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welcome to my swamp [open]
« on: June 16, 2017, 11:22:33 PM »
   It had been a while since he had rescued the alpha wolf from drowning in his water. Since then, there had been no big events to entertain him. Granted, that was how life usually was. Nothing ever happened, no new faces and nothing to tell one day apart from another. In all honesty, Swamp Thing didn’t mind too much. His life could be much worse. At the moment, he was living peacefully in Tortuga’s waters, kind of as an ally, though he didn’t really admit he wasn’t much for fighting. Since he knew that some of the wolves and creatures were friends, he didn’t want to risk hurting a friend instead of foe. He had decided that he would just help out his new friends by scaring anyone that came to close and seemed wrong. So far, he hadn’t had to scare anyone.
   He had caught a good sized fish from deeper in the waters, and decided to carry it onto land. It wasn’t common, but on a good, sunny day he liked to sunbathe on a large boulder that sat on Tortuga’s mainland. Swamp Thing swam to the shore, fish held in his mouth as he listened for anyone that might be close. Just because he was kind of apart of the pack didn’t mean that he was trusted, or even known to be here. Deer probably wandered in too, but that didn’t make them a part of the pack. When he figured that no one was close by, he trotted onto the beach, heading towards his favorite boulder. It jutted out of the sand and over the water perfectly. From there, he could listen to the waves crashing below him as he soaked up the warmth from the stone.
   Climbing onto the boulder probably looked weird. He just barely fit on it, his entire body too thick and too long. As he scrabbled up, his enormous tail hung off the edge, resting on the sand. He had to pull his legs in close, the fish only on the boulder because he held it. As he settled down, scales scrapping awkwardly on the rock’s surface, he started to feast. His bites were big, but slow. It really was a moment to relax, and he was going to do so. He ate at his own pace, savoring every flesh filled bite. The sun was warm over head, in the highest point in the sky. Swamp Thing could feel his scales warming up, and listened to the crashing of the waves. Nothing happened much in his life, but he did live in peace. Living in peace wasn’t so bad.

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Re: welcome to my swamp [open]
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2017, 10:50:04 PM »
The tri-colored hellhound made his way down the shoreline, enjoying the sound of the sand crunching beneath his paws and the gentle lapping of the water. Holding his tail out like a banner as he went, he always had to keep it somewhat horizontal as to keep the long strands of fur from dragging on the ground. Anticipating a swim, the hellhound had stashed his pack elsewhere before coming to the water's edge so today his back was bare, well, apart from his three dorsal fins that lined his spine. Wago was tempted to sing but the soundtrack of the shore was too peaceful to break up with his melodious voice.

It was a lovely day and Wago was his usual happy self, exploring his new home when he noticed something in the distance. A giant... thing, was attempting to climb onto a too small boulder, it's long tail hung off the side and he seemed to suck his limbs underneath his massive shape. Curious, Wago watched from a distance and noticed the beast was eating something, a fish from what he could tell perhaps that meant he didn't eat wolves or hellhounds. Adjusting his path, Wago headed toward the green stranger, noting how the sun played off his scales, 'how lovely,' Wago thought as he approached.

Wago puffed out his chest as he addressed the stranger, a grin ever present across his handsome face. Well aren't you a beauty. He called up at his new friend, offering him a wink. Do you come here often? Teasing a bit, but also curious because he was new to Tortuga and didn't know if his new friend lived here or was just passing through.

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