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‘You won’t tell, will you?’ he may have fretted in his younger years. ‘It was just an accident, honest!’

But there were no accidents in Saboro. There were only things that happened and the consequences that followed. Luckily for Cantil, this incident didn’t call for the authorities to get involved. It was simply an unfortunate mishap with a slave that no one would miss or remember later; and that’s what he told himself as he dragged the body across the first ring. It was just an unfortunate mishap.

If at any point during this ‘move’ Bane arrived and showed interest or concern for his son, Cantil would simply respond, “I’m only fulfilling their last wish.” The wish to be free, to be outside of Saboro—and though he’d willfully neglected the ‘alive’ part, surely the slave’s spirit could rest easy knowing that Cantil kept his promises.

After propping up the corpse like a doll on display, he’d turn to his father with cryptic orange upon the man’s cherry red. “What do you want?” He asked, sounding almost normal—almost like he was Cantil again—but the twinkle in his eyes as he licked the blood from his paws suggested that things weren’t quite the way they’d been once before.

The way they’d never be again.
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Re: we do unbeautiful things in beautiful places [prp Bane; RI]
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A recognizable scent pulled his attention away from the beginnings of a hunt. The duiker Bane was stalking spun its neck around when the wolf’s body stood up tall, it's bug-eyes somehow growing that much bigger upon realizing that a predator had been there stalking them all along. Bane paid no mind to the small antelope as it scurried across the leaf litter to safety...or into another creature's awaiting jaws.

The Wing would eat later. For now, there was a much more pressing matter to check on.

He’d gotten glimpses of them since the eruption, some of his children more so than others, but he at least knew of the ones that were still around, and the ones that weren’t. Bane also knew that each took the absence of one parent and the attempted abandonment of another in their own way. Some were easier to read than the rest. Addy didn’t want to talk about it and would change the subject almost as soon as it was brought up. Gotham shared her Father’s ability to shed the dead weight and moved on with her life without wasting any more of her thoughts on the pair. In fact, each of his girls, besides Cult, seemed more than capable of pressing on in spite of the betrayal. It was the two boys that Bane wondered about, for he knew of the close bond that both had shared with their Mother.   

Owl was less of a concern. That son was always independent and self-sufficient in a way that Bane drew pride from. Worry was further from his mind when he thought of that pup compared to the other, not to say that he didn’t have a high opinion of Cantil as well. It is perhaps because of that very opinion, in fact, that Bane saw fit to give them their space. They could work through it. Though, that didn’t mean that he shouldn’t check in from time to time, whether they came to him first or not.

Arriving just after the ill-fated drudge succumbs to whatever his son inflicted on them, Bane spoke, only just interrupting the younger male’s morbid activity. “Hey. What’s all this then, boy?” The Right Wing was more curious than anything. Certainly not at all perturbed or even disturbed by the loss of life, or the way that Cantil was treating the heavy corpse.  “I’m only fulfilling their last wish.” Was the vague answer that Bane received, and while it did answer his question (he was smart enough to put two and two together) it didn’t appear to be the reply he was quite looking for.

“I see,” He hummed. Watching the body fly a few inches off the ground before it rag-dolled its way along the outskirts of their pack. The expression of the dead was still very telling. A look of horror and shock now frozen upon the deceased’s face until the vultures and bugs proceeded to break the flesh down. “But what did they do to earn them your generosity?” The slave was a lucky man to have gotten past the border at all. Plenty of wolves would die for the chance.

Bane accepted whatever answer was supplied, tail flicking behind him as he kept his eyes fixed upon the child who now faced him. “What do you want?” Cantil asked. The difference in their voice was a detail which the Father did not miss, even if he could not place what it was. He had his guesses.

“To know how you’ve been holding up, Son.” Though he’d given his child room, Bane wasn’t blind. “Do you miss her?”

ooc: I know this has been a long time coming and you're currently dealing with some rl stuff Kiri. I'm not sure if you want to go through with this plot still, but if you're still up to it at any point I just want to let you know that I'm still down for it as well <3

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