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Arik woke up at dawn, took a dip in the nearest river, and decided he would try and find the most reliable place to find rabbits today. That was perhaps a good thing for a potential Groundskeeper to do, right? Keep an eye on the land, explore and get to know the territory, and make notes on where to find things. He was a good observer, that much he knew of himself. Other talents remained to be discovered though.

With a light step and tremble in his stomach, again, another reason to look out for rabbits, he set on his way in a new direction. The sunlight of the morning broke through the leaves of the lush birch trees of the Vale, it was going to be a warm and sunny day today. As the sun rose overhead he broke through the Lunar Vale to approach a rather hilly area. He knew rabbits were typically found in open spaces. He looked down into a rocky expanse and caught the whisper of movement among some smooth round like stones. Slowly he pressed his stomach to the ground and approached the clutter of rocks, not fully realizing the strange pattern they made. Yep, a colony of rabbits definitely made this area a home. Especially with all the rocks and hiding places available to them. He couldn't see where the entrance to a warren was from his point of view but knew they wouldn't have ventured far from it. Thankfully a rock had blocked him from their view and he had been able to track their movements with their perked ears peeking over. Maybe not many members had discovered this treasure trove of rabbits yet. The fear of the wolf hadn't been drilled into their little prey-brains.

Gathering up his strength, with a inhale of breath and a shudder from the grey-brown rabbit ear he leapt over the rock and grabbed the stunned hare by a back leg as it was trying to escape as it tripped over one of its own members of its colony also escaping. A gaggle of bunnies leaped from the grass and quickly disappeared. The rabbit squealed its pain-song but was quickly silenced when Arik put it out of its misery. He hated that sound and would have rathered killed it as he caught it instead of grabbing it by its leg. Now all of those rabbits are going to stay in their warrens for a while, dammit. Sloppy work Arik. He trotted a few paces away from where the all the rabbits fled so he didn't eat their comrade in front of them. Bad form, he thought, thinking about how Buckshot was very respectful of the prey in these parts. He wanted to be respectful, and if he thought about it, it made sense. These lands were theirs now, and it was their job to respect and thank The Mother Moon for providing this land and its riches to her people. That meant respecting her gifts, and the lives they took to survive.

He thought of this and took a moment to thank the Mother by pointing his nose to the sky for a moment and closing his eyes before tucking into his lunch. As he ate he looked for all the warren entrances again and that's when he noticed that the stones he had just hunted in where in an odd display. There were small valleys between a line of them and it went in a strange spiral pattern. He paused his eating as a strange thought struck him.

Oh stars I better not be eating a sacred rabbit... He better call in an expert, or even someone that might explain to him what these weird stones were doing and Oh please Mother he hoped this wasn't a graveyard no one mentioned.

And yet he had only just discovered the tip of this particular iceberg. There was so much more to be found. He lifted his nose skyward and this time he called out an invitation to anyone in the area. "What did I find?!" it called to anyone half-listening.

Ticonderoga had polished off a deer Byakko and Akutan had taken down for the family to eat and was on his midday run when he heard Arik's howl. "Ooh...I wonder what he found." he thought before angling himself in the direction of the howl. He ran until he found the other male at a place he didn't know was in the territory to start with. It looked strange with some stones place in a swirl pattern that seemed deliberate. Did humans use to live here and do that? Or was it something else?

"What a beautiful, unusual place. I never dreamed a place like this was even here in the packlands." Ticon whistled. He quickly made a mental note to show this to Stella and the rest of the X Clan. The monochrome dire paced forward to give the swirling stone patterns a sniff. There wasn't anything unusual that he could tell. The whole area felt pretty normal but also...rather spiritual. Ticon wasn't really a believer in anything but he was always fascinated by the beliefs of others. He saw the good and bad in both Nardir's moon culture and the X Clan's wind culture. He found himself wondering if he could potentially start believing in one or the other or maybe bits of both. The X Clan's ancestral myths and legends were held sacred to them as the last links to the ruling family they had once been when Byakko had been much younger. Ticon could get behind the notion of the wind being the souls of wolves long passed and the idea of an afterworld where there was endless hunting sounded like paradise. Still the moon's soft light was equally comforting to him. Ticon was content for the moment to find his way at his own pace. If nothing else, Akutan had told him that it didn't really matter what he believed. The afterworld was where all wolves went, regardless of their beliefs while living. That had told Ticon that the X Clan followed an ideology too simple to be called a religion and that simplicity meant there were no strings.

Softly one paw sidled forward, then another. Dark green eyes fixed intently on the rabbit who was blissfully unaware of it's impending death. Two more paws and she could spring into action, and one snap of her jaws would ensure a lovely rabbity lunch for her and... squeel - her prey launched away and Shimmah jumped upwards with a small yelp. What by all that's holy.... Flicking her long fringe from one eye to the other she glanced around and finally spotted a figure off in the distance. Her stomach rumbled and that was probably what made her brave enough to go over there.

Trotting faster than her dimuntive form would be thought could, she hurried upwards, not looking at the area around her. When she was close enough she yelled (well, she thought she yelled but she was out of breath so it came out as more of a wheeze):

"Hey, like, thanks a lot! Didn't yer mother teach ya how to hunt? Imeancomeonhonestlyyoujustruinedmykill ...and...uh...tall..." she trailed off in a whisper as she came close to the object of her wrath. He was much, much taller than her with a blue stripe over his face and body, and the blood of a fresh kill on his maw. And right next to him stood another giant, this one not only taller but bigger! Did Nardir exist out of frikkin giants?? Her tail fell down and tucked tightly to her legs, she hunched her shoulders and her long ruff fluffed up like a mane around her neck, accentuating the lightning marks in it that framed her face. She scowled to make herself look all tough, but the quivering of her legs betrayed her.

