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trail of treats || family*
« on: July 09, 2017, 01:03:11 PM »
Today was a good day. Sunlight bathed their fur, birds were chirping, and lots of treasures were laying around corners of the Valley, waiting for a brand new explorer to be dug out! Ninkilim loved the outside world. The den in which they were confined the first weeks of their existence had been so dark, so terribly, dull they found every little thing coming across their eyes as interesting. Not all were beautiful though. But Nin’ certainly was looking hard for them.

The trip outside of their blood parent’s home cemented their joyous, curious nature, for it wasn’t long before Ninkilim fully settled for the transfer with Thetis and Anamelech. Hanna had never seemed bad per say, but Nin’ certainly didn’t consider her like a caring figure. They shared blood… but they didn’t share much else. In fact, they were kind of excited to have more attentive and generous mothers than a tired and distant one.  Nethertheless, Ninkilim had kissed their blood-mother goodbye with tender, honest affection not too long ago… And, like the young, earnest mind they were, they already hopped on the next train without much after-thought, flanked by his radiant, admired and ever trusted White goddesses toward the amusement park.
It was for the best. They weren’t part of the same world anymore — Ninkilim had a higher calling than poor blood-mama Hanna. And while they mourned the lost opportunity, it certainly didn’t hinder them from enjoying the present, new one. Life was too exciting not to! And they wouldn’t be proved wrong by the strange, fascinating, pale ivory like object, almost as tall as Ninkilim themselves, half buried near a tree’s roots but that emerged from the ground like a defiant spear. Hopping around it for a while, Nin’s paws diligently dug when they found a looser ground area just to its right side.

A few moments later, their fur was splattered with dirt and earth, but their holy grail was finally out of the ground’s grasp. The shapes were foreign to their eyes, but the aspect wasn’t. It looked like the strong pillars red meat stuck to, which they knew were once strong towers that held a living body such as themselves. Nin’ like them very much, to the point any piece of meal brought back to the den was subjected to their greedy little claws so they could seize the white objects. What were called again? Bones?

"Pretty~" How could a child find a bleached body part pretty, you ask?  Well, when death is nothing but a distant, misunderstood notion or another step toward a final journey, of course. Nothing scary about that — it was the path of all things eventually. "You comin’ with me pretty white!" Running with childish glee, and tripping several times along the way because of the sheer size of their burden. They didn’t go directly toward their caretakers — rather, they hid the ribcage to the best of their abilities, concealing it by placing it in tall grass as well as putting themselves in front of it. When everything was set, they called.

"Mama! Baba! Look, look!" Nin’ would wait for Ana’ and Thetis to come near them, and they’d do, Ninkilim would present the gift with a gleeful expression with a sudden hop to the side, unveiling their finding by literally moving aside to let them both asses the elegant bones themselves. And then came the dramatic exclamation, with a wagging tail and perked up ears. "TADAAAA!" They presented the detached skeleton’s piece with the upmost eagerness and dignity, like they just presented a donation to church or an exotic trinket to a collector. Coming to think of it, it was a little bit of both. "We can make somethin’ with it." Nin’s head was already boiling with ideas. A doorbell of sorts was a good one, yet Ninkilim ached for something more… artistic for a first try. "Oh oh! Perhaps we can have roses underneath! The… white and red ones!**"

"It’d be… splendid?" A weighty word on their tongue, but a word used by Anamelech herself on numerous occasions before. Its sweet taste left Ninkilim wanting for more, even more curious and airy words to learn and to savor like fine pastries. By their logic, if they used one it would open the door for others. And Nin’ could hardly wait to enter the gingerbread house — like all children, they craved treats, and they were a good child indeed.

*This is mainly for Anamelech, Thetis and Nin's siblings, but other family can join in! I'm looking at you, aunt and uncles~
** This piece of sentence is a link to a visual aid~
*** Mama is Anamelech, Baba is Thethis.


