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King's Lookout (Rites Return/Pride Feast)
« on: February 02, 2017, 12:42:22 PM »
(Pride meeting! Everyone that comes will get their paint IC. No posting order, just jump in whenever! Feel free to eat, drink, and be merry)

Nexys stood at the opening of King's Lookout, watching out over the kingdom with pride. They were small, but they had promise. As long as he lived, he would fight to keep the pride alive, even if it was a mere shadow of what it once was. Changes were happening still, it seemed they would always keep coming but as long as they did, he had something to occupy himself.

Now it was time for another change. The Rites were over now, his hawk had come to him a day before and informed him that the company was returning, Alaina in the lead. Today was the day they would enter the forest, ascend the mountain and take their places in the pride. The sun was setting straight ahead, flooding the large cave with golden light. The Dragoon Nyx had labored the whole day bringing tar and limbs to the cave, filling the human-made stone braziers to the brim for the evening's festivities. Nexys himself had hunted the boar that would welcome the Rites participants. The entire pride had pulled together for the feast, and tonight they would celebrate together and gain their paints.

The King stood at the edge of the cave and unleashed a roar to call the pride to him. Ranya would surely be close, as they had painted each other in their Clans colors before the ceremony. He turned to view the cave, the lookout that had once belonged to humans. Two great thrones sat side by side at the far end, facing the mouth of the cave, each covered in pelts for the King and Queen. Two great stone tables stretched out before them, laden with prey animals the pride had gathered. Half of the room was decorated in red, the color of Pyrope Clan. The other, blue for Obsidian. Once the Rites participants returned, they would choose their Clan and their rank and would be painted accordingly.

As King and Queen, Nexys and Ranya would greet them all, covered head to toe in elaborate designs with the pain of their Clan colors. It was a proud moment for Nexys, as bringing back the paints reminded him greatly of Old Stoneclaw, before Shai had departed them. Somehow, getting back to their roots felt right. Now that tradition would be brought to their children and new blood.

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Re: King's Lookout (Rites Return/Pride Feast)
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2017, 07:41:47 PM »
Clifton was hanging out in the fairy tale tree house, sorting through his scrolls having a few empty ones on paw. Waiting eagerly for when the sabers who went on the journey of rites, would return fully fledged members of the pride hopefully. He shifted a bit, into a more comfortable position and began to to practice some of the symbols Nikolai had shown him on an empty scroll. When a roar  sounded across the forest making him jump and the scroll and ink came clattering over on him as he fell backwards. Covering him in green ink, he stood up brushing his fur but then noticed that no one around had seen. At least he looked the part now and knowing that roar.

It was bound to be important as he pulled out two of the empty scrolls, he slid them into his scroll case. Than attached it to the harness, then made way to go see what was up. When he got to there he smelled the scent of a boar killed recently by the king and the cave was covered in symbolism towards their current monarchs and their clans. It was an interesting sight to see, but what intrigued him most was the paints that sat beside Nexys.

He smiled greeting both monarch with a friendly meow, then carefully scouted a spot where he could watch and record the proceedings. Clifton found a spot that would be out of the way of their majesties, and those getting ranked. But he had full view of them, he than laid out the scroll and the ink than planted his body facing them. Ready to record the events that passed.


The landscape was beginning to darken as the sun began to set across the hemisphere, Remia was carrying an armor set with an obsidian necklace tied to one of the bracers that would easily fit a big cat. But the most important part about the armor set was that it is comfortable and airy, so a cat could wear it and stay lithe as they prowled or fought for that matter. It probably wouldn’t fit Nyx their big black lion, as well their healer who obviously had a thing for the muscular lion. But she had kept it a secret and well to be honest she was cheering for Vi on the sidelines. Even though she heavily favored obsidian's views and had a secret crush on Nexys herself. But she would have to see if that fruit ever blossomed into fruition and knew things like that would best be given time. Today she knew he would be proud of Hikaru, as she had trained alongside him and he had proven at least to her eyes that he was an exceptional crafter.

