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diver [PRP]
« on: July 05, 2017, 12:36:14 PM »
She had stirred while she was being carried. Her eyes were opening with blackened spots, and all she had began to notice was searing pain. She felt teeth in her neck and a pain in her belly and in her head, everything was going fast, and before she could react- she was in the air. Her body had flew and as the sensation of falling took over, it abruptly ended as she landed harshly against the ground below. Snaps. Ribs cracked inside her body as she landed on her side, and her adrenaline finally kicked in. Adrenaline is a popular word with me, isn't it? Either way, the white ghost's eyes snapped open and wild instincts took over. Her blood pumped and her maw frothed with leftover saliva and new mixing. It was a scuffle, her body flailing like a dying fish on land to wildly attempt to get up, the pain was not felt, but something didn't feel right. However, in her mind, Poltergeist was not there right now. Poltergeist was asleep. This was something feral, a drive of fight or flight. There was nothing to fight- so flight kicked in, and the wounded, bleeding-out wolf ran.

It was a wild run. The sun had already come out again from behind the eclipse, it had already started when she was first flung, and it was almost shocking that it was still light to her. The feral beast that had taken over had subsided, and after laying in an unmoving stupor for about 15 minutes, Polt was finally able to take over. She firstly noticed the great amount of pain she was in. Her stomach was literally open- not so badly wounded that she would bleed out right then, she noticed- but it was bad. It would scar, for sure. Another one to mark up. The second thing she noticed was that... she had no idea where she was. This was not Saboro. The landscape had begun to change. Thick jungle had turned into forest, which was now thinning into plains. She lay against a tree now, licking at the tender, bleeding wound on her stomach. She needed to get something to treat it before it got infected, but... she didn't know what plants there were here. She didn't know where anything was. Not to mention, her ribcage was in an INCREDIBLE amount of pain that made it hard to walk. So infact, maybe, she was going to die. She raised her head to inspect her surroundings. Where was she? She could tell this was not Saboro. There was no sign of a border, patrolling wolves, anything... then it hit her. She felt her heart tighten so hard that shock pushed bile up and out. She wasn't in Saboro. This was her dream, wasn't it? Wasn't this everything she'd ever wanted?

Well, except one thing. One big, BIG thing.

Her family wasn't here.

She couldn't see them. She couldn't smell them. She was absolutely alone and none of her family were here. She wasn't in Saboro. She had no idea where she was, or how to get back. She needed to go back. She needed to get home. She would die, wouldn't she? They'd kill her for treason. They'd kill her for leaving no matter how much she'd done for that hell and she'd have no say. Her children, though... She couldn't bare to think that they might think she left them. That she left willingly. That she sacrificed them to the demons in order to save herself. She couldn't bare to think that they might be questioned and blamed for her leaving. She had to go. She had to go back and face her fate. She had to clear them so they could live safe for another day. Just another day.

The ghost frantically rose to her feet, her missing leg being her downfall during this time and falling back down on cracked ribs. She yelped- loud, but continued to try and get back up, or at least drag herself in some direction. She had to get home. She had to return to her babies. All of them. Even the ones who'd gone missing.

Even if she unknowingly joined them.

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Re: diver [PRP]
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2017, 02:00:59 AM »
A she-wolf, black and gold with lavender eyes, stood on the riverbank, neck craned and muzzle pointed, still as a stork. Silver flashes betrayed fishes hiding among reeds but begged a hungry pursuer to act on impulse. It might have worked if her stomach was just a little emptier, but they had the poor luck of a hunter who was not quite desperate enough to rush things. Alyth was patient. If nothing else (and, some would argue, there WAS nothing else) she was at least that.

Finally, not just a scale shone in sunlight but the whisk of a tail, and she lunged into the water. Flesh squelched between her teeth, and she reared back with... a rather disappointingly small sunfish.

Oh well. Meat was meat, and it had made her work for it. She bit down once, hard, severing the spine and removing its agony, then climbed away from the bank. She shook herself twice before settling down to eat her meager lunch. But she didn't get far.


It rippled through her marrow, that sound. Alyth lifted her head, ears swiveling, half a fin sticking out of her lip. Oh boy. Couldn't just have some peaceful me time. That seems to be how it goes, doesn't it? You strike out for the sake of loneliness but end up finding more people than ever. She couldn't just... not investigate, either way. She cached the fish beneath a tree root and loped toward the creature making a truly awful racket. 

"Hey—" she started, emerging from the thicket, and then stopped. The disgusting belly wound caught her eye and then, in mounting horror, that this little creature was trying to drag itself away.

