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sacks of bones for hire [spectre babies*]
« on: July 05, 2017, 08:03:44 PM »
*this is a mandatory spectre baby thread. If you play a spectre baby and you intend to stay in Saboro, you should be here. This is your moment of truth, to see if you will make it to training.

Luxanna was a woman of tradition, her values steeped in the blood of those she had lost and her morality based on the chains that had bound her to Saboro and her father. To say that she had a way about her was an understatement. There’s something off in her cantor, something sick in her aristocratic gait and swagger. Wisdom clung like a stench to her pelt, but experience—in agony, in pain—was something not so easily seen. It was there, of course. Some seed that sent suffocating vines about her chest and made her muscles clench in restless apprehension... and yet she still held herself with some semblance of control. It’s there though, the thing that clearly states she’s her father’s daughter—one of many, and yet, free of Sol Katti’s blood.

And, no matter what they say about him, her wayward father, she is proud of that.

It’s in his name that she works, it’s in her name—long lost Kevvie—that she toils away, building barely stable bricks of sanity to curl tightly around so that she can function among the licentious and hungry. Yet, she’s hungry too, always craving, always snapping jaws at shadows and—

Well, she had little time to think of such abnormalities. She had a job to perform, and an investment to protect. That is what they—those on high—would have wanted and she is considers herself a performing and competent princess. So, she had kept them, the wriggling meats on vines of strife and when she’d given them purpose she had hoped they’d sink their greedy teeth into it.

So, she called them, just to check, to make sure they retained lessons of obedience and servitude so that she could finally assign them to their wolves proper. Hopefully, they wouldn’t get themselves killed following the fancies of the young and powerful. She’d give them as many tools as she could to prevent that.

If they survived today.

Come. She’d wake them, the figures she currently shared her den space with, for while she was not their mother she was still their guardian, Follow me.

Their den is nothing spectacular, but it is clean at least, despite its smaller size. It’s something freshly pilfered, since her movement into the forth ring had been a very recent thing. She’d only come closer because… because Keanu seemed to favor the space and—

She frowned. No time for wayward thoughts.

So, out into the breaking dawn she’d take them, with only a soft grunt as her final warning and once they reached a clear space she’d sit to face them proper.

We’re going to play today, Because she wants to see what they are able to accomplish, And learn our sacred rules.

Because, rules were very important guides. Her rules, specifically.

And they would kill their own brethren if she thought it proper, wouldn’t they?

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Cos you're
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Re: sacks of bones for hire [spectre babies*]
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2017, 09:44:48 PM »
He had been quiet his entire life, but he was more so since they came here. It wasn’t because he was upset, it wasn’t because he wanted to leave. It was, however, because he didn’t know what he was supposed to say or do. Things didn’t come to him the way he wanted them too. He feared saying something wrong, and facing repercussions for it.

He was trying to maintain his happiness, and it was easiest this way.

He wakes when she calls for them, he doesn’t waste time, but instead gets to his feet. “Coming Ma’am” he says, quietly, trying hard not to stutter as he speaks.

He follows her, as closely as she would let them. “Mmn” he mumbles squinting at the sunlight.

“We’re going to play today,” “And learn our sacred rules.”

“Yes Ma’am” he says again, nodding softly, eyes glancing over his classmates, his siblings if you could call them that. He gives a soft, content smile. Playing would be nice, after all, what puppy didn’t like to play. It would be good to get some oversize, he was a ball of nerves lately, and it would be nice to get to get that energy out.

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Re: sacks of bones for hire [spectre babies*]
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2017, 12:30:41 AM »
Big lashes fluttered repeatedly and heavy lids gave way to a pair of glistening electric blue irides.
Already so well trained, Cryo rolled from his back onto his plump belly, and found his footing like a good little soldier.
No complaining. No annoyed sighs or even sleepy yawns. He knew enough by now that a certain level of professionalism was expected from them, even if they were still children, and if that standard was not met then their caregiver would see them removed. He could never bring himself to displease her like that, and frankly, he didn’t think there was a single one among them who would dare. So when the Banshee roused them bright and early Cryo readily followed them from the den along with Bartholomew.
“We’re going to play today, And learn our sacred rules.” She told them. His childish joy betraying him as his tail began to wag some, not at the prospect of play, but at the notion of learning more. They could skip the fun and games for all he cared, and he didn’t even know what the secret activity was.
The thick child spoke intime with their littermates. Limiting the volume of their own voice so as not to drown out the other spectre kids.
“Ma’am. Yes, Ma’am.”
He hoped they’d learn a lot today.
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Re: sacks of bones for hire [spectre babies*]
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2017, 11:38:46 AM »
Inactivity, no matter how short, made Gabriel unreasonably anxious. So the call from their guardian made the boy thank whatever gods were out there for finally having something to do. He got onto his feet as quickly as his adopted siblings, and walked somewhere in the middle of them all as they followed Lux to the clearing.

