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The Living Tree (Healer's Center Information)
« on: January 08, 2017, 03:31:06 PM »
The Living Tree
Sanatorium - Clinic - Sanctuary

Along the western mountain range, tucked into the thick wood and nourished by gentle streams, is a tree as old as the Origin. Gnarled, sprawling, piercing the stars, it’s easily taller than the stone towers and home to a menagerie of strange, beautiful creatures. Bats, birds, scurrying mammals, butterflies and lightning bugs, from shuddering, fruit-bearing canopy to sturdy trunk, it is a natural shrine for life itself. Its roots twist and spread, sheltering a maze above and under the earth. Within are warm, dry corridors and rooms.

Along the edge and surface levels of the maze, sunlight and moonlight finds way through gaps in the roots. Deeper in, light comes from little illuminated mushrooms and firefly lanterns, crafted by our resident blacksmith. Scents of sickness and hurt are whisked away by the tree’s natural vents, replaced with faint flowers and budding seeds.


The wolves divided the center into three parts: the Sanatorium, for mental healing, the Clinic, for bodily healing, and the Sanctuary, for soulful healing. Within work the Acolytes-- a catch-all term for the three types of medical ranks.

Rank Lead: Head Cleric (Hawthorne)
Rank Name: Cleric

The Sanatorium is in the center of the roots, opening with Hawthorne’s lobby: a pleasant, warmly lit room draped in aromatic bundles of dried flowers and herbs, and furs for seating. People suffering mental afflictions may find some relief here, if not someone to talk to. Beyond Hawthorns’, each Cleric has their own room, which they may decorate as they wish.

Rank Lead: Head Doctor (Kol Nidre)
Rank Name: Doctor

The Clinic branches off into room after room for the physically ill. Within a nook of organized medicines, the doctors deal out treatments for headaches to broken bones. They never seem any less busy, and they heal without judgement. Peacekeepers are a common sight as well, chosen for firm but gentle strength to keep both Doctors and patients safe.

Rank Lead: Head Apothecary (Primrose)
Rank Name: Apothecary

The Sanctuary begins within the roots as a shop of sorts. Primrose mixes and concocts herbal remedies for an assortment of ailments, from joint pain to heartache. She and her Apothecaries often work with both the Doctors and the Clerics as potion makers. Beyond the shop, there are luxurious rooms for those who need a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Outside the tree, they encourage relaxing swim sessions within the fairy pools.

I try to leave the type of tree up to interpretation. The roots look similar to this picture but are of course much, much larger and wider spread (they probably stretch well under the mountains and through the entire territory, under ground). It's based on the Tree of Life from innumerable mythologies-- specifically I had Yggdrasil in mind, but it's up to the reader how to interpret the layout and details. While I can't say this with absolute certainty, because it's not my place to do so, my intention for this tree was that if it's not the biggest and oldest one in the Straits then it's well among the biggest and oldest.
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