(you are a red rose planted in an orchard,)

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Re: trail of treats || family*
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2017, 04:48:29 AM »
                                               Decenten of gods, judge of the followers, perfect words to describe the child of Oukoku-kai. She had practiced the name over and over to say it to perfection, for she would not stumble when speaking her home’s name, not even as a child. Extreme? No. She prefered loyal and good, right against the wrong of the world. Unlike her siblings she spent little to no time on being a child or pup, she spent time listening and paying attention to the stories of gods. She knew for now who had born her or at the very least taken care of her for a time, but when she was introduced to Anamelech, her switch was immediate.

How could she love a mother more than the god who took her in? Blood relation was of very little importance to her, it didn’t matter in the long run not if they didn’t serve loyally to the gods that much she understood. Which was why she watched her siblings carefully, judging them by every action they took and deciding if it was worth getting attached to these creatures if they didn’t serve and live by the gods.

Fei was in the den when one of her siblings were tossing about and soon leaving to go on her adventures. Ninkilim often left the den, she seemed to enjoy the outside far more than the den. Fei couldn’t hold that against her, the den was rather boring for too long and she decided to follow suit and leave the den. She rose slowly though and kept calm on the entire way out, puppy excitement lost on her completely. The sun was bright and warm and Feizin blinked a few times to adjust. What now?

Should she follow her sister to assess what she was up to? Or stay nearby her god for stories? Feizin did think of Anamelech as her mother figure, but she was first and foremost her white rosa. Her god and frontal image she would follow. It was yet too early for Fei to understand the concept of swear to any of the three gods, if she ever found it possible to divide her attention between the three, but though she was not much like a white rosa, she might become its follower, simply because her ’mother’ was that rosa.

”Pretty~” Her ears perked slightly and her expression picked up. What was her sister up to? She didn’t investigate further, so far Ninkilim had never done anything interesting but puppy play and she wasn’t sure she cared much for that. "Mama! Baba! Look, look!" She knew who she meant by that and felt threatened to her very core. How dared she, she had to correct her immediately! She walked as fast as her short legs would carry her and upon seeing her sister she charged for her, trying to push her squealing to the ground as she snarled in a low puppy manner that was not so threatening - yet.

”How dare you.” She tried snapping in front of her sister’s face without actually hurting her, but simply warn her stupid puppy brain. ”That’s god not momma! You better remember that.” If her sister didn’t struggle much further she would jump off her if she had been successful. Her small hackles fell back down on her back after had being raised and she wouldn’t do much more, she had no interest in the bones, no interest in what else her sister had to say, she was just here to pass judgement.
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Oh Lord won't you forgive me
For I have lost control
Oh Lord won't you tell me
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Oh Lord won't you please hear me
Do I obey or do I command?

Oh Lord can't you save me
From my twisted little mind
Oh Lord won't you please show me
How to turn the water to wine
Oh Lord won't you show me
Am I the sinner or the saint?
Oh Lord won't you please tell me
Was all my suffering in vain?

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Re: trail of treats || family*
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2017, 12:57:39 AM »
Why do they all have to be so squirmy? Her siblings are never still-- but, Ashtaroth supposes, neither is she. She wakes, brown eyes bleary, and glances about the darkened den. Feizin is slinking out the opening; she assumes Ninkilim has already gone, as they often do. Wanderlust, that one. Ashtaroth only hopes they can keep it within the Valley. Their surrogate mothers are nowhere to be seen, but the Rosa and her Seour are often too busy for babysitting. There's a pang of disappointment within the pup, even though she's well aware, and expects such.

Lotus is asleep at her side, and Ashtar, determinately awake after all her siblings' struggling, leans in to lick at her sister's temple until she either awakens or shrinks away in her sleep-- whichever, it allows her to disentangle with only mild disturbance to the rest of the litter. Truthfully, that constitutes only the two of them, as Raphael rarely sleeps with them-- she's unsure the whereabouts of her only brother, but he's often removed from their shared nesting arrangement. His pelt blends with the stone, anyways.

