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My own adventure ((Acceptance))
« on: July 05, 2017, 01:14:02 AM »
She felt like a cub again with this new found freedom of hers. Kesa had never been far from her family before and she had never even considered leaving them to find a pride. Her parents had told her about their old pride, both the good and bad things. They had chosen to live a life of solitude, away from others and with rules of their own, Kesa had her own plans in mind. She loved the sound of the structure that prides seemed to have. One day, Kesa sat down with her parents and shared her plan with them. Although sad at seeing their daughter leave, they supported her idea and even told her the names of the surrounding prides and where to find them. One name stuck out, Stoneclaw.

The walk had taken a few days but eventually she came along a land blackened by the orange creature she hated so. Kesa did not see fire often but the few times she had come across it made her feel unsure, uneasy. Was this Stoneclaw? Hesitantly she carried on forwards. The land ahead started to clear from the ash and came across as more inviting. Her nose picked up the scent of other big cats. This must be what her parents referred to as the border.

Rule 1: Do not cross over unless invited.

Rule 2: Wait patiently for a patrol to find her.

These were the rules her parents set out for her before leaving. With her heart thudding in her chest, Kesa sat down. Should she wait silently? Should she call out? Kesa took a deep breath and called out,

“Hello! My name is Kesa and I come seeking acceptance into your pride and lands!” How she hoped that was not the inappropriate thing to do. Nothing more to do but find out if anyone had heard her.   
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Re: My own adventure ((Acceptance))
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2017, 12:27:44 AM »
The burns he suffered from the fire kept him from doing the patrol rounds that he was used to, but still Afua couldn't stay off the border. Kafele worried that it wasn't safe. But here he was anyway. The walk was hard for him, and when he found a tree he had laid under it to rest. The laziness of it tore at his heart and his sanity. All his adult life he had been a lion of action, patrolling the borders and attempting to keep his pride safe despite numerous calamities.

In the end his one success was Kafele. He'd lost many others but his baby brother was alive and grown and strong. For that he was grateful.

His breath drew heavy, he stretched out full length on his side. The pain never relented. Some days when he took his medicine it wasn't as bad, but days like this where he vanished out to no where his healer couldn't find him and the tight burn wounds plagued him. Though they were healed they had done damage that would never repair it's self. He was the crippled, useless king. King in name only, and the title stung like a bull whips lash.

His attempt to find rest was disturbed by a roar at the border. His head came up first, with a grimace he forced himself to his feet and slowly made his way to the source. It wasn't his job anymore. He didn't need to do this. Except for himself.

When he saw the young saber he nodded for her to come closer.

He kept his expression stern, refusing to display his weakness and show that he was in pain.

"Good Afternoon."

He looked her over carefully. If she did have bad intentions all he could do was call for help. He would be pathetic in a fight. She didn't need to know that however. Afua held himself as if he was still his old self.

"Why are you here?"

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Re: My own adventure ((Acceptance))
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2017, 12:35:31 PM »
Kesa was starting to second guess herself. She felt as though the right decision would be to turn around and go back to her familiar life with her family. Had it not been for the figure appearing in the distance she would have turned and left. Her heart thudded harder and harder the closer the creature came. It had been a while since Kesa had seen a lion. They were not common around the lands her family resided in but every now and again she would catch one walking by, amazed by their manes and lack thereof from the females.

This lion came fully into view and gave her a nod. What did it mean? Did he want her to come forward? Was it a greeting? Her eyes went wide with uncertainty. Well she needed to pick at least one think that she thought it meant, she walked closer. Her steps were slow as she felt the gaze of the lion upon her. He made her nervous.

"Good Afternoon. Why are you here?"

“Good Afternoon sir,” she took a breath before continuing, “I come to your lands in hopes of acceptance into the pride, Stoneclaw.”

Should she add something else? Should she wait to be asked? It was now she wished she could call upon her parents for their guidance, they would know what to do.

“I might not be the strongest but I believe that what I lack in strength I make up for in my speed and stamina.” She gulped, her eyes had caught his scars, was that what battle did to a feline? Would she one day also find herself in a story that ended only in wounds and scars? It made her respect him. She cast her eyes to the ground, not wishing to be caught staring.
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Re: My own adventure ((Acceptance))
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2017, 07:24:59 PM »

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