Away from what, exactly?

She cast a suspicious gaze around while continuing, "What the hell happened to you?"

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Re: diver [PRP]
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2017, 08:20:24 PM »
She left the lost boy to his thoughts. She wasn’t going to force him to go home. She’d have hated the person that did that to her—and she knew he’d find his way in his own time. Like him, she wasn’t ready to go. Not just yet.

The woods were wide open and she had thoughts to reflect on, herself! Nobody ever said things got any easier when you grew up! Haha, funny joke, world! Now would you stop lying to kids? Because it doesn’t get easier—it just gets a whole hell of a lot harder and complicated. Living just isn’t easy, now is it? You know what’s a hell of a lot easier? Dying. Now that, that happens so fast. You really have to work at living.

Somebody was, and not that far off. She freezes as the pained yelp pierces the air, but then she’s off the next instant. Like Alyth, she was alone, but not long ago she hadn’t been, and if anyone had harmed a hair on that kid’s stupid head, she’d gut them herself—

Thinking awfully high of yourself, aren't you, Haize?

It wasn’t her business even if they had, and sometimes you had to face hard knocks to grow the eff up, but she came crashing through the woods all the same. Enter scene; character disheveled and panting. Injured party sprawled on the ground, completely pathetic. Open wound and missing leg. Potential culprit standing nearby. Overly bright eyes fixed on Alyth and with hackles bristling, she barks from her end of this miserable stage, “Hey! What the eff did you do?!

Ah! A classic comedy of errors! Except this wasn’t make believe and somebody was definitely bleeding on the forest floor. She spares a quick glance for the mangled wolf before swearing under her breath. “Holy crap.” She was no stranger to blood or ever horrible wounds, but facing down someone with intent to harm wasn’t exactly… something she did every day. I mean, look at her. She wasn’t a big wolf.

(Like somebody else, she simply surrounded herself by legends. By gods on high. By giants. But they were nowhere to be found now.)

She stays her ground and waits for an answer. It would determine what happened next—but what were the options, really? Was she going to fight this person over a stranger in the deep wood? No. Probably not. But she was keyed up! She was already in it! And hey! She DESERVED ANSWERS, RIGHT??

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Re: diver [PRP]
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2017, 08:50:32 PM »
She didn't expect anyone to come looking for her. She didn't expect anyone to be chasing after her or even caring-- well, who was she kidding. Saboro would care. Secrets were crucial, something that had to be protected at all costs, even at the suffering or lives of others. That's how it'd always been, what you were warned about, things adults whispered into the alert ears of young innocent children who grew to maintain the vicious cycle. Abuse, corruption, obey.

So when the wolf she didn't recognize approached her, she thought them Saboro. A slaver perhaps, one sent after her to drag her back.

"What the hell happened to you?"

The words were almost ignored as she blurted out, "I didn't mean to," she said on raspy words, blood dripping from the sides of her muzzle from a wound she had inflicted on her own tongue, "I didn't mean to run- I don't know what happened- I was trying to come back..."

It was almost like that, though, that she realized this wolf wasn't Saboro. There was no smell of the jungle. There was no cruelty or intent of punishment in her voice. The white ghost recoiled in embarrassment, craning her muzzle inward towards her chest and making herself look smaller then she already was. "I don't know," she lied. She remembered the smell of Buer and the quick sensation of the stone hitting her throbbing head and she could only assume. She could never rat Buer out. No matter what, they were her child, and she loved them with all their heart. They would survive, not her. They had to. They knew no better. It was what Saboro did. "I remember... something, attacking me, and I went out. I guess I panicked, and ran, and now I'm... here. Where... is here?" she asked in a quiet, tired voice.

“Hey! What the eff did you do?!”

Ah. She must have been distracted. How could she let her guard down now? It had been up for so long within her prison walls that how could she afford to let it wander in this moment? Where she was somewhere she didn't know? Maybe she just didn't care anymore. Yeah. That was probably it.

"She- She didn't do anything." She tried to reply, though if the other wolf could hear her at all was a mystery. She was so quiet, so hoarse, so tired. Her ribs ached and her stomach felt like it was ripping open more and more every time she tried to move. Maybe she should just leap and let it all spill out in one swift move. "Please don't fight." she begged quietly, she had witnessed it so much, and there was nothing to fight over here. No one here was at fault. These two kind strangers, who took notice of her, both of them as innocent as the other.

It didn't feel right.

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Re: diver [PRP]
« Reply #4 on: August 28, 2017, 07:18:43 PM »
( i give a gentle kiss, with my fist )

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