Ashtar stretches her still-stubby legs that haven't yet lengthened into their destined elegance, and trots out after her siblings. Feizin seems interested in something like a skull, and there: Anamelech. The goddess's attention is somewhere between her siblings and her Seour, none of which are acceptable. Thetis is only holding the space until Ashtaroth is old enough. Their litter is just an experiment, to breed the best-- and she has. She has Ashtar.

Ninkilim the coming crafter, and devout Feizin: both their pelts seem dull in the sunlight. Ashtar spies the beginning of a scuffle, and knows immediately, she has to best them. The winner here is that much closer to the favour of the gods.

Ashtar kicks up into as much of a sprint as her less than fully formed legs can produce, lunges at her sister, and without much plan of attack otherwise, tries to barrel her over and ends up on her back. Puppy-thin claws of her back legs scrabble at Feizin's underside, and her jaws catch scruff. Her first instigation of Anytime-Anywhere. Their first fight.
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Re: trail of treats || family*
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2017, 01:27:59 PM »
 He sleeps curled away from the rest of his siblings; the awkward angle of his body making it difficult to feel comfortable pressed against the bodies of his kin, bent nearly in half at the waist as his spine arches and aches in his sleep. Raphael rests with his injured side against the dirt, hiding the view from his family and the Gods. With his back to them he trusts himself to be vulnerable to the sleeping children, a mistake he has made more than once, but will continue to make. Feet kick in vain as he rests, dreamless, the images sparse and colorless.

 It's not until he hears someone leaving the den that he slowly comes back to himself. The brief respite from the ache of his body comes in the form of sleep, hard to get, easy to lose. Restless, he stretches until he feels as though his spine is about to break, withholding a whimper lodged in his throat. A lesser creature would curse Ezekiel for his sins against his child, but Raphael knows better. Knows why it had to be done. Being thrown to the mortals was not enough, no, surely the scars left on this body were Foetida's idea. They always did like a challenge.

 The distant sounds of a scuffle rouse him fully, tired golden eye opens and he turns to face the opening of the den. From outside he can hear their voices, the siblings he's come to love like his own. (They are his own.) It takes him a minute to stand, the ache through his body like an unrelenting fire down his spine. His back legs move unevenly, jaunted, but his gait has improved significantly since he first learned to walk.

 By the time he makes it out of the den he's there in time to see Ashtaroth trying to leap on Feizin's back. His interest peaks as he stands in the mouth of the den, watching the siblings have their first fight. He looks up to see Nin in the distance, their attention still possibly turned onto the bones they'd found for the White and her Seour. He waits for their Gigantea and Thetis to draw closer before moving past the brawling siblings; they have this under control.

 "Nin," he says, approaching them with a kind voice. His face is turned so he can still see her, see the object of her affection, but can hide the shredded side of his face. "What should we make with it?" The idea of crafting is not new to them, surely, but their clumsy puppy paws have yet to physically make anything.
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Re: trail of treats || family*
« Reply #4 on: July 13, 2017, 09:07:08 PM »
She hated them. Each and every one of their squirmy un developed bodies deserved to be culled. They were unwanted disgusting children waiting to become heathens. With Anamelech always watching what could she do.

These were not her children. There were dolls made to be played with and later destroyed.

If she could, she would make them all into a beautiful gift for her big sister, queen, goddess--mistress gigantea. A mess of bodies tied together.

No one had told Thetis yet that dead baby jokes were tacky.

She steps in, looking at Nin first. “Ninny, dear, i'm not your baba. “ if she could she would reach down and snap the child's neck between her teeth.

No one could could understand how she felt. How they were taking time away from her. Taking Giganteas attention from her.

They were making her feel unholy unworthy.

What if Mistress replaced her with one of them. The panic grew and twisted inside of her. Forming a knot in her stomach.

