Author Topic: A Warren in the Spirals (Discovery! OPEN TO ANY!)  (Read 1596 times)

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Re: A Warren in the Spirals (Discovery! OPEN TO ANY!)
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She puffed out her cheeks as Arik once again turned away from her. What in the world was this? Why wasn’t he more swoon by her and falling over his feet for her attention? She knew it wasn’t her, for sure, she was goddamn perfect and pure, was she supposed to play hard to get here? He said something about wanting to check on the others having plans and for a moment she tried to decide between following him and staying and playing hard to get. But who was she kidding, she didn’t need to play hard to get, she followed him and listened in on his talk with the different people.

It wasn’t until now she took a real look at the different people, and noted each of the names Arik spoke to them and while she paid attention to this it was at the meeting with Buckshot and Ticon that he finally acknowledged her again, and her tail wagged immediately at the mention of her name, and she nodded in agreement. They were gonna talk alright, but probably not about the things Arik wanted to discuss, she wanted to know about him and what he liked and disliked, he was gonna NOTICE HER GODDAMNIT.

"So Iris? What do you think?" Finally he was paying full attention to her and she was very satisfied, she wagged her tail at him and smiled before taking a look at the stones one more time as the others began scattering the area. It didn’t interest her that much, but it seemed important to Arik, so she would indulge him in this. ”Ah Let’s see.” She began speculating and take a proper look. Swirls. Hmm. She didn’t recall that having any special meaning in relation to the moon goddess but she could be wrong.

”Maybe this is marked as a spiritual area for prayers and such? Maybe whoever put it like this meant for it to be sacred but it got lost over time? No wolf could have done this, that’s for sure.” At least not a single wolf, she looked at the size of the stones and wondered how large a wolf would have to be to push stones of that size around into shapes.

”Arik, what do you think? I am so happy to share this with you, it’s so special.” Way to put a romantic spin on everything she did really.

And when we first came here
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Re: A Warren in the Spirals (Discovery! OPEN TO ANY!)
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((Pawprint if you're up to it!))