Author Topic: are you eating turkey chili off a frisbee? (RETURN)  (Read 934 times)

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are you eating turkey chili off a frisbee? (RETURN)
« on: May 03, 2017, 06:06:07 PM »
It was supposed to be a simple trip, though the goal of it escapes him completely. He was meant to be gone for only a short time, back before anyone got worried. He was meant to be back healthy, full of energy and only a little tired. Maybe Nardir had made him too soft, because Saelac forgot that not everything went according to plan, and that expectations were just that. Reality was sometimes far, far worse than any plan could have predicted.

So now he was crawling back, almost literally. He did not know how long its been, maybe it was weeks, maybe it was months, maybe it was years. It all meshed together with the running, the being captured, the abuse. Humans, packs, and lonesome running in random directions hoping for a chance to sit down and figure something out, to breath, to find his family. Almost every time he slowed down, another devil was there to swallow him up. Until he ran far enough to finally squint up at the stars and figure something out.

If he was going to die - And boy, did he feel like he was going to die - He wanted to do it near family. Near land he could call home, near friends he could trust and remember him, to dig him a grave less shallow than a desert would. So imagine his delight when he finally smelled something familiar, saw something that reminded him of better days. His heart beat a little faster, and he limped on.

Eventually, he let his body do what it had wanted to do for the last week, and collapsed right upon the border, all messy and dirty fur and blood shot eyes. He wheezed, feeling satisfied to just let it all go and die right there. But he was nothing if not an overachiever, and let out a few wheezes before it turned into a howl. A pained, exhausted, broken howl, but a call nonetheless. If anyone was to arrive, he at least gave them the respect of keeping his head up.

With half lidded eyes, he tracked for anyone to arrive. Maybe it has been so long no one would remember him, maybe his own family forgot him. Maybe this was no longer Nardir. Thoughts of paranoia raced until someone finally showed up, in the distance. His muscles relaxed, letting his jaw droop down in a slow pant.

"Hey, sweetheart." he croaked to whoever showed up, a crooked and exhausted grin pulled on his dirty muzzle.

"I'm back. I think."

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Re: are you eating turkey chili off a frisbee? (RETURN)
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2017, 07:44:57 PM »
places a gentle kiss on his snoot!!!

(i'll bring Sansa in here asap)

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Re: are you eating turkey chili off a frisbee? (RETURN)
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2017, 02:11:56 PM »
After spending so long in seclusion, leaving the den to explore Nardir was once again becoming a part of Deidra's daily routine. The regular excursions made her realize everything she had willfully ignored in the throes of her illness. With the symptoms gone, she was able to breathe in the springtime air without choking on the heady clouds of pollen aggravating her lungs. (Though she still hated the density of the spring-borne allergens - now it was a mild annoyance rather than a sign of impending death.)

Hell, she was so happy to be out and about that not even the bees congregating in the flowers troubled her, though she gave the meadows a wide berth. No matter how happy she was, she wasn't going to eff with bees.

Deidra was trotting down a forest trail when she heard a faraway howl, a more pained and ragged tune than the average border acceptance. Her ears pricked. Even behind the peculiar anguished quality, something about that call resonated with her, and it was not simply because this unknown stranger's apparent predicament appealed to her better nature. No, she recognized this howl. She had heard it before, calling from the --

-- the old Reporters' headquarters.

"OH MY GOD!" Deidra yelled, shrieking so loudly that every bee in the vicinity quickly evacuated the premises.

She was off like a bolt of lightning for the borders, eagerly tapping into her newly-healed lungs. By the time she reached the borders, she had lost some of her momentum, and was propelled along by sheer enthusiasm alone, but when she saw Saelac-- well, she barely recognized him! He looked terrible, quite frankly. Deidra skidded to a stop, wailing her ecstatic greeting at the top of her lungs: "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSS!"

