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(Hol' up lil' bitch) be humble [acceptance]
« on: June 10, 2017, 09:48:30 PM »
His hands and his feet were sore from the walking, the wandering that had dominated his time since he had turned his back on the mountains that had once been a small refuge for those of his kind. Those that were directionless and unsure, peculiar to the eye. He'd had his fun with his experiment, but he had quickly learned that he was not prepared for the responsibilities he had assumed for himself. Even with only a few swearing themselves to him, his anxiety and frustration only built and his fear of being unfit made him agitated and overwhelmed. He had dissolved his bastard kingdom and turned to the vastness of unknown territory, figuring that he'd be able to find himself somehow, someway.

Had his travels been fruitful? He couldn't particularly tell. The manticore enjoyed the time he spent with his faithful companion, Dorothy, the pair of them spending their days in mutual affection and safety. Though it kept him fed, kept him content, was he truly satisfied? Gregory had always been a man to romanticize, to look to the horizon and wonder just what might await him if he chased it. He had grand dreams and too many hopes, his imagination running away from him with possibilities that seemed just out of reach. No, he couldn't stay in the relative seclusion of the neutral lands between packs. He had to expand. To know. (He wondered if Dorothy would follow him. He hoped that she would.)

So many canine scents flooded his nose the farther he walked, making his skin prickle and his heartbeat quicken with anticipation. The monstrous creature lingered in the beautiful expanses of the lands beyond Inaria, scenting the borders and learning what he could from the periphery. He was... frightened. Concerned that he would do something wrong. He had only ever truly spent time with others who were... less than average. He still remembered the utter disbelief that had greeted him at the edges of a wolf pack, the wide eyes peering up at him. How alien he must look. How strange. He did, after all, strike an imposing, intimidating figure. He was tall and wide, with big teeth and claws, a scorpion's barb to match. Gregory wondered if he would be turned away. Or even attacked. His anxiety kept him at a safe distance for weeks, until his skin itched and his mind raced - unable to resist the urge to approach any longer.

He was desperate for company, for camaraderie, for understanding. He wished to contribute, to learn. He couldn't do such things on his own.

So Greg advanced to the border of Inarian territory, his nose wrinkling at the pungent scent these wolves always left in their wake. He hesitated, shifting his weight from hand to hand before curling his lip and letting out a booming roar. Gregory could not howl, and he didn't know how to make his voice into softer, more pleasant calls. Hopefully his summoning would not be too alarming. Hopefully he wouldn't be too alarming.

The manticore sat and wrapped his tail neatly around himself, pressing his lips together and anxiously smacking them together, making quiet popping noises. It took some time, but eventually the first figure of a wolf emerged from the trees and Gregory lifted a huge, clawed hand in a meek wave. "Um," he started, awkwardly, "hey!"



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Re: (Hol' up lil' bitch) be humble [acceptance]
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2017, 10:55:30 PM »
Having two ranks meant he had to juggle his time between the border and the interior of the packlands with the interior where he happened to be when he heard the roar coming from the borders. It was not exactly music to his ears since he would have to move quickly to get there but it was one of his responsibilities which meant he needed to go and well after the issue with the feline in the war and what he'd heard about the resident feline might be better for the summoner at the border if he was the one to greet him as anyone else might be considerably less than pleased about a cat being on their doorstep. He moved quickly hoping he would arrive before another sentry but when the guest at the border came into view he immediately began regretting his hurry to get here and briefly wished that he wasn't the first to arrive because what he was greeted with was something that looked strange and rather bizarre. It had the body of a big cat but the face looked to him like something that wouldn't even be found in ones worse nightmare. It was only when it waved and spoke that he started and realized he'd been standing there staring at it and might well have offended it which as he was not only a Sentry but a Page meant he would have to rectify his lapse in decorum.

He gave himself a mental shake and closed the remaining distance between them and recalling the somewhat hesitant manner the arrival had spoken in and noticing the seemingly nervous posture opted to sit as well to try and help ease the guests fears. "Greetings traveler, my apologies but I have never seen one such as yourself before". He stated with an apologetic dip of the head opting to go with traveler as the addressment as he knew neither the strangers name nor purpose for being here and while acceptance was perhaps the most likely reason it was not the only reason and he didn't wish to take a chance of perhaps further offending him. With the apology made though it was time to move on to his more guardianship involved duties."I am Aeolus, a Sentry. Might I inquire who you are and what business you have with Inaria?". Of course despite his phrasing of the questions to sound optional it was merely done to try and be polite as was required of one of Inaria's Pages since no one could be allowed to simply walk across the border without answering questions at least not by him especially when he wasn't entirely sure of what it was he was dealing with.

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Re: (Hol' up lil' bitch) be humble [acceptance]
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2017, 10:49:04 PM »
Sure, Greg could claim restlessness drove him from their home in the wilds. Some noble purpose forcing him to move on and leave the quiet peace they found in anonymity. The real reason why they left was a bitter pill to swallow, and still sent shivers down her spine as they wandered. Their quiet abode was invaded. As they settled for the night, the intruder scuttled in and struck without mercy. Its beady eyes gleamed with wicked thoughts, and the myriad of legs had sent her springing for Greg's shoulders; perching on them, clinging with all of her might and sinking every claw into his shoulders for better purchase. Forget the gear, the supplies, her hard worked shirt that she sported even now.

"SPIDER!" She shrieked. "KILL IT, KILL IT, KILL IT!"

Of course the spider disappeared.


"He's a spider with a life! He's got things to do!!"


...They had no choice but to flee.

That was roughly a month ago, and while Greg anxiously waited along the border? Dorothy hung even further back, her blue eyes flickering over the new landscape. It smelled fragrant, but it also reeked of dog. Anything with big teeth made her nervous due to her slender throat being so exposed, and to seek entry where they ruled the roost? It made her want to run. Or climb. Maybe both, considering how many trees were here. She worried her lower lip as she slowly came beside Greg, her wings fluttering along her shoulders. A nervous tic, her ears swiveled to and fro as she unconsciously rested one hand on top of his; seeking him out for some courage, because she currently held none in reserve to draw from.

Bushes rustled, and a dog showed up.

"Um, hey!"

Dorothy went completely still. It was a dog, with a face, and a mouth that undoubtedly had teeth. Very large, sharp teeth. He gawked at them, but to the sphinx she could only see another predator sizing her up. Seeing her weakness. Figuring out how quickly he could snap her pretty neck. Panicking, she shoved her clawed hand in the small satchel she carried and grabbed a handful of jerky. "Here! We have snacks!" She chucked the dried buffalo at Aeolus, not noticing if it hit him or simply landed near his feet. "I can make more! Lots of snacks for all the do- people! Here! Snack people!" She babbled, fur ridged and ears pinned back. Honestly frightened, and realizing she could be making them look horrible? (This is why they weren't ready to lead. This is why Greg's dream failed. It was all her, with her yellow belly and stupid runaway mouth.) She consciously squeezed the manticore's hand, and then tucked closer to his side; peering around him now, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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Re: (Hol' up lil' bitch) be humble [acceptance]
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2017, 09:24:24 PM »
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