“We’re going to play today, and learn our sacred rules.”

Both sounded equally appealing in different ways. He saw his siblings get just as excited and enthralled in their training as he was, and he felt safe. He nodded and along with everyone else repeated "Yes ma'am.". He looked back to see the rest of his siblings join, offering them a wag of his tail as his own type of greeting, before pulling all of his attention back to Lux.

The pink boy already felt his paws itch to move, to learn, to progress in something and go to bed satisfied with himself.
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Re: sacks of bones for hire [spectre babies*]
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2017, 12:32:23 PM »
”Come, follow me.”

”Gill, sweetheart, your fur is so messy! Please clean yourself up before you go out today!”

For as long as he was with that awful, bug-eating, stick-up-her-butt slaver, he had never heard his birth mother’s voice. It was like his life during that time was covered by a heavy, menacing fog that choked out any light that he might have had. Life was… blurry, thick. It felt like he was trying to move through belly-high mud. Now though… now that Miss Lux, Keanu, and Croatoan had reached into that foggy, muddy mess of a life, plucked him out, and placed him in the light of their and Saboro’s sun, well, now everything was clear. Now he heard his mother’s voice—gentle, filled with notes of laughter—all the time. Just another perk of his new life.

Gill felt his own smile grow, before his eyes were even open for the first time today, and he had to stop himself from laughing in delight. He could already feel it; today was going to be great… he was going to make today freaking wonderful. That pleasant little smile of his didn’t leave as he blinked open his baby blues and hopped to his feet, giving himself a quick shake to brush off the last bit of sleepiness tugging at his eyes, his muscles, and his paws. After that, he’d give his wild tufts of fur a few quick licks to try and settle them down—missing that messy patch at the back of his neck, as always—before following quickly and wordlessly after his fellow baby bodyguards and Luxanna.

“We’re going to play today, and learn our sacred rules.”

”Yes m’amm.” Gill stopped walking as soon as the older wolf did, completing a soldier-like halt that would make even the most war-hardened generals raise their eyebrows in appreciation.  When Bartholomew and Gabriel looked around at all the others, he met their eyes with a grin and a nod.

Damn, he thought, appreciating the feeling of excitement building inside his chest and spreading to his toes at the thought of playing and learning, what a beautiful freaking day.
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Re: sacks of bones for hire [spectre babies*]
« Reply #5 on: July 06, 2017, 04:16:16 PM »
He wasn't having a very good dream. In fact, Jamie was having a terrible nightmare. The face of the slaver was looming over his, yellow teeth dripping with pink saliva as he threatened to devour him whole. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest so hard that when his guardian came to wake them he sprang to his feet and backed into the furthest corner of the den to protect himself, eyes wide with fear.
When he realized it was only Luxanna he felt himself flush from head to toe in embarrassment and dropped his gaze, too afraid to meet the eyes of his brothers.

How weak did they think he was?

There's little Jamie again, gone making a fool out of himself. But it seemed that they didn't notice his terrified shuffle as they all slipped from the den, dutifully falling in line behind their mother. Though she wasn't really their mother, she was taking care of them and teaching them things though, so didn't that sort of count as being a mother?

Jamie yawned loudly as he shuffled along at the back of the troop, eyes still heavy lidded in the dim light of dawn. He hadn't slept very well at all. He was so tired. Couldn't he just go back to sleep? “We’re going to play today,” The chunky put perked up a bit at that, blinking furiously the clear the fog from his eyes. Play? “We’re going to play today,” Well that sounded like fun! He took a seat near Cryo and Gabe and gave his savior his full attention, echoing the chorus of,

"Yes, Ma'am."


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Re: sacks of bones for hire [spectre babies*]
« Reply #6 on: July 10, 2017, 05:19:46 PM »
The remaining children have 4 days to post before I close this with Croatoan.

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Re: sacks of bones for hire [spectre babies*]
« Reply #7 on: July 11, 2017, 07:37:37 PM »
                                                            He remembered the way she smelled. Soft, like flowers, but stronger than steel, unbendable and unbreakable. He'd never considered the idea of a smile having a scent, but she smelled like smiles. She smelled happy, and content, and joyous. She smelled like the sun creeping over the mountain to kiss away the last lingering tresses of darkness. He couldn't remember her name, nor her face, but he remembered that scent.

No one in Saboro had that scent.