Fortunately, though Deidra couldn't control her volume, she still maintained enough restraint to observe that Saelac could not survive a full-body tackle, and instead of lunging at him full force, began hurriedly dancing around him in circles. "SAELAC, YER ALIVE!" She exclaimed in sheer delight, bounding over to give him a cheerful lick to his exhausted face. "Where the heck've ya bee--wait! Wait, crap, no time for that!"

Deidra leaned away from Saelac to examine his condition, and was taken aback by his state. He needed to see a doctor, pronto! Deidra wasn't authorized to escort people over the borders, but this was clearly an emergency, and she wasn't going to let Saelac keel over while she stood there with her thumbs up her ass.

"C'mon, let's get ya to a doctor! God, ya missed out on so much. There was a plague and we had a war and Puffin's in charge with Alana now, and Julek, he's back too, he's gonna be so happy ta see ya so long as ya don't DIE 'fore we get ya there--" Deidra yammered on and on in a rapid-fire stream of borderline incoherent information as she did her best to spur the former Anchor into the pack, but with her inferior size and weight, the chances of her dragging Saelac to safety by herself were abysmal. Realizing that she needed reinforcements, she issued a series of harsh barks into the air, summoning any assistance to her side.

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Re: are you eating turkey chili off a frisbee? (RETURN)
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2017, 10:45:40 AM »
He smiled as the wind picked up and ruffled his fur, blowing it every which way. He was still a little sad that he had missed out on a lovely winter because of his illness, but he was still always glad to see the rains of early spring depart and leave room for beautiful weather. He did alright in the heat of summer-- his double coat and black fur made it a little rough, but Nardir had an abundance of shade and water holes, so he never was in danger of overheating. And it was much less buggy and humid than their old swamplands, so that was definitely a plus. Indeed, Nardir's forested mountain valley was a sort of paradise, and even after the hard winter, he had never been happier to call this place home. And after Julek and the search parties had returned, his family was nearly whole again.

His ears pricked at the sound of a howl from the border, followed closely by a shriek of "OH MY GOD!" Puffin cocked his head to the side, taking a minute to match voices to names. Saelac and Deidra? With a jolt of urgency, the dog rocketed from his perch and towards the source of the howl. Saelac had been gone awhile, and from the sound of his voice he wasn't in good shape. And Deidra sounded downright panicked, so that also wasn't a good sign. Should he call for backup? Scramble the Mantle? No, not yet; better to see the situation for himself before scaring everyone unnecessarily.

He booked it for the border, a blur of black and orange, reaching speeds he hadn't gone since before his sickness. Except for the urgency in his chest, it was just like flushing deer with Kotek and Koen, dodging trees and flying over brambles. Small wildlife, startled by his rush, scurried into burrows and up trees at his presence, but he paid them no mind. He was nearly there, and he knew these woods. As he approached the general area the initial howl had come from, he did the rest of his tracking by the sound of Deidra's voice.

"C'mon, let's get ya to a doctor! God, ya missed out on so much. There was a plague and we had a war and Puffin's in charge with Alana now, and Julek, he's back too, he's gonna be so happy ta see ya so long as ya don't DIE 'fore we get ya there--"

Puffin appeared just as she started barking a summons for help. "I'm here! I'm here, is he-- oh," Puffin panted, coming closer to get a good look at the former Anchor. Saelac looked tired and weathered, possibly also suffering from malnutrition, but he didn't think it was anything some rest and food and medical attention couldn't fix. "Saelac, you look terrible. But don't worry! We'll get you to the Hospital and then the Halos can have a look at you. It's going to be fine. It's so good to see you again!" He looked at Deidra, wondering how the two of them were going to carry the huge Bacchus. She was even smaller than Puffin was! If he just had a sled he was sure they could easily drag him, but short of that, it sort of looked like Saelac was going to have to walk, unless more people arrived. But Saelac's howl and Deidra's string of barks should be enough of a summons; he didn't have to raise his maw too. "Saelac, do you think you can walk a little further, if you can lean on us as you go?"

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Re: are you eating turkey chili off a frisbee? (RETURN)
« Reply #4 on: June 13, 2017, 11:31:09 AM »

Barks. There were barks..lots of them and they had that need sound to them that she recognized from her previous home. What was needed though she didn't know but even in the Greater North if someone called for help you went regardless of what rank you held..unless the rank was that of a pup in which case it was expected pups to stay clear of anything that could be trouble. It was something she'd tried to do but hadn't always succeeded at but now it didn't matter since she had stopped growing at least as far as she could tell which meant she was grown up and grown-ups went to help. Of course she already helped Buckshot with the prey and food stores she'd started working on building in the ice caves but with potential trouble her normal task would be put on hold until she found out what was going on and so began racing towards the barky barking sounds which..she realized were coming from the borders. Oh. Well that was..not what she had expected. Borders were complicated things unless there was an attack but even then there were guards that tended to deal with that kind of thing.

At least that was how it had worked in the Greater North until the bears came and then anyone that could do anything with bears helped to get the mean things away from the borders. She hoped that wasn't the case here. She didn't like those meanie bears and their mean meaniness. If it was bear thing though wouldn't guards have been called? Wouldn't it be..louder? Of course then she remembered that sound was weird here with all the tree things that were around so maybe there was sound and it was just un-hearable sound. Yep. That had to be it. It was the un-hearable sounds fault but she wouldn't let it stop her from going and stopping bears so she continued her race to the borders and..promptly skidded to a stop because..there were no bears.

"Did the bear leave already?". She asked looking around for any sign of one but all she saw was a big wolf, which..also looked kinda like Sansa laying on the ground and not looking very well. Had he chased the actually non-existent bear off by himself? "Did the bear do that?". She asked walking over closer to Saelac. "Bears are mean and they hurt..You'll need a healer". She looked at Puffin and the unknown Deidra and wondered what they were waiting for..couldn't they get him in? Hm..maybe not by themselves..but she could help. "We can get you to one". Yes they could and with that she glanced back to Puffin and Deidra before sniffing at Saelac and trying to figure out where to grab him before deciding on the scruff and once she had hold of his scruff if he allowed it she would wait for the other two to grab on, or not, and if not she would begin work on dragging Saelac as carefully as one could be dragged towards..wherever there was a healer at.

((Since Tallulah needs more things to do and since she can physically drag Saelac in if that is the chosen route..))
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Re: are you eating turkey chili off a frisbee? (RETURN)
« Reply #5 on: June 13, 2017, 11:37:28 AM »
throwing kes in here today if it KILLS ME y'all

(i mean if i dont post pls come to my house and kill me)

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Re: are you eating turkey chili off a frisbee? (RETURN)
« Reply #6 on: August 06, 2017, 12:01:26 PM »


The scent hit him like an avalanche and instantly he was on his feet, running in the direction of who-knows-what before his brain could even pick up the context. The howl caught his ears quickly too, closing in the gaps of memory and honing in on the one wolf he knew, just knew it would be.

His brother.

When he arrived, there were already others there. He recognized them - Deidra, his Viceroy Puffin, and a leopard who he hadn't had the pleasure of meeting individually but knew well enough was a member. He was not worried about any of these, sprinting past them to his brother's side, where the larger Bacchus lay in the dirt. "Saelac!" He couldn't help it - his tail flapped like one of the dogs that lived within their pack, like Puffin near him. He'd grown softer here, but damned if he cared. "Vhat happened, brother?" He pressed his nose into his brother's neck, both in an affectionate display and to check for wounds that might be hidden by thick fur. He glanced at the others, checking to see if any of them had any more information, but they were trying to get closer to help the ex-Anchor to his feet and towards the healers. Julek thought quickly and lay down beside his brother, pressing his body to the ground with his legs on either side of his own belly, so that he could stand easily. "Pull heem onto my back, I vill carry heem." If Saelac complained, he would shake his head authoritatively.

He understood that his brother wanted to maintain dignity... but what better way to be dignified than to ride on the king's back? Saelac might have been an inch taller than Julek, but Julek was strong and could carry his brother, especially with the assistance of the others. It was better than being dragged on the ground like a dead deer, after all.

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