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Making friends is tough [Open]
« on: January 23, 2017, 06:36:16 PM »
So many things had happened since her introduction (return?) to Stoneclaw.

Rykryk poked her head tentatively out of her den, nose quivering and short tail flickering behind her in fast twitches. Anxiety riddled her chest, made it feel tight as though she couldn't take in a deep breath. She had expected that, when entering Stoneclaw's borders with Shai and Coatl (Dad and Mom, Dad and Mom...), things would be quiet. Or at least... that's what she figured. Guessed? Ugh, she really had no idea what to think of when they crossed those markers into territory she was supposed to know, but had no clue.

She had wandered the pride lands, poking and clawing at random things to see if anything provoked a memory. But Rykryk remained blank, her frustration evident on her face until she finally just retreated back into her den. Despite her parents' elation at having their lost daughter back, they had eventually gone back to the pride business, and she was left to fend for herself. She was an adult, granted, but in many ways she still felt like a cub straggling around for a purpose.

All of the changes that took place afterwards (changes in leadership, changes to faces) overwhelmed the amnesic girl and she kept to herself through it all, only appearing out of her den out of necessity. Rykryk didn't know how to take all of it, and she had no connections to anyone who took over. Who was she supposed to know? Who was she supposed to respond to? She had no idea... and it only made her retreat further into her den.

And finally she was here, poking her head out of a den she only just moved into, having followed the end trail of sabers migrating from their old land. It had been ravaged by the fire, and only out of fear did she exit her den with only a flower and a herb (both given to her by Coatl) in her maw gently carried over to their new home. "Home," really. Rykryk felt no sense of belonging, and part of her wondered whether things would have been better if she had stayed with Kobe. A soft sigh, and she shook her head. No, she picked this path for a reason. Kobe would have made sure she followed her wishes. And her wishes had led her here.

Now she exited her den and made her way to the nearest stream. Watching her surroundings carefully, Rykryk lowered herself to lap at the water for a drink before settling on her belly in a protective position. With that she watched around her, only stopping to stare when another approached. She half debated whether to scurry back to her den, or to remain here and wait for their reaction. With the indecision, she remained rooted to her spot, her wide-eyed look betraying her nervousness. "Kobe is my father... as are Shai and Coatl... we came to Stoneclaw to look for family... Kobe is my father..." she began to mutter, a habit instilled in her from her amnesia and fear of forgetting. Again.

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Re: Making friends is tough [Open]
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2017, 05:19:06 PM »
Ranya was back in full swing with her recent discovery. She had been spending most of her time doot dooting around the forest and teaching anyone who wanted to learn how to doot as well. There was still a lack of life within the earth, but at least they were a step in the right direction - as far as she was concerned.

She had left her instruments back in her tree house as she trotted through the trees, humming a little tune to herself. A flower crown of pink and white blossoms sat on top of her head, bouncing occasionally with her movement. She didn't have an agenda today, but then again she never really did. Things were a bit stagnant, and she could only hope that there would eventually be more. . .well more. Maybe she'd go yell at Nexys or something. Maybe light a fire under his butt. Ooooh. A literal fire. The girl paused to snicker to herself at her devious plans that she probably wouldn't carry out. That didn't mean they weren't fun to think about.

She continued on her way towards a nearby stream and much to her utter delight spotted another sabre. Ranya had never seen her before, although didn't think to question her presence there. With great joy she flopped in to the stream, although she didn't realize at first how shallow the water was. Still, like a puppy new to its paws, she stood up and leapt towards the other cat, stopping a few inches in front of her. "Hi I'm Ranya! Who are you? I haven't seen you around before. Your eyes are really pretty!" she chirped with a wide grin.

"Kobe is my father... as are Shai and Coatl... we came to Stoneclaw to look for family... Kobe is my father..."

Her smile faded. "Hey, hey you okay?" she murmured, her voice now soft and low. She blinked down at the poor creature, wondering if she had somehow frightened her. She looked fine, but she seemed scared out of her wits. Ranya quickly looked around, hoping that someone else might come along - someone much better suited to deal with this kind of situation than the Queen was.

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Re: Making friends is tough [Open]
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2017, 05:36:48 PM »
I can pop Nexys in here if you guys still want to do this?

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