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#ANGSTBROS [PC RP Abraxas | Ragnarok]
« on: December 28, 2016, 02:57:19 AM »
forestsTempest [FT] is Abraxas
heliosMystery[HT] is Namaah/Ragnarok

-- forestsTempest [FT] began pestering heliosMystery [HM] at 23:52 --
[11:52] -- heliosMystery [HM] With quiet brooding the silent, injured Afzhal spawn sits at the edge of the quarry. He's not supposed to be here. He knows. --
[11:53] FT: The ever looming brother, had taken quie some bad blood already between himself and his brother. Still, it was the scent of blood that attracked him to his brothers location
[11:53] FT: "You shouldn;t be here."
[11:53] FT: --
[11:53] -- heliosMystery [HM] He doesn't turn. Instead, Ragnarok bleeds into the trenches. --
[11:53] HM: I know.
[11:54] HM: I just wanted to see.
[11:54] -- forestsTempest [FT] peers at his brother, loking for his wound --
[11:54] FT: If you know, then why are you here?
[11:54] FT: And see what?
[11:54] FT: --
[11:55] -- heliosMystery [HM] He fell from a tree. He hurt his leg. Deep gash bled freely from the wrist. He holds it up. He broke his paw. --
[11:55] HM: I was going to just be... quick. About it.
[11:55] HM: I wanted to see what happens to someone who falls.
[11:55] -- heliosMystery [HM] Gestures to the serfs. --
[11:56] -- heliosMystery [HM] --
[11:57] -- forestsTempest [FT] face contorts awkwardly for a moment, before he understands. He wouldn't care much if his brother fell over, but then his parents wouldnt be too thrilled he was sure --
[11:57] FT: Well why don't you, or did you already try and fail at that?
[11:57] FT: Did you want to try again?
[11:57] -- forestsTempest [FT] hopes he says yes -- --
[11:58] -- heliosMystery [HM] He turns, steely eyes looking over a brother he knew he could never understand. They were both funny in that way. --
[11:58] HM: I fell from a tree.
[11:58] HM: I meant, fall from grace.
[11:58] HM: Why, do you want to push me?
[11:58] -- heliosMystery [HM] He sounds indifferent, simply, staring at him in that hollow way. --
[11:58] HM: --
[11:59] -- forestsTempest [FT] curses internally. He wonders how his brother got up in a tree, and why he didnt die when he fell --
[11:59] FT: Oh. A tree?
[12:00] FT: Who do youknow that has fallen from grace? Certainy none of our family.
[12:00] -- forestsTempest [FT] shrugs at the pushing comment --
[12:00] FT: Would you blame me if I wanted to? --
[12:01] -- heliosMystery [HM] He looks down into the quarry to watch them work. He nods at his brother's question. --
[12:02] HM: A tree.
[12:02] -- heliosMystery [HM] Brax doesn't need an explanation. He would leave him to wonder. --
[12:02] HM: Nobody I know.
[12:02] HM: I just...
[12:02] -- heliosMystery [HM] He hums, unable to find words. He's only just begun to talk as much. --
[12:02] HM: I wouldn't.
[12:03] HM: It's an instinct to destroy the weaker sibling.
[12:03] HM: --
[12:03] -- forestsTempest [FT] approcahes the quarry caustiosly, peering over at the serfs --
[12:04] -- forestsTempest [FT] ponders over Rag's answers, wondering why he was here, bleeding out, instead of finding a healer --
[12:04] -- forestsTempest [FT] doesnt care enough to go find one himself, he could see Rag as a threat --
[12:04] FT: Except you are not weak..
[12:05] FT: Strange maybe, but not weak.
[12:05] FT: Not like Eidith, or Anzu.
[12:05] -- forestsTempest [FT] sits down, further away form the quarry now --
[12:06] FT: Youre not weak
[12:06] FT: --
[12:07] -- heliosMystery [HM] He glances over to his brother, searching him with those dark grey eyes. He licks at his wound, and though he wasn't going to die, he certainly wasn't going to forget the cost of curiosity. A child's crime. He almost smiles at Abraxas. --
[12:07] HM: No?
[12:08] HM: My paw snapped from a ten foot fall.
[12:08] -- heliosMystery [HM] He's playing with him now. --
[12:08] HM: --
[12:08] -- forestsTempest [FT] scoffs at the paw breaking remark --
[12:09] FT: Anyone's paw would snap at that height Namaah. Even an adult, if they fell at the right angle.
[12:09] FT: They might even snap their neck.
[12:09] FT: You're lucky you didnt snap yours.
[12:10] -- forestsTempest [FT] thinks what a pity that would be, shaem. --
[12:10] FT: Im sure if we pushed someone form this height... more then just their neck would snap. --
