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Desperate Times [Outrider Recruitment]
« on: January 29, 2017, 06:49:44 AM »
((ooc: Atlas and Cuff are required to be here.))

Times were always changing in the forests of Alteron, as the Red Dragon always had something up her sleeve. As she brewed her forge and turned the rusted cogs of reality, Orcrist knew he had to do his fair share as well lest he be kicked off his metaphorical throne. The once-prince had a job, an important one and he had to keep that going if his house were to gain momentum in any way, and there were far too few Outriders than he wanted. Cuff and Atlas were it, the only ones who were present in his ranks and he often did not want to patrol the borders themselves. He was a lazy bastard, anyone who knew him could tell. Ah but Azuhel would bite him in the ass if he sat on it too long. At this point he was amazed it wasn’t numb from all the sitting he did.

The commandant made his way through the dying foliage, paws crushing all in his path as his heavy frame snaked through the underbrush. Once he found a nice and quiet spot, one that was open and could seat him high above his subjects, he would lift his head and bellow a powerful call.  Now all he had to do was wait. Of course he would expect Cuff and Atlas to arrive, his only outriders at this moment in time. Atlas had proved herself and now became his most trusting companion, the mother to his children and a thorn in his icy heart. Still, he would smirk when she arrived, nodding for her to take her place next to him. Cuff would receive only a frown and expectation to also be by his side for this meeting.

The rest would be under the watchful eye of the Commandant. Ears attentive and listening to those who greeted him and in turn he would nod slightly. After a while and when there was enough interest, Orcrist would clear his throat. It was time to get down to business. “Welcome everyone, thank ya’ll f’comin’. If yah already don’t know, I’m Orcrist, t’Commandant of Alteron and head of t’House of Blade’s Edge. I’m seekin’ some more Outriders as these two fine ladies ‘ere are t’only ones I’ve got.” Two was such a scrawny number compared to the other ranks. Though he supposed this was partially his fault.

Now come an’ tell me why yah wanna be part of t’crew of Outriders? Tell me what yah know about border patrol and security. Tell me if yah got any prior experience an’ all that.” Orcrist almost opened his mouth to state that this was no job for slackers, because it wasn’t, but that would be ironic considering his nature of laziness. “We got a lot of work t’do.

And they shall say
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Re: Desperate Times [Outrider Recruitment]
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2017, 09:16:49 PM »
Atlas wasn't far behind Orcrist, she had an inkling something was up by the way he'd maneuvered, and when his summon came, she grinned. A feeling of 'good girl, you were right' swept over her as she broke through the brush moments after. She didn't expect much surprise from him on how swift response time, but Alteron still had many things that surprised her.

Her eyes blazed a gold as anyone appeared, no offer of a nod or even a sign she'd acknowledged they existed, except for when Cuff appeared.

Oh, the grin she gave Cuff as they likely sat near each other, per their status above the masses, was one akin to a madman. Such a pretty, proper thing she was- such a lovely and sad creature all at once. She was the portrait of Motherhood, the embodiment of Hard Work, and yet.. here she was, sitting right alongside a bedraggled, grizzled and estranged matriarch. "Good day to you, Cuff~ You're looking well kept today. How're the children? How's Bash?" her favorite of the bunch. The boy had taken a liking to her own brood, and she appreciated that.

Because it meant she had less to do with them as they grew. They would flock to the mohawked boy in gold before they would swarm their mother, or so she had hoped.

She'd lift her paw and begin grooming it, a weird form for a wolf, it reflected more to how she was feeling: catty.

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Re: Desperate Times [Outrider Recruitment]
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2017, 12:23:02 AM »
Cuff was a quiet presence next to the two of them when she arrived, stepping smoothly on light feet from the dark forest glade. Silver appearance windswept and as inscrutable as ever, she looked wary in a way; and she was. A considerable amount had time had passed since an outrider recruitment had been called. She wasn't entirely sure what to expect this time around.

Would any of her children be curious enough to show up?

She glanced at the Commandant for a moment and was just as quick to look away from him, noticing the frown he sent her way. She thought she knew what that look was for. She'd been lax in her duties as an outrider – longer than acceptable, really – and she knew it. Orcrist knew it. The pretty mint coloured wolf sitting by his side no doubt knew too. But Cuff could not offer either of them any excuses.

She had none to give.

Orcrist's wife (was that what she was?) turned to her suddenly and spoke, and Cuff kept silent, the sudden stillness in her posture indicating how closely she was listening, despite not immediately turning her gaze towards the sharp smile the other outrider directed her way. Cuff didn't like the way this woman looked at her. She didn't like that she was asking about her children, about her son who she oftentimes thought was too kind for this place.

"Stay away from him," was what Cuff wanted to tell her. Instead, she continued to keep her silence. Breathed in. Breathed out. Repeated. Over and over and over.

Finally, when she felt composed enough to speak without giving away any hint of her discomposure, the silver woman turned her head to address Atlas, watching her with sharp, candlelit eyes. "He's doing well, thank you." Cuff was careful to keep her answer short and her tone polite and neutral, though there was no denying the stiffness in her pale frame. Any talk regarding her children always put her on edge. "All of them are."

(And god help anyone who tried to meddle and change that).

Slouched slightly, curling her tail around her feet, the silver outrider continued to watch Atlas for a moment before she finally pulled her attention away from her, inscrutable again as she listened and watched the rest of the proceedings with eyes the colour of freshly spilt blood – never straying and never blinking.

And if her thoughts happened to wander, happened to worry, well... that was something she'd just have to keep to herself.

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Re: Desperate Times [Outrider Recruitment]
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2017, 11:09:41 PM »
The howl came, waking the lazy boy from a fun-filled slumber about spotted wolf dogs, which made him feel remarkably embarrassed now that he thought about it. How awkward.. there's a good chance he could never face Ambrosia again, but..

then.. again...

No one else witnessed his dreams but him, so maybe she wouldn't know.

A few more moments of serenity staring blankly at a tree came before clarity found him, smacking him upside the head as he realized he might be late for what he woke up for. "crap!" he whispered before scrambling with his newly admired lengthy legs towards the source of the call. "Gotta go gotta go!" he panted, passing by wolves who eyed him wearily but kept passing.

Once he made the clearing, Aspen screeched to a halt and sat himself down, bowing his head in a respectful nod to the Commandant, and then beaming with excitement at his mother. The wolf who sat next to him- Atlas- was only given a brief glance before he returned his gaze to Cuff. 'I'm here! his posture and his eyes gleamed, his tail thumping excitedly on the ground 'I'm here for you, mom!'

"My name is ASPEN, Sir! My mom is Cuff over there, and when I was growin' up I was really not sure what I wanted to be, but now that I'm older and smarter, I know I wanna be like her. I don't have any experience, but I have her stories!" he had no alterior motive, he was being truthful, and he didn't tell her how much he loved her often, or at all, so hopefully.. following in her footsteps would be all the word she needed for that affirmation.

"Since my brothers and sister are all dumb and lazy and can't get jobs, I thought I'd help out around the den a bit.. you know, 'cause I'm the good son," he winked to his mother.

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Re: Desperate Times [Outrider Recruitment]
« Reply #4 on: April 21, 2017, 01:56:24 PM »

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