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alteron chat guidelines
« on: June 01, 2017, 02:12:23 PM »
Join Alteron's Discord!

I figured we are large enough to need one of these posts to make sure that everyone is on the same page and having a good time haha also a big thank you to Gemini for letting us borrow some of their rules!

General Information and Reporting Issues
  • Please read and follow the general Forum Rules and Guidelines.
  • Chat is moderated by Kookamunga, Oni, Blondie, and Eve.
  • Yes, Alteron chat tends to be slightly more rowdy/adult than many of the other chats. No, that does not mean you have to let it make you uncomfortable. Please if something someone says bothers you please speak up or privately come to one of us listed above with Skype logs of the event and we will handle it.
  • Some situations that you as members report to us, the Alteron chat moderators, can be labeled as "emergency" (a.k.a. harassment of all kinds, dogpiling, etc.) and with proper logs/screenshots it will be turned over to the forum moderators for immediate action.
  • If you need to leave chat for any reason, that's all right! Duck out and when you are ready to come back just shoot one of us or someone you know is in the chat a message and we will let you back in. There will be no hurt feelings, everyone needs a break sometimes.

Common Courtesy
  • Respect any request from anyone to tone it down, even if it's not from an Alteron chat moderator.
  • Label your NSFW posts with an initial warning, whether it's a link or something explicit that's written out. Don't be explicit about human genitalia or animal genitalia or animal sex and please don't post pornography videos.
  • Don't post gross videos please. This includes things like screamer videos, gore, vomiting, parasites, and even crap like popping pimples yes I will slap you through this computer screen after i recover u filthy animal
  • Ask us before adding people unrelated to Alteron (though it's all right tbh we're all friends here) and definitely do not add people who are not from the forum.
  • If asking for plots try to keep them related to Alteron, but it's all right if you forget every once in a while everyone talks about everything here tbh
  • This might be unpopular but I've had complaints about it tbh. Try to keep posts about personal commissions/design sales to only twice a week at the maximum.
  • Don't spam chat for the love of wolfjesus
  • Don't be an asshole and respect your Alteron fam.
  • I swear we're a lot nicer than this list makes us out to be lol come join us!
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