Author Topic: he had a face like a benediction (acceptance)  (Read 542 times)

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he had a face like a benediction (acceptance)
« on: June 28, 2017, 09:22:47 AM »
She felt as though she had taken the worst beating of her life.

For no pain compared to that of questioning one's religion. Of the uncertainty of her future. She had lost her family, her pack and, above all else, she had lost Zeme. Where was she now? Chloris wondered. Probably dead. Perhaps lost somewhere. Perhaps, if she still had some remnants of her faith left, she would like to assume that they would meet again someday. Not in this life, maybe, but in the next. The day started out like a funeral. Chloris stood and observed the marshland she had just left behind for what felt like most of the morning. She remembered her time in Gaia - however short it was - and her heart ached for the companionship she had felt there.

Of course, there were other packs she could join but it would take a while for her to establish any bonds (no pun intended) with her packmates. This is what frightened her the most. The feeling of not being liked. Of being rejected. Two things that were highly probable in approaching a pack like Oukoku-Kai. Not that Chloris knew such a thing. After all, nobody knew much about this place. It was a blank slate from which she could draw her own conclusions.

Would she find a new god here? At this point, she couldn't care less. She first needed a home, a place she could gather up her confidence and form some connections. Then, she would worry about finding a god. A rock in the storm.

Having gone through the same ritual mere months ago, Chloris instinctively stopped short of this strange pack's borderings, green eyes narrowing as she took in the dense forest before her. It was quite unlike any other forest she had seen. It was the kind of dark place one would would find in dreams. A place not to venture into alone. The timber stayed standing, wondering if she should howl. Before she could even consider it, a figure would show up in the distance.

"Hello?" she would call in a curious but uneasy tone before backing away. "I'm here for acceptance, but I shall leave if that's not on the cards right now."

Chloris was about to learn rule number one: nobody left this place once they had looked into the abyss of trees.


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Re: he had a face like a benediction (acceptance)
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just a lil bump. c:

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Re: he had a face like a benediction (acceptance)
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2017, 02:07:11 PM »
i'll hop in here with Ronove today! so so sorry for the wait!!

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