Maven blinked slowly as Lux shifted and moved in that bare little den, surrounded on all sides by his 'siblings'. He watched her pause, as though in thought, before speaking a word. Just a word, a single word, and the pups all woke as if a bomb had been set off. Some immediately sprang to their feet, little soldiers ready to march. Others cried out in fear, still tainted with nightmares from a past far behind them. But even then, they too fell into line, brains perfectly molded. Maven just watched, watched Lux watch them, and after a moment he too rose to his feet, careful where he placed his paws to avoid any wayward toes and tails. After all, his brain was no different, was it?

The sun broke down through the canopy just bright enough to blind. He could hear the light tones of Bartholomew and he sympathized the the mumbled moan, blinking slowly behind the dark hair.

'We’re going to play today, and learn our sacred rules.'

Maven doesn't join the chorus, content to quietly observe their new surroundings. 'Play', yeah, right. He highly doubted that was in the game plan for their morning, but made no outward sign of his thoughts, instead taking careful notes of the clearing and surrounding smells. All his siblings and their specific scent kissed his nose, some mingled together, but still distinct. Luxanna with the hint of blood and poppies, a delicate yet deceptively hard trail. And there, close by, lingering on the back of his tongue like a copper piece.

He turns red eyes to her as she appears, the other caretaker, to meet sapphire blue.

Oh yes, undoubtably they were going to play.

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Re: sacks of bones for hire [spectre babies*]
« Reply #8 on: July 19, 2017, 07:34:16 PM »
Life had been short so far, but it was already filled with turmoil and fear. The entire litter learned unfairness and strife so quickly, so early on, it was hard to remember the fleeting moments of comfort and safety. Mother’s face was already fading, her voice more of a white noise. He remembered her warmth, though, how it encompassed him fully. It was the first thing he had ever registered, the first thing he had ever recognized. He clung to that memory with everything he had, tiny little claws digging into the earth as if it was a physical representation of what he wanted to hold onto, of a life he had lost too soon. He didn’t even have what his mother called him, stuck with half-realized sounds that he had lost, like so many other things. Maledictis. Was that truly who he was? Was it who he wanted to be? He didn’t know. He couldn’t guess. 

He was Maledictis and all he remembered was mother’s warmth, and pain and fear and struggle.

His siblings slept around him, nestled amongst each other attempting to find some sense of solace. He tried too. Desperately. The image of the creature that had captured them stayed in his mind’s eye like a phantom, making the fur along his nape prickle with the strange, intrusive sense of being watched. But maybe the eyes were no longer that of the slaver that had plucked them from their den (they had screamed and screamed! don’t take us!!), instead replaced by a mismatched gaze that seemed to inspect them. Maybe they had been taken from the slaver’s paws, but they were not safe. He could feel it. It made his bones quiver. He couldn’t sleep and it was only making the fear worse. He felt his skin quake constantly, as though there was something just under the surface. Maledictis watched his leg for hours, waiting to see it pulse, looking for the little bugs that must surely be there scurrying tracks through his veins. 

Red-rimmed eyes looked up at a noise, seeing a figure approach in the distance. Startled and frightened, the boy tucked his head into Jamie’s fur, feigning sleep and hoping that whatever was coming would pass them by. But they had never been lucky, had they? Lux’s voice stirred them all and Maledictis swallowed thickly, his eyes opening, feeling dry and shriveled in his skull. His siblings rose and he followed on unsteady feet, his tail tucked and his ears pinned back, head low as he followed in their wake, his gaze flickering with suspicion. His heart raced, it felt as though it could pop at any moment. Would he pop with it?

Lux stopped and they slowed like sheep, herded together and looking to their shepherd. Maledictis didn’t look with them, too frightened to. Play? When had they last played? They hadn’t played with the slaver. Lux was the very same, wasn’t she? Croatoan, Keanu. They were all the same! No adult had taken them without hurt, without harm. He didn’t want this! He didn’t want to!! Fear bubbled up at the back of his throat like bile and he regurgitated it, his voice shrill, ”no. I don’t wanna!”

”I just wanna go home - I wanna go home.” He wanted warmth and security, like that fleeting first memory. ”I don’t care about your rules!”



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skin rolling over itself
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Re: sacks of bones for hire [spectre babies*]
« Reply #9 on: July 19, 2017, 11:11:09 PM »
TW for child violence

She prided herself to be a merciful woman. Past her prime, onyx muzzle now dusted with the few stray greys that gathered around her sharp nose, the vulture wasn't exactly the kind to look free-spirited and defiant in the name of her country. A long time ago, she was.  She had lived long a spitfire, but she was tired now.  Maybe the slow aging was a death worse than war, as she had once thought.  Now, the thought seemed glorious; to die in battle for her empire, with the red flag clenched between her teeth.  Had she been more naive, maybe she would have died for Saboro.  Maybe she wouldn't ditch her post and run to exact whatever revenge she sought.

