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It was not her responsibility to be a guiding beacon Alteron’s youth, but there she was, gentle smiles and gleaming gaze. With a snap of her jaws the duchess cooed— “Come, come, come to me~!” In sing-song tone with a twitch of her tail—or lack thereof.

“It’s time for fun. Adventure. Discovery.” Her words are as mysterious as her person, her tone swaddled in southern comfort. Let them trust her, she’s no monster. Let them follow, she’ll teach them properly. As Mother would want.

“We’ll enhance our senses. We’ll explore the darkness. There is no terror, no fear. We’ll raid the unknown lands—“ Created by the earthquake, “And bring back our slaves, unworthy to be our equals but eager to serve our bloodlines.”

They would find ‘friends’, just as Lynx told her they should, but a friend is only useful… if it can be controlled.

With a small glass lantern secured on vine rope about her neck—the bite of the thorns ignored against the thick pelt of her neck—she’ll lead them from the dead clearing before the rosebush garden and toward the unknowns of running water.

“So cute, you all are, like raindrops on roses.”

Familiar Quest
We want to utilize the resources the dying forest has to offer-
Through the trees they’ll venture together, following the glittering emeralds that wind up and away from the smell of man to a place where the canopy is so thick you can’t tell what time of day it is. In the darkness with nothing but each other and the companions that choose them, they’ll create and strengthen bonds that will last a lifetime. They’ll sow the seeds needed to become a force of nature- together.
Disappointed you couldn’t participate in the Raids or wish you could have gone to Inaria’s Puppy Gathering? It’s all right new Alteron babies, now it’s your turn! Headmaster Lynx and girlfriend friend, Koko, will lead the kiddos on a special journey of self-discovery as they follow its bisecting river and venture the backwoods of Alteron where no light comes through the canopy. Each group will have its own thread.

There is no posting order; however, if you play any of these children, you are required to post. I'm not asking for beautifully, handcrafted masterpieces! Bullet points or even one liners will suffice! For example: Maera bares her fangs at Lynx, but notices the Headmaster looking, and nods obediantly, "O-okay, I'm ready," and so she goes.

Our friendly, local Narrator will be accompanying us on this journey, and it is not necessary to wait for him, so please interact in between their posts! It is encouraged to get to know your group better while we wait for Lynx or Koko to decide which direction to head in.

For reference, this is occurring DURING THE EARTHQUAKE PLOT. Have fun, make up a rumble or two!

This thread is for Sikre, Maera, Eidith, Abraxas, Noctis, and Sayid.

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Re: bright copper kettles (PUPPY QUEST | MANDATORY)
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'It's time for fun.' claims a wicked little deer, one with pretty pinks and whites and freckled spots that Maera so adored, and hated. She is seperated from her sister, lopped in with Sikre and some other fools, but the former is someone she felt on prickly pine needles around. Instead of staying with the other children, the little snow covered girl hustled towards Koko, head high like she is some sort of glorified line leader.

"Coming, Auntie!"

Yes, what fun they will all have. She hopes, with a hum, there is a pit she can shove all the other ducklings into on the way.
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Re: bright copper kettles (PUPPY QUEST | MANDATORY)
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She bounced in carrying a stick too big for her body, a winding trail in the mud behind her from where an end dragged along the ground. An adventure, an adventure! It had been a while since her mother had been willing to let her leave the den, the mint child apparently prone to getting herself into situations like kidnappings by giant dinosaur birds or just lost from wandering off, so the young girl was beyond excited to finally get to do something fun (even if Atlas wasn't too keen). She had even brought her trusty stick friend, she was so ready! But her giggling, happy demeanor was short-lived as the sight of a particular sister made her steps falter as panic flared in her chest. She didn't know what she had done to the girl... Affectionate kisses to the cheek had been met with snapping teeth trying to draw blood, and invitations to play had been answered with her careful pile of sticks stomped to splinters and more snapping teeth.

It was all too easy to see that her usual confidence had developed a chip from Maera's opportunistic bullying.