She doesn't have time for this. “ENOUGH” she screams. Slamming a foot down between the children, she is ever so gentle as she attempts to kick them apart. She couldn't rough up a hair on their heads without anas permission.

“We don't have time for you to call us mothers, that isn't what we are. Your mother doesn't care about you” she didn't either. Were they going to cry at the real world?

She doesn't feel like a god. She feels like an overburdened big sister. And she was supposed to be the LITTLE sister. Anamelechs petite seour.

Her love.

They weren't allowed to have her love. If they thought that she would dispose of them.

She plops down on her butt, watching them. “Behave. Do your crafting. Make something for gigantea”

Do it or she would kill them. Put them out of their pathetic misery.
They wrapped your wrists in silver, they took your crown
As they washed your bloody fingers and hands.
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Re: trail of treats || family*
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2017, 12:42:40 AM »
people say things
meant to rip you in half
but you hold the power to not
turn their words into a knife
and cut yourself
-rupi kaur

It was the first night she hadn't cried herself to sleep. She missed Mama Hanna so much. Lotus knew that it was for the good of the pack, her and Daddy giving them to the White Rose. Knew that it was suppose to be a great honor and that she should be proud. But what is pride to a child?

 All she wanted was someone to love her.

She'd slept fitfully throughout the night, Nim or Ashtar kept kicking her awake in their violent dreams. So it's no wonder that she's the last to slip from sleeps sweet embrace, keeping her eyes shut even as her sister licked her face to wake her and curling up closer to Raph to soak up some of his body heat.

But he also stood and stretched and Lotus gave a regretful sigh, yawning until her eyes watered before standing to stretch. Her back arched and her tailed curled until it shivered and she shook out her pelt, the beautiful swirls dancing in the dappled light of the den. Where her brothers steps are wobbly and unsure her's are placed with careful thought and aim so that she doesn't trip over herself as she prances up beside him.

Oh dear. Ashtar and Fei were at it again. She wondered what the tussle was about this time, the two siblings seemed to always be at each others throat. Lotus hoped that one day they would grow out of it and learn to love one another despite their differences. She follows Raph like a small shadow, humming a tune to herself her crimson eyes were bright and alert as she looked around for Mistress Gigantea and the White Seour, her new caregivers.

Lotus wasn't sure about the two of them. They would never replace Mama Hanna, but it was her duty to be the best she could be and if that meant obeying Mistress Gigantea she would gladly do it.  "Nin, what should we make with it?" Lotus was going to open her mouth to suggest a necklace made with a bit of dry grass to piece it all together when Thetis roared, “ENOUGH” The little girl nearly jumped at the sudden outburst but instead her eyes grew about two sizes too big.

Uh oh. Had they done something wrong? “We don't have time for you to call us mothers, that isn't what we are. Your mother doesn't care about you.” LIAR. She wanted to scream but she bit her lip and held her tongue until the taste of copper filled her mouth. Mama Hanna gave them all to gods to live and learn directly from the Rosa Gigantea herself, what greater love was there? “Behave. Do your crafting. Make something for gigantea”

The White Seour looked troubled and Lotus wondered if that was perhaps the reason behind the cruel lies she spewed, was she hurting? Looking over the collection of bones that had been assembled Lotus tried to see if there was anything she could do with them. After careful consideration [which for a pup is like, 30 seconds] Lotus plucks a pair of round white bones with holes in the middle and a small skull that once belonged to a fox. The skull was only a little bit bigger than hers, how perfect.

Mistress Gigantea couldn't forget her if she made her a necklace with her head on it. Well, something sorta like her head. The little girl carefully carried her treasures and sat beside the White Seour, humming softly as she set about her work and laid them all out and arranged them just so. Still humming she trots off to find some long, dry grass blades and nips them at the base before returning to her seat. Squinting at the grass beside the skull and vertebrate she hums again, this time sounding dissatisfied before turning to the brooding figure towering beside her. "White Seour," Not Mama, never Mama, "Does this look like enough grass to make a long enough necklace for Mistress Gigantea?"


