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Hypodermic (Rae)
« on: May 16, 2017, 07:38:04 PM »
She was  a brave girl, and a good girl. But perhaps she was stupid, being so young and attempting something the way she was.  The strange creature had hissed at her. Made some kind of a strange noise, and puffed out.

She wouldn’t stand for that.

Usually she left wild animals alone, at least if they weren’t prey.  This one though, had instigated her. She narrows her eyes. She barks at it. It seems puffier. It ad offended her though, and her father had told her not to let others push her around.  She wasn’t going to. Rushing forward, she was faster than it.

Her jaw opens, her sharp puppy teeth have saliva pulled between them. Down come her jaws. But her teeth do not click into flesh, instead sharp long sticks push into her mouth, her nose, her entire snout. She yowls out in pain, she jumps back.   This creature had attacked her back. She felt madder, rushing forward again.

Brave and stupid, this time she thinks, she wouldn’t use her mouth. She barrels into the creature, trying to knock it over. She barks more, puppy noises. This wasn’t a playing match anymore, this was war. She wasn’t expecting though, to get an entire side full of quills. She doesn’t have time to react before the Porcupine scurries up a tree, retreating before she can.

Leaving her without adrenaline.

Leaving her with the aftermath of her decision. She uses a paw, trying to pry to spikes from her face, snapping off a few, One above her eye dripping blood, making her blink. Was this it. Was it her death already— Slain by a foe with weapons on its SKIN.

No of course not. She whimpers though, ashamed, in pain and embarrassed.  She couldn’t go home like this. It would disappoint her family. So she continues to paw at them awkwardly. Wolf hands unable to get a good enough grip, her stupid quadruped forum not giving her enough reach.
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