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Abstract Reality

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Abstract Reality
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Welcome to a place where everything you imagine can exist. You have the chance to swing the tide of plots or significantly alter the world with the things you create. Simple overarching lore unites differing ideas, giving unlikely characters a chance to meet.

On a massive planet many civilizations thrive. A science-driven sanctuary denies the existence of magic, while across the sea mythical beings have a continent of their own. Deities rule spiritual planes, while in wild places humble beasts live simple, but not insignificant lives. The balance that keeps all these separate is breaking. Rifts allow the unwitting to suddenly find themselves trapped in unfamiliar, hostile locations. Those who are cunning could easily use these unstable portals for criminal or political objectives. What will you do?

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Free-form Roleplay. There is no limit on what you can create!

IC leadership opportunities available!

Bios are optional!

No word count requirements. All posting styles are Welcome!

Creativity and freedom are encouraged!