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Re: trail of treats || family*
« Reply #6 on: July 29, 2017, 12:21:09 AM »
The children flourished under Anamelech's watchful (tyrannical) eye, exceeding her expectations in every way. Tiny babes bloomed into splendid specimens, teddy bear bodies crystallizing into porcelain, materializing like liquid swoops and whorls of watercolor on paper. Her grand machinations had indeed come to fruition--

give or take some miscalculations. Allowing Ezekiel even a hairsbreadth near his children had been a costly mistake, and because of it, one of Anamelech's little investments had been damaged. Ezekiel would no doubt be incensed to know that this setback was nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Let the little cretin live, but keep him at arm's length. Damaged goods. At least the rest were still top quality and untarnished. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Anamelech was quite satisfied with the outcome.

The riot of puppies exploded from the entrance to the den like confetti from a party popper, scattering in every direction. Anamelech followed in a leisurely pace; Thetis holding begrudging vigil and palpably smoldering at the indignity. Anamelech ignored it for the time being.

Anamelech was Gigantea to the Valley; Scheherazade to her closest. To her engineered children, she was Mama, and the word was honey dripping down her brainstem. The innocence in which the word was parroted by their youthful mouths, contagious as a chorus; it was more intoxicating than any prayer. No hesitation or consideration. No mind was more malleable than that of a child's.

As two of the puppies engaged in some playful fighting; nothing so serious Anamelech felt required her intervention, Ninkilim studied the broken pieces of a skeleton and proferred it as a gift, testing a word that she had no doubt borrowed from her Mama's own vocabulary. When Anamelech was Ninkilim's age, she had been just as eager to inflate her presence, gingerly picking what made her sound more sophisticated from her mother's mouth. Anamelech's chest swelled, tickled by the parallels. Through such supplication she discovered a favorite, and she made a point to stoke some... healthy competition among the desperate youth. Pander more, little angels.

"I think that would be a magnificent idea," Anamelech said. Let Ninkilim drift around in delirium from the praise. "Red would provide a striking contrast, but make white the focus." Never mind that as a warm color surrounded by a blank backdrop, crimson would hypothetically attract the viewer's gaze. All that mattered was that white dominated the arrangement. Obviously, Anamelech was not just providing her artistic insight.

With her input offered, Anamelech sat back on her laurels. Feizin and Ashtaroth's conduct was unbecoming, but she allowed them their outburst. Feizin's vigor would make her a valuable warrior, and hopefully help her establish a position in the Ashigaru, if this pattern continued. As for Ashtaroth, a Jin. Watching them peck at one another like feuding fowl lulled her into an odd feeling of contentment, at least until she was startled to reality by Thetis's outburst.

Anamelech was not oblivious to Thetis's dismay. If Thetis feared that she was going to be replaced, Anamelech did all she could to provide that impression, even if there was still a role for Thetis in her schemes. Paranoia was an effective driving force, and as the proverbial fuse to that stick of dynamite gradually shrunk, Anamelech happily observed the deterioration of her protege's psyche and confidence. For now, though, she wanted to keep the peace. Anamelech sighed, seeming so very disappointed.

"My dears," Anamelech said, "My Thetis. Whatever is the matter? There's no need to bicker." She meaningfully met Thetis's gaze, smiling. "We are a family."

As Thetis writhed and withered under her disapproval, Anamelech's smile widened. "Please. Kiss and make up, for me."

Though Anamelech implored Thetis to remain on her best behavior, she was quick to needle the Seour with subtle encouragement, antagonizing her into histrionics -- and violence. Nervously, Lotus tried to appeal to Thetis. Without even considering, Anamelech interjected. "It is perfect, Lotus," she said-- a gesture that was very much deliberate, meant to make Thetis feel all the more insignificant.
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