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Conceal, don't feel [Ori]
« on: June 06, 2017, 04:58:40 PM »
The pup was out and about today, departing from where his siblings sat around playing with each other. His ears caught the sounds of them calling to him, asking him to come join them. Not today though, not today. Skylar cheerily tells them he has something to do, skirts around the topic and trots off with a happy grin and many kisses. Once he was out of their sight thought, his ears drooped and his steps lost their pep a good bit. Instead he was just wandering around the fields, avoiding contact with most others.

He already missed his Uncle-Dad-Sitter.

Ever since watching him run off through the wall and across the borders, he had wondered where Hyperion had gone. What he was up to now. Even though they didn't talk all the time, he was always around. Always there when he needed him, when he wanted to learn something 'cool' and 'new'. They had talked a lot, and the older male had made an impression on Skylar. To have him suddenly leave like that left him feeling weird and confused. Was this what Momma felt when Daddy suddenly wasn't there? It wasn't nearly the same thing, but he didn't know any better. He was new to all of this.

Skylar continued on to the faerie pools, and laid on his belly by one of them. He didn't even feel like swimming today. Laying his head on his paws, he poked at a small rock nearby, remembering when Genim had asked him to get one for him. It made him smile to remember, and even more to think of Azalea comforting him when he was crying in the grass after Hyperion. She really had made him feel better. Shifting his focus again to the pond, he stuck his paw in the water and left it there, feeling the cool water rush around his paw and make room for it. Gently he poked a floating flower, pushing it softly to watch it float off again.

Sounds of another approaching made him lift his head and look around. Was someone coming for him? Almost immediately his tail began to wag, wanting to dispel any signs of being upset. "Hi!!" he chirped, mustering the energy somehow to still sound cheery to the other. "Wanna join being at the pool?" Others often came by the pool set, so it wasn't surprising to find someone else here. He sat up and scooted over, despite there being a lot of room around the pools.

"M'name's Skylar~"

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Re: Conceal, don't feel [Ori]
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2017, 10:36:48 PM »
He wasn't sure how long he had waited.  Hours, days, he wasn't really keeping track of the sunsets and sunrises, but the steady pain in his stomach told him he needed to eat something.  He didn't want to move, he had laid there waiting for any sign of Hyperion's return, and he wanted to stay, he wanted to be the first to welcome his brother home.

But something told him, it wasn't going to be anytime soon. (If at all, but Ori always hoped for the best!)

So it was on wobbly legs, Ori stood.  He glanced to the horizon one last time, maybe trying to catch a glimpse, a small glimmer of hope of the purple knight returning home-  But there was no one there.  His ears drooped, and his tail sagged as he turned away from the border.  Turning his head over his shoulder as he took few steps, never giving up hope that just maybe Hyperion would be back already. 

But it was with a sigh that the ghostly boy turned back towards the center of Gemini, his mind whirling with questions, about why Hyperion left, why Tauro had to go- where was Kariya, and why all this was happening.  He knew that people left, his parents had left, Naru had left, Tauro was no different-  but they had all left by mans other then their own, why would you leave the people that loved you willingly?  He didn't understand it, but he would love them anyway, as he always did.  He would love Kariya when he returned, and he would love Hyperion when he came back too.

It's what he knew to do best.  He may not be brave, or knightly, or courageous, or made of starlight, but he was a loving, caring, forgiving boy, and he always would be. 

In his wandering thoughts, Ori found himself wandering near the fairy pools, he had always enjoyed these pools, and the cool, somewhat healing (mostly spiritual) properties they offered.  Perhaps it was a good thing he'd wandered down here, he could mull over his thoughts while enjoying the cool air and the-

"Hi!! Wanna join being at the pool? M'name's Skylar~"

The sudden voice, that he hadn't been expecting, caused the ghostly wolf to jump, his feet slipping from under him on the moss, and he fell right into the pools.  He was under for a moment, and when he came up for air, his face and head dripping with water, his gaze settled on.. Tauro?  No..  He blinked the water from his eyes, Skylar he said his name was. Not Tauro, though he looked a lot like him..  Oh.  Suddenly Ori wanted to submerge himself back under the water, this was Tauros son.  It had to be.  Ori forced a smile, as he paddled over to the ledge and pulled himself out of the water.  He didn't want to shake and get Skylar wet, so he stood at the water's edge, dripping.  "I d- don't really think I have a choice now d- do I?" Ori asked, a small, warmer smile crept onto his face.  "It's n-nice to meet you Skylar, I'm Ori."  Ori said, as he leaned back on his haunches with a SPLAT,  he sat in the forming puddle underneath him.