But history seemed to repeat itself.  Her list of names only grew.  A list of bodies, forgetful mind throwing away the looks within their eyes to remember the vague shapes of whatever colors they sported.  The one who promised her nothing and took everything, first as saborine but no, his "hawkeye" stood and watched him fall.  To an undeserved elite position, then disappeared altogether.  The lightly speckled form of Sol Katti, whose presence terrified the vulture but brought hate all the same -- a woman who attacked a child unprovoked.  A woman who was dangerous.  Seven, a globbering fiend that only had eyes for the vulture's thin tail.

Admittedly, she was more bitter than she cared to reveal.  While she looked suspicious during the ordeal -- and had thrown the old captain under the bus, that tail had been with her for her entire life.  They just snapped it off as if it were nothing.

That was what Saboro did to its inhabitants.  They bled, they sacrificed, but the hungry jungle always quaked the earth for more.  The volcano's rumbling belly demanded bodies, and she would see to it that she wouldn't fall to become just another number.

She was jovial and cheery today, a highly contrast attitude to the morbid stare that the banshee offered the orphans.  Truthfully, they were only orphans, defenseless and useless.  They could have died at Nereid's fangs, but the banshee had something in mind.  Something to reign the wild vulture and her favorite fiend in and propose that maybe... maybe they could make use of these bodies.  They were, after all, new blood in a pack where cousins ogled each other.  Bringing them in was a blessing rather than a curse.  Luxanna, lonely Luxanna, knew it.  But it would take Croatoan some convincing.

She walked in simply to stand at the other side of the banshee; the two closed the babies in.  Trapped them from whatever ridiculous idea that may have popped into their heads.  So far, the children were but wriggling, playing bodies that squeaked and hungered.  Hush now, babies.  Feeding time will come.  The vulture was a familiar dark face, bright blues sweeping over the bodies of the tiny new spectres.  She was nice to them, offered them treats when they were good and allowed Luxanna to dish punishment when they were bad -- a classic good cop, bad cop routine.  She shuffled in her seat, grin widening with glee -- new puppies!

New little heads to shove their ideals into.  Joy.

"Hiya kids," she drawled lazily.  "I'm yer mother.  As is... miss banshee."  Saturated pink tongue swept over her scarred nose.  "Be good, an' I'll give ya a treat."  She strengthened the word treat, as if she had already dangled a red-inked stick above their heads.  Be good, maybe you'll give your life for your fledgling.  Be bad, you'll --

Maledictis interrupted.  Pale blue eyes swiveled in their sockets.

Ivory teeth clacked and she sucked her lips, that grin contorting into a frown most displeased.  "Yer home is here.  Orphan."  Her voice hardened from molten copper to cold gunmetal, permafrost eyes flicking to Lux and cocking the bullets.  Did she hear what she heard, a lesson?  A lesson to be learned?  The banshee had the final jurisdiction over these children, but how Croatoan ached for flesh.  To teach a story, the story of Saboro and the blood it demanded.  Somewhere far off in the land, the Sabora choked on her thorned halo.

Croatoan pulled her bramble noose tight in an act of pure viciousness, obscene and gory.  That shared, silent communication between the two ended with a heavy sigh from the grandmother of the new age.  "Children."  Honey soured.  Her voice dripped like acid with sarcasm.  "The first lesson t'be learnt.  Is that..."  She'd let Lux finish.  She'd let the banshee finish while those paws shuffled, waited for their move.

The vulture leaned forward without much need to lunge for the baby.  A baby, tender and soft and pliable beneath the vulture's fangs.  If her teeth found purchase she'd attack Maledictis from the back.  Dirty.  Unfair.  But wasn't that the point of Saboro?  She wasn't lacking the aggression that Saboro harbored; she had been born into it.  Her virtues warped by the instinctual will to survive by any means possible.  If Maledictis didn't learn his lesson now, he would die too.  Whether or not Lux opted to participate in such a punishment was up to her.  But the vulture's heart punched hard against her ribs, teeth slicing just a little too deep through the boy's skin and snapping his pelvis with a little too much pressure -- whatever screams she tore from him came with wide-eyed surprise.  A mistake from her end, really, but perhaps the banshee could strengthen their teachings with a shared thought.  It was perverse, disgusting.

The two elites knew no better.  The red marks across their eyes infected their blood with the beat of death's drums, roaring in their ears.  kill him.  kill him.  KILL HIM.

They would never see the temptation of treachery.  They would never see their brother again.  Not after that last sight, the vile sight of Maledictis dangling haphazardly from the vulture's jaws.  Not after the banshee lunged, too.  This was their first lesson.  This was their immoral thrust into the real world.  Saboro was greedy.  It was abhorrent.  And it would never even remember Maledictis' name.
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Re: sacks of bones for hire [spectre babies*]
« Reply #10 on: August 29, 2017, 10:00:11 AM »
smol bump <3

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