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Her pregnancy had been a swift one, though not without its problems. There had been plenty of stress, from the initial re-entry into the Valley (which had gone less pleasantly than she had wanted, but the outcome had been fine) to the worry surrounding the relationship between the two Red Baishuns. Things had been strained for awhile as Nevada had struggled to regain her mate's trust after her venture into the wilds. They had lost all of their children in some way or form: a murdered daughter and four who still lived but lived separately. Two of those lived beyond the valley, and while Darken might have sworn them off as no longer her children, Nevada was not so keen on betraying her own flesh and blood.

That didn't matter now, though.

Now, they had a new child to care for. The boy, Crux, was a new start. His sire had been picked in the wilds - a wild, powerful creature that Nevada didn't believe she would ever see again. Not that she wanted to, the agreement had been clear - he was a donor and that was it. He was not the father and he would play no part in the litter's raising, as he didn't wish to follow her into the valley. She was glad of that fact, knowing that if Darken personally knew who the father was, it would make things strained again.

The Ghost shifted from her nest, eyes catching on the early light that filtered through the roots of their hilltop home. She turned her gaze to her belly, where the plump speckled form of her son lay.
 He shifted, murmuring wordlessly as his mother's movement drew him to wakefulness. She licked him gently, smiling at the way he initially pulled away from the lick before pressing into it as he became aware of who it was that was grooming him. His eyes opened wide when she stood and nudged him ahead of her, out of the den.

Once they stood on the hill overlooking the Valley, their tree above them, Nevada raised her head to offer a soft howl into the sky - a call for those who were once hers and now were her mate's. Those, too, who were friends and would like to meet him.

It was time for Crux to meet his family.

ooc ;; Timed about three and a half months after Nevada's return, before the war.
Darken absorbed Nevada's house during my hiatus but anyone in the house of Darken (or friends like Virra and Nastasia - feel free to PM my main to see if you qualify!) is welcome to this thread!
Also im half asleep while writing this so I dont know how much makes sense

It kills my heart to know
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