in this situation she had a relaxed outlook on things, though the wound on her thigh was bleeding heavily.

She had been walking amongst rocks in the riverbed and had found a particularly sharp stone that was exquisitely painful to walk on. It hurt so bad and it felt so good and she had moaned under her breath until wops, she fell. This was way more harmful that a little trotting around and she she fell she landed on the pointy end of the rock.

Not too bad, not bad at all. It felt good and rather than standing she slipped again, and again until skin broke and now the water was darkened by her blood as she was lying halfway in water and splashing lightly with her front paws to get up and out of the rocks, she was holding on with claws to not slip on to her side and drown there.

She had never felt this wonderful, never imagined it could reach these heights. She didn’t think it could feel this could to bleed and halfway drown, she had imagined it a lot and trembled and almost gotten off on the thought, but experiencing this was mixed with pleasure, pain and fear of dying.

It kept her alive as she was splashing around.

After minutes of fighting she was able to pull her upper body out of the water and it was then she felt herself getting dizzy. She was losing too much blood it seemed, she knew that much. She howled. Long and deep she howled for those in the pack to aid her, for healers to patch her up (lame, it was getting good), and as soon as she stopped she rested her head back onto the rocks.

This was a one of the best days of her life. She had never been in so much pain and every time her wound jolted with pain she felt pleasure rushing through every fiber of her body and her body made a slight jolt of pleasure as she sighed deeply. How was she going to keep a straight face to anyone like this? She bit her lip, which only added to the whole experience.

Ginna being awfully bad at being in pain was almost an odd experience. It was unlikely that others would even understand what was going on, the jolts easily mistaken for jolts of pains and sighs of pain escaping her lips. Maybe she could hide it after all? Granted someone had to show up for her to hide anything at all.
Oh my sweet torment,
No point in fighting, you start again
I'm just a worthless being
Without him I'm a bit troubled
I wander around alone on the subway
A last dance
To forget my great misery
I want to get away, everything to start again,
Oh my sweet torment

Here comes the pain
In all of Paris, I abandon myself
And away I fly, fly, fly, fly
Nothing but hope
On this road in your absence
Try as I might, without you my life is nothing but a meaningless shiny decor

Played by Bwarh