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Basking Shark [Ginna + Open]
« on: July 14, 2017, 08:26:58 AM »

The sea water was cool and soothing as it lapped against his paws and he sighed softly at the relief. The arthritis gnawed at his joints was in many ways his badge of service, the only sign he had been left of all the miles he had trod and all the places he had been. He wondered about the messages he had carried and those he had delivered them to sometimes, where were they now? Were they even anymore? Had old age or something less gentle caught them up? In most cases he hoped not, in others he fervently hoped so. Though it was idle musings, he would and could never know.

He closed his eyes, feeling the gentle sea breeze play about in his fur, the scent of salt and ozone. His whole life had called the deep forests of Inaria home, his world had revolved around trees and shade. Now he had moved out here, to a bit of peace, quiet and safety for him and Kita in their retirement - There was less danger of snotty entitled brats turning up at their front door out here and threatening to kick their heads in - He still couldn't quite fathom how he and Kita had been the ones blamed for that incident, but then again Haylyn was an entitled brat herself so perhaps it was not that suprising she had been so gutless and disloyal to them. He shrugged his shoulders and opened his eyes. So much had happened since. No use chewing over those old bones, the only meat left on them was bitterness.

Movement caught his eye and further out he spotted a small stunted fin cutting the water, followed, many feet after in a sweeping curve, by a another shaper, flopping, fin. A basking shark. Blaise splashed across the shallow water of the inlet and slowly clambered his way up onto a jut of rock. The lines of twisted sedement across its breadth contradicted the other rocks abouts suggesting that might once have stood erect in the sand, a needle agaisnt the sea, but now it lay like a beached leviathan projecting out into the water. Once at the end he perched himself amoung the sea weed and looked down on the gentle beast of the deep just feet away. It was huge. He could only wonder how old, as old as him? Easily many times older. He stretched out a paw, rippling the water, an unspoken invite to the shark to come closer, to touch, a greeting from another old soul to another.
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Re: Basking Shark [Ginna + Open]
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Ginna had only lived here for one day and she was already booored. Then again what had she expected from a pack like this? They didn’t cause trouble, they were all about honor and justice. Though according to the jackass who accepted her people were also suspicious and fools for thinking ill of newcomers, thus so far she had met no ill intends from anyone. She couldn’t imagine that she would either, she didn’t feel like sharing her boring past of being a castout for gross and inappropriate behavior with others, so unless the sentry went around and shared it with everyone, who would know? No one! that’s who.

She had found that the territory expanded to the shore and this was her first encounter with the sea. She knew what it was from tales of it, but she had never seen it before. She walked along the beaches and didn’t find the sand between her toes too enjoyable. In fact it was a little annoying. She didn’t see the other male right away because she had moved into the water and soon realized that was a mistake. It was cold and had a different feel to it than normal water, and she did know that it wasn’t for drinking, that she had been told. He sniffed at the ocean water and memorized the scent. It was then she also saw the fin out there and her first reaction was jumping backward out of the water and stare intensely at the great animal.

She followed its movement and saw.. Felix? She squinted and realized she was wrong. Though he most certainly looked like him in build, markings and the cream color, he didn’t have the dark brown color like Felix. The great animal at sea was moving feets away from the rocks he stood on and he seemed at ease, so no danger? Maybe? Hmm. She liked that thought of danger and quickly jumped up on the stones and followed the same trail as the male and the closer she caught the more stricken with resemblance she was. It was when she got closer that she noticed the grey hairs around his muzzle and she knew he was too old to be Felix in any case, but maybe they were related? She decided to bring it up later. For now she took careful steps toward him.

”Can I?” She asked careful and pointed toward the spot next to him. She wanted to get as close as him, closer to danger and the adrenaline rush. If he allowed it she would step up next to him, looking at the great animal so close and saw its dark shadow lurking under the water. She ,let out a gasp. Ginna didn’t fear pain or the consequences of pain, but fear of the unknown did settle in her now and she allowed the fear to be there, a mild fear that made her be in awe instead and respect this larger animal. ”It’s so big.” She leaned forward to take a closer look and then looked at the male again with a grin. Then she jumped in.

Water emerged her, took her in as she had jumped into the water and she waited, sinking into it and then opened her eyes. The large animal’s black eyes stared back at her and she reached for it with her paw. It allowed it for only seconds and she touched it's weird and soft body and she smiled at it. Then with powerful movements it went forward. Ginna looked up toward the sun, glittering down and distorted from the water. She better get up. She used powerful movements with her legs and kicked herself up and broke through the water surface. She didn’t cough or choke for water but took in healthy breaths of air and swam toward the stones where she had left the other wolf. She had a huge grin on her face.

She climbed the rocks again ”It was magnificent! It let me touch it.” She turned to watch it swim around out there and the shook her fur for water and sat on the rocks. ”My! I forgot to introduce myself. I am Ginna.” She easily cast away her actions like it was nothing and made no real effort to even seem to regret it. Counting her short life that had probably been one of the best experiences in her life and the thrill hadn’t quite left her yet.
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Re: Basking Shark [Ginna + Open]
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"Can I?"

Blaise hesitated a moment, feeling momentary annoyance that his quiet moment with this gentle giant was at an end. He wished he could speak with the creature, hear what things it would say. He wondered if it's hopes and dreams would be ones he recognised, or if it even had any. He felt sure it had sorrows though, the great eye seemed sad. Or perhaps that was just his own reflection.

"Sure." He said dropping his paw and letting it rest among the seaweed beneath the water and nodding to his side for the red and white female to join him.

"It's so big."

"He's a basking shark." Blaise said, in case she was unsure what the creature was. "This one is the biggest I've ever seen, must be old, he comes here on hot summer days, never in the winter. He wasn't sure why he was rambling, but he was. "They don't eat-" He continued his nature documentary but his pupil suddenly vanished with a splash that hit him square in the face. "-wolves" He finished lamely, water dripping from his chin. "...But looks like we are about to see if there are any exceptions to that." He stood and shook himself, then peered down into the frothed water. The shark hadn't changed course but neither had his momentary companion resurfaced. He frowned, but was not suffciently concerned to jump in after her, there was enough shark bait in the water already and besides it looked cold. The shock of jumping into that might be the last straw that finished him off!

Just as he was starting to wonder about the her fate the shark turned away and the red and white wolf resurfaced with a gasp and a huge grin. Oh to be so young and energetic he thought whistfully. To have such lung capacity!

"It was magnificent! It let me touch it. My! I forgot to introduce myself. I am Ginna."

"Blaise." Blaise introduced himself simply -He had no titles now after all- with a small smile, he didn't have the heart for a big grin these days. Even the smile felt like it cost him something. "Really? He's never come to me, I'd love to touch him, but he gets to decide I guess." He was a little jealous if truth be told. He watched the fin for a moment, wondering what he had done to wrong to great beast. He turned away, fixing his companion with his full attention instead. "What did he feel like?" He asked intently, he had always imagined the sharks skin to be like tree bark, roughly textured. But why imagine now he had the information directly in front of him?