When the sun was just dipping below the horizon and her paws tired from all the walking. Yet the excitement of the event keeping it at bay, she saw Nexys and Ranya looking at them as the got close  enough to talk. Her stomach twinged hungrily at the scent of boar, for they had been away for what felt like decades. She  had a smile on her muzzle, and the tiredness seemed to wash away like it was nothing for feeling of finally being home. A place she belonged to and walking towards Nexys she deposited the armor she had made in Tortuga. Before his paws, to show she had learned and bowed before him to show respect for the things he had shown her and for leading them to success.

Than looked up at him her eyes shining with emotion, “I have learned to craft things for the pride, and would wish to join the proud and noble obsidian clan my king. To be the one you go to for your crafting needs and to further my skills to be the best I can be for you and the clan.” She said, feeling that this meant the world to her and the whole sky had opened before her. She was also incredibly nervous as this precious moment could become quite fragile. It would all depend on what Nexys decided, as she waited her heart beating in her chest to what felt like a millon miles a second.
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Re: King's Lookout (Rites Return/Pride Feast)
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2017, 09:15:09 PM »
Alaina was not happy about their most recent Rites trip to Tortuga. Of course, the Knight was rarely ever happy about anything but today she was in a particularly foul mood as she marched her small procession back towards Stoneclaw. If she were a long tail cat instead of a short tailed sabre her tail would be lashing in agitation as she walked. They had spent days in that tropical jungle that reeked of dog stench in the hopes that one of the cubs might learn something useful.

Her beloved tropical paradise, Thunder Cove, was now infested with canines who had pissed on perhaps every stinking shrub in sight. And yet, despite the numerous evidence of a flourishing pack with booming numbers, she had not spotted a single soul outside of their initial greeting at the borders. She understood well enough that the Capitan and the Quatermasters were usually kept busy with running the affairs of the pack but she hadn’t ran into anyone in their sort stay. Of course, it wasn’t as if the grumpy Knight has actively sought out company so perhaps the blame was partially on her own shoulders.

But to hear that the cubs had faired only slightly better than herself and had hardly learned anything useful Alaina had made up her mind to have a word with King Nexys. As if reading her mind across the distance she heard his mighty roar echo in the distance and turned to the others trailing behind her. “Let’s pick it up.” She grunted and put a bit more haste to her step and within a few minutes they were climbing the cliff face up to the Kings Lookout.

The King was covered in blue paint and his side of the cave was decorated in blue, the Queen was adorned in red paints and her side was likewise decked out in red. Interesting. “Greetings, my King and Queen.” Alaina dipped her head low to the pair and gestured her head towards the youngsters climbing up after her. “We have returned safely from the Rites.” Golden eyes peered around at the seen laid out before her and then pinned them on King Nexys.

What’s this?”

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Re: King's Lookout (Rites Return/Pride Feast)
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2017, 10:01:36 AM »
smol nudge

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Re: King's Lookout (Rites Return/Pride Feast)
« Reply #4 on: April 27, 2017, 10:45:17 AM »
[can I bring Wildberry in here? He isn't on the ranks yet, and I don't know if this is still going on?]

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Re: King's Lookout (Rites Return/Pride Feast)
« Reply #5 on: April 27, 2017, 11:34:13 AM »
Yes, this is still happening. I'll be tossing people in later, feel free to join, just don't forget to PM me an AA form X3
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Re: King's Lookout (Rites Return/Pride Feast)
« Reply #6 on: April 27, 2017, 06:10:22 PM »
Hikaru followed Alaina closely, a permanent smile on his face as soon as they passed into the forest. He had loved the ocean and the beach of their neighbors to the north, but something about the ancient forest and it's massive trees that just felt like home. And now he was a returning prince, head held high with pride of his achievements.

The group travelled to the King's Lookout and Hikaru froze dead in his tracks upon entering the cave. It was lit with small fires, warding off the growing night. A feast as prepared and his father and aunt stood by their thrones, painted in their clan colors. A chill ran down the prince's spine and he realize what his father had done. He was bringing back the old ways, with his sister at his side and Hikaru wondered if some day, he too would lead along side his brother.

Full of pride, head held high, Hikaru stepped up to his father and aunt, bowing respectfully before raising before them. "Father.... King Nexys. I return as an Artisan, trained in crafting and ready to begin trade routes for the good of the kingdom. I wish to join Pyrope Clan and serve the Queen, if she'll have me."