Author Topic: expand birb ((totally an open rp)) (((hayley made me do it)))  (Read 454 times)

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mod sunblink roosted in one of nardir's trees. "ah," said sunblink. "this is a good place to build a nest." she nodded to herself, and then began arranging her extensive collection of teas and stuffed animals, which she had brought with her in a bird-sized suitcase, into a suitable shape for nesting. like, a hammock, or something.
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Re: expand birb ((totally an open rp)) (((hayley made me do it)))
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expand birb? more like expand BEES.

kestrel's honey supply was getting low and since her swarm of BEES was finally coming back after winter she was like "hey lets take them for a nice stroll around the block." and spent approximately 4 hours putting all of their custom made leashes and harnesses on the BEES (because safety is key) but guess what, it didnt mean crap, because she probably got distracted by a flower and they, the BEES, all took off and SWARMED IN SUNBLINKS DIRECTION.

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Drop down from the ledges, hand over defenses-
I'm longing to see you through white picket fences.

If God kept his promise, I'd tiptoe through tulips,
gather your moss again.
Jump over your hedges, stand under your branches.
We're coming up roses. Coming up roses, indeed.

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