[12:14] -- heliosMystery [HM] He barely responds more than a shrug. Ragnarok sees Abraxas as a jock disguised as a snake. Far less intelligent than he makes himself out to be. Ragnarok, however, has always been a question mark to everyone. Family. Everyone. --
[12:14] HM: Who would you push?
[12:14] HM: I don't think I'd push anyone yet.
[12:31] -- forestsTempest [FT] doesnt really hold Naamah in high regard, but does see him as a potential problem. Abraxas is a jock, but he is smarter then his brother thinks. --
[12:31] -- forestsTempest [FT] shrugs --
[12:32] FT: I'd push anyone who deserved it. You, eventually...
[12:32] -- forestsTempest [FT] side eyes his brother, a devlish smile crossing his face --
[12:33] FT: You might be getting a little light headed form loss of blood, brother
[12:33] FT: perhaps we should find you a healer
[12:34] -- forestsTempest [FT] so he can be in tip top shape when they face each other later in life --
[12:34] FT: --
[12:34] -- heliosMystery [HM] Ragnarok barely cracks a smile, but it's there. He licks at his lips momentarily, then stands up. --
[12:34] HM: Me? Why, I'm no threat!
[12:34] -- heliosMystery [HM] He's sarcastic. He isn't sarcastic often. Perhaps he's playing a persona. --
[12:35] HM: But maybe, I am feeling a tad woozy.
[12:35] -- heliosMystery [HM] The two underestimate each other. It's almost tragic to him. --
[12:35] HM: --
[12:36] -- forestsTempest [FT] Brax almost sees past the facade, he can tell which of his family members would be a threat. Namaah would be one. --
[12:36] -- forestsTempest [FT] he stands when his brother does, shaking his head slightly. --
[12:37] FT: You're as much as a threat as I am.
[12:38] FT: Brother.
[12:38] -- forestsTempest [FT] his smirks fades, seriousness crosses his features once more. --
[12:38] FT: Come, let us go get you looked at. Lets make up a better story then you feel out of a tree.--
[12:40] -- heliosMystery [HM] He chuckles. In response to his brother's vague little remark. Naamah was no threat! A weak little boy, at worst. What ON EARTH could he be talking about? He's having too much fun. --
[12:40] HM: If I said I got in a fight, they'd watch me closer.
[12:40] -- heliosMystery [HM] He gives Abraxas a cheeky smile. --
[12:41] HM: I don't want to be seen that much... I like my privacy.
[12:41] HM: --
[12:42] -- forestsTempest [FT] watches his brother closely. Smirking only slightly at his remarks --
[12:42] FT: Nonsense, tell them you got in a fight with me. Tell them I did it. I broke your paw.
[12:43] -- forestsTempest [FT] then they'd watch Brax closer, notice his potential yes? that way Namaah got his desired privacy, and Brax got the unwanted attention --
[12:43] FT: They'll watch me closer, and leave you well enough alone.
[12:44] -- forestsTempest [FT] Brax hid the flowering smile on his face. The two brothers verily underestimated each other, and it was a pity, because what a team theyd make. --
[12:44] FT: --
[12:45] -- heliosMystery [HM] He tilts his head, stifling a muffled pop from somewhere within his spine. What a team they could have been after all. --
[12:45] HM: Yeah. I'd rather choose what I'd become for myself.
[12:46] -- heliosMystery [HM] But oh, he didn't know that fate was not that kind. --
[12:46] HM: --
[12:46] -- forestsTempest [FT] shrugs, indifferent about his borhters desicion --
[12:46] FT: Suit yourself, I was only trying to help after all.. --
[12:47] -- heliosMystery [HM] He shrugs. --
[12:48] HM: No, I accept, I'm sorry for seeming brash.
[12:48] HM: Let's go.
[12:48] HM: Brother.
[12:48] HM: --
[12:49] -- forestsTempest [FT] shakes his smile off his face, though thrilled with Namaahs desicion. --
[12:49] FT: My mistake, I must have misunderstood.
[12:50] -- forestsTempest [FT] he leans up against his brother now, attempting to help him --
[12:50] FT: Let's go get you some help.
[12:50] FT: Brother.--
[12:52] -- heliosMystery [HM] He leans against Abraxas, trusting that he wouldn't throw him into the quarry just yet. He says nothing, but nods, offering his brother something like an appreciative smile. --
[12:52] HM: --
[12:52] -- forestsTempest [FT] lets his brother lean on him, using him as a crutch. His mind whirling on how to use this to his advantage in the future. --
[12:53] FT: --

A thousand years I've roamed the plains

And waved the hand of doom

I've seen the tears that fall like rain

From the waste and all that ruin

A shadow's cast from me to you

A time to claim All that's mine,
My wrath is blind

The balance is where you hang