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Story Time! (OPEN)
« on: June 13, 2017, 07:37:56 PM »
Byakko was lying near the lake. The oldster was in the mood to regale any interested parties with the myths and legends from his homeland. Rapture was dozing in his black ruff. He was currently babysitting. She was still quite small and easily made a nest in his ruff with room to spare on either side. He felt her stir. "Grampa...why are you so much bigger than Momma, Daddy, and Aku-Aku?" she asked. Byakko chuckled. "My dear, the reason I'm so much bigger than everyone else in the family is because I'm a pure Fringe Dire. You, your mom, and big cousin are all mixed breeds. I'm the only one left in the family, if not the entire pack." he answered. Rapture cocked her head, even though her grandpa couldn't see it.

"What are...Fringe Dires?" she asked. "Good question. We're among the largest breeds of wolves around. Only the Bacchus come close." he replied. "Where did they come from?" the young girl then asked. "That's an interesting story. Perhaps some of our fellow pack members would interested in hearing it. What do you think? Should I call for others?" Byakko asked in returned. "YES!" came the enthused cry. Byakko smiled, loving how open Rapture was to meeting more of the pack. He let out a howl.

"Any who are interested in listening to an old wolf tell stories, myths, and legends of his homeland, gather near the lake!
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