"Uh..sorry..I mean.. um..." the giant one said something about an unusual place. One quick glance told her that indeed, this was a weird place. Despite her nervousness she was quickly mesmerised by the place. What was it that made it so weird?

Ladies didn’t stalk! Though she kinda was stalking someone. She had seen him when he left the river after dipping into it and had stopped dead in her tracks when a very, very handsome man continued on his way. She opened her mouth slightly and quickly followed suit. She didn’t mean to follow him around for so long, but the huge male was much faster than Iris who was more than one foot shorter than him. She had to skip and trot to keep track to even get close to him. Iris wasn’t shy, she didn’t need to stalk in the background she could just go up there and introduce herself!

Suddenly he laid down on his stomach and she halted. Hunting? Now!? Really? She was about to introduce herself, which was way more important than hunting! She gave a deep sigh and sat down waiting for him to finish his game of hunting. A squeal of a rabbit (god she hated that sound) told her that he was finished and she quickly trotted toward him again after having kept her distance.

She hadn’t at all noticed the unusual place, the first thing she noticed was the male looking to the sky in praise of the moon, and Iris was sold. THIS was the man for her! She needed no one else, just him, he was perfect! She sighed and went over to him and only stopped when he called out to the pack. What did i find he asked. Nooooo. She gave an internal sigh of pain. Now others were gonna come, she wanted to be alone with him. What did he mean anyway? She looked around them and noticed that this area looked strange. Weird stones and paths on the hilly ground everywhere.

That could be for later! She went up to the male to talk to him but was interrupted as two others came over and proclaimed something that had little to no interest for her. Finally it was quiet and she looked at the tall, handsome male who had discovered the place ”Why hello! I am Iris, who might you be? What a beautiful place you’ve found. Do you think possible mother mood put her touch on this place?” She was good at conversations and loved them and quickly spurred the talk on to something they had in common (mother moon) and took a look around the place and wagged her tail.

”Do you want to walk around with me and see what else is here?” She was a natural! She could feel it, this was just going her way, just the way she wanted it. She gave him a genuine bright smile and waited for him to reply, but there could only really be one reply after all, and that was YES! Yes, yes, yes ever after!

(OOC: I like the southwest part for the new place.  Warning, loopy post with Buckshot.)


When Arik howled, Buckshot ran from the den.  The boy never ceased to amaze him.  First the deer at the river, now a site which might be new.  The boy was a good Groundskeeper-in-training.  He and Tallulah were doing great so far.  The new dad was a bit intimidated that they were outdoing him.  He would have to lead by example soon.  He would also have to give Arik a proper nickname.  Tallulah was Bouncy and Arik was...straightforward.  He was also a go-getter, someone doing his best for the pack.  Bright and busy tailed.  A team player.  A real wolf's wolf.

This nicknaming would take longer than he thought.  Hey he was here!

"OH snap!"  He never saw this place.  And how about the last time he smelled so many...rabbits!  He licked his chops in a comical fashion.  Mmm-hmm!  Business first.  Buckshot whispered for his father's attention as he rested a little way off.  He then looked at the talkative crowd--hey a blue wolf!--and cleared his throat.

"I have no idea what this place is."  First impression!  "It does smell delicious!  I say we shouldn't go overboard eating the rabbits here or they might abandon den, so to speak.   Oh, yes, my name is Buckshot.  I am the Groundskeeper, officially looking out for the health of the land!"  He neared one of the rock patterns.  "The rocks are not naturally congregated here.  Eighty five percent sure."  The scruffy looking wolf pushed one to make sure.  He tripped when the spiral pile the rock was on fell apart, landing with his butt in the air.  "Seventy five percent sure.  Arik--you were the first on the scene.  How about leading the expedition?  I trust you."


Adolph was closer than his son, yet it took him almost as long to reach the group.  His fifteen year old body protested as he trotted, his fading eyesight also hindering him as he moved through new territory.  When he got there, he brushed by Ticon, to whom he nudged the bigger wolf's ribs in greeting, and walked to Arik. "Son of Blackstripe," Adolph greeted formally.  He often thought of his old friend, a wolf who could have been mistaken for his own kin.  Another who disappeared, like Arik's mother.  He missed them dearly.  "What have you found, young wolf?"  Whatever it was, it was beautiful. 

"Hey, like, thanks a lot! Didn't yer mother teach ya how to hunt? Imeancomeonhonestlyyoujustruinedmykill..."

Adolph froze in place.  His heart lurched.  This blue and yellow wolf whom he had never seen before filled him with memories of years past, but never forgotten.  The old relic thought he knew everything about Storm.  He knew he had no daughters of his own and as faded memory of Jase served, he was sure that boy's children shared the red colors of his mate.  Had Jase had more children after he left Nardir?  It was possible.  He began walking to her until another voice cut his train of thought.

The bubbly female practically threw herself at Arik.  Hopefully romantic was the best term.  It was all he could do to not laugh out loud.  He hmm'ed and drifted away from the wolves present.  He could talk to Arik and the kin of Storm later.  He needed a rest from the shock.  The moment was brief as his son Buckshot called for his attention.  The Groundskeeper said his piece, tripped himself, then gave Arik his assignment.  Adolph shook his head.  Seven years old and still acting like he was seven months.  But if anyone noticed, they would have seen a small smile on the old relic's face.


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