Author Topic: i didn't order this dinner to go [open]  (Read 513 times)

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i didn't order this dinner to go [open]
« on: January 18, 2017, 01:27:39 PM »
Those little assholes.

She had popped away for like five minutes - FIVE MINUTES - and already they were gone. Okay it was probably more than five minutes considering she had herself a little snack lol, but hey she had brought them back something to eat because she was just really nice like that. Stay put. That was all they had to do but nooooooo they couldn't even do that much. She huffed, dropping the kill at her paws. So this was how they opted to repay her kindness? By just blatantly disobeying her?

SOMEONE wasn't getting any dinner tonight.

The worst part was, this was clearly a border of some kind. The cat smell was obvious, and in all honesty she probably shouldn't have left them somewhere that another cat could have picked up her lovely little snacks I mean CHILDREN. Hindsight was such a bitch. Conchita sucked in her breath, before exhaling slowly.

"Sweetie?. . .Bahni? Nikolai?" Her voice sounded genuinely concerned, like a mother on the verge of a panic. She knew they had been taken in to whatever pride this was, but she pretended like she wasn't sure - although she was also careful not to overdo it either. "Sindri where are you?" She ran along the border, stopping every so often to try and catch their scent with tail flicking in anticipation. Surely someone would hear her and come along. She'd introduce herself, tell them she was missing her cubs. They'd likely tell her that they were inside, she'd take them back and be on her merry way.

Simple enough.

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Re: i didn't order this dinner to go [open]
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2017, 04:55:22 PM »
There became less and less reason to venture out onto the Plains these days. The pride was slowly but surely getting used to their forest home. The only reason to come out these days was to mark the lines and keep an eye out for passersby that might have something the kingdom wanted.

It was the former that brought Nexys out into the blackened plains today, scent marking the territory. It was only by chance that he also found the latter. A female on the plains caught his attention and he stopped, the sudden pause causing a small cloud of black dust. She was not of his pride, he knew all of them by heart. No, this one was new.

Across the plain he strode, and she began to call out names to the wind. The names of the children that had been taken in awhile ago. She sounded paniced and when Nexys approached he greeted her calmly. "Shh... it's alright. Tell me, who are you? Why have you come here?" He knew she was here for the children, but he wanted to know more about here and those kids. The whole thing seemed strange to him and he wasn't really sure why.

"Perhaps I can help you."

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