Author Topic: for the dancing and the dreaming [open + instrument discovery]  (Read 761 times)

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for the dancing and the dreaming [open + instrument discovery]
« on: December 21, 2016, 01:15:03 PM »
[[This is a completely non-mandatory gathering. Ranya is simply discovering something she's very excited about and wants to show everyone!]]

Ranya was dying.

Figuratively so, of course. Her spirit had started to ebb, retreating from Stoneclaw and the lack of life that their forest held. It was not short on bodies, and breathing creatures. There were things that existed in these trees, in the burned plains and what remained of the land they inhabited before. But despite all of that, nothing felt truly alive. It had been an annoyance at first, a nuisance. Where was the singing, the festivals, the tournaments where they'd bash each others heads against the floor and then laugh about it afterward? Forget structure. Forget stability. They needed excitement and fun.

She tried to have fun, but reactions were mixed. Alaina had not responded well to being splashed. Ruger couldn't seem to take a joke. Nexys was a walking hairball of stiