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the alpha office [prp]
« on: February 13, 2017, 07:25:07 PM »
She could not escape from her.

Canaan was not the sort of allow a particular interest to slip by. She had plans, ideals, an agenda to follow and a project to complete and the main piece was a woman of peculiar mindset… but loyal. It was that loyalty that Canaan would use, that eagerness to please wrapped within a distrustful chilling shell. Where was her glory? Her reward for obedience? Canaan had not forgotten, she had a great gift to deliver a very faithful judge.

So, Roc had been sent to call for her, and one best believe that when Roc gave the call, a beast should answer.

The ancient bird would have brought Nastasia to a somewhat secluded space. A small nook beside crumbling rock with the sounds of the Great Party yowling beyond them. Their words would be covered, dampened by the howling glare of chaos and their yearly loss of control but she was certain the judge would be able to hear her.

Because, Canaan was calling her to worship.

Come here,” Canaan would rumble, her tone low and gravelly, her foreign accent thick upon her speech and though she’d spoken only two words there was something slow and ominous about their manner.

Quickly, sweet one. I have something to show. ” Something beyond the fallen log that occupied their space, something trembling and shaking on the other side. Something for them, a gift to share.

A soul to take.

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Re: the alpha office [prp]
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2017, 11:39:17 PM »
Months ago, and perhaps Canaan neglected to recall this incident, Nastasia had assisted Canaan in a peculiar test of devotion. Nastasia, along with a few others, aided her in wrangling the corpse of an unknown wolf and dumping it in a sinner's grave. She did not know that wolf; she did not care to know that wolf. She did not trouble herself with the specifics behind its demise. Unnecessary questions led you off the path of the righteous, god-fearing wolf, or so Nastasia told herself. A Rosa had ended its life, and therefore it deserved to die because God had decreed it so. The wolf was disposed of, and Nastasia did not remember anything about it aside from some troubling details -- the sex, the fur color, little marks she pushed out of sight as she tied the blindfold behind her head. Troubling details that were, unfortunately, Nastasia's forte, and that she currently retained.

Nastasia barely remembered her mother. She remembered the look on a stranger's face as he plummeted towards the bonehungry tar pit and was sucked into the earth's gullet.

Gods think in incomprehensible ways, she said to herself. It was her way of waving away the contradictions and little fears. It was the incantation she used to dispel the weighty paranoia that a psychopath was leading her beloved Red Order.

Doubt reared its ugly head again once an abomination assumed the seat of the High Priest. Canaan silenced the condemnation of the crowd. Canaan led them in bleeding out his sin and impurity. Tibet was Nastasia's superior. He walked among them, an Elite, a redeemed pretender, and no heavenly force struck him down. Foetida turned her eyes away, Gigantea seethed, and Chinensis smiled and welcomed him into the fold, in defiance of all that Nastasia had been taught.

All her doubts aside, Nastasia found herself in a strange feeling of acceptance, having nicely transitioned through the more uncomfortable stages of her grieving process. Time, contemplation. and a healthy dose of liquor helped Nastasia digest this series of revelations, and by the time the Great Party had arrived, she regarded Tibet's ascension with nothing more than mild reluctance (and a disgusted wrinkle of the nose she couldn't quite suppress. She'd need to work on that, if he insisted on speaking to her face-to-face). During a lull in the festivities, Canaan came to Nastasia in the form of a messenger, the enormous, brooding avian seating himself before her and beckoning her towards a secluded grove. In a panicked flash, Nastasia wondered if Canaan had infiltrated her very thoughts and discovered her feelings of impropriety -- and squashed that anxiety, letting it settle into static.

Even so far away from the party itself, the air was still thick with the sounds of celebration; raucous roaring and bellowing in the guttural, unintelligible snarls of their primal language whipping on the winds. Despite the inescapable feeling that she was surrounded by her valley brothers and sisters, Nastasia felt thoroughly intimidated and even alone. It was as if she was a mere child awaiting reprimand that had been summoned to her teacher's office. Canaan's voice issued like the rumble of thunder, prickling the hairs on the back of Nastasia's neck, and she supposed that was trying to purr.

Reverence through fear. Nastasia did not feel fear. She felt devotion. She was humbled in the presence of her God. "I am at your disposal, Chinensis," Nastasia murmured. It was her only option. It was the only answer.

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