But she did not let it deter her for much longer, not with all the anxious energy the baby had bubbling just under her skin. "H-Hello!!" she chirped at their guide around the mouthful of stick as she weaved between those spotted legs with excited little whimpers, absolutely a tripping hazard as she picked a leg to lean against to plop down and scratch at a dark ear. She'd continue smiling and whining and babbling, even if Schokolade kicked her away. "I like raindrops!!!!! They're my favorite kind of rain!!!!!!!

I was angry with my friend;
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.

And I waterd it in fears,
Night & morning with my tears:
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night.
Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine,
And he knew that it was mine.

And into my garden stole,
When the night had veild the pole;
In the morning glad I see;
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

|Roleplayed by Kookamunga|

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Ah, the ever so clever boy followed the bread crumbs, picking them up as he ventured forth. They lead to a lady dressed in fawn's clothing, but there was a beast under that skin, he could almost taste it. Still, he smirked and bounded toward the two girls. "Hey, ladies~" he said, puffing his chest out as if to look impressive. Violet eyes then turned to the fawn leader, wagging his tail behind him with little notice. The roses were grand, something he took for granted. He loved adventure though, smiling against the odds.

He would follow her into the dark.

Played by Gothy

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“It’s time for fun. Adventure. Discovery.”

Edie could think of a billion things that she could be doing right now. Sleeping, eating, looking at her reflection in one of Alteron's many watering holes, maybe even watching grass grow. Anything that was better than this, anything was better than watching Noctis trying to hit on their fellow adventurers. "I don't know why you do that with your chest, Noctis," Edie sneered. "You just look fat."

Her day simply wasn't complete without dragging down her brother in some way.

“We’ll enhance our senses. We’ll explore the darkness. There is no terror, no fear. We’ll raid the unknown lands— And bring back our slaves, unworthy to be our equals but eager to serve our bloodlines.”

She could only roll her eyes as Schokolade droned on. There wasn't anything she had just said that made her argument anymore interesting or made the sales pitch any less of sales pitch. She wondered if she could grab a snack before they ventured off blindly into parts unknown. No? Oh, well, she'd try and catch something on the way. The chances of her going all day without food were just about as fatter as Noctis himself.

“So cute, you all are, like raindrops on roses.”

It was about time somebody had complimented her appearance. Although Edie did not like the idea of going on an adventure, she felt slightly more confident venturing after their guide now that she had admitted how adorable they all were. Flies were more liable to go to honey than vinegar after all.
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She sang to them, and reluctantly, he went to her. 

It was not that he wanted to, but he knew he had to, it was the way of Alteron.  He was not as jovial and giddy as his sibling counterparts, he was not excited to make this journey, he knew it was vital to his upbringing, and that was the only reason he agreed. 

“It’s time for fun. Adventure. Discovery.”

The first words out of her mouth held very little, to absolutely no interest to Abraxas- in fact they were rather boring and lacked enthusiasm in his eyes.  However, the second sentence caused the interest level in Abraxas to shift, only slightly. 

“We’ll enhance our senses. We’ll explore the darkness. There is no terror, no fear. We’ll raid the unknown lands— And bring back our slaves, unworthy to be our equals but eager to serve our bloodlines.”

He supposed he could make the best of this trip, capturing and enslaving those lesser then himself, weaker then himself, less-  important, then himself.  Granted there were some here already who fit that description-  all but a few actually..  He had been ready to engage in this, as she had called it, adventure, until she continued to call them all raindrops on roses-  and called them cute.

Abraxas was anything but cute- his siblings would attest to this fact.  He was not caring, not sentimental, not friendly-  he was the furthest thing away form the definition of cute

A thousand years I've roamed the plains

And waved the hand of doom

I've seen the tears that fall like rain

From the waste and all that ruin

A shadow's cast from me to you

A time to claim All that's mine,
My wrath is blind

The balance is where you hang

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Hey guys! I'll delete this later, but for now just a note because there was some confusion <3 These threads are supposed to just keep moving, the posts only 2-3 sentences long really, so it's like the kids can all have conversations with each other as they trek through the forest and The Narrator will jump in and give a pup an animal friend in a random order. From there once gifted a Familiar, you can either leave the thread or continue posting in it you are good! We just need these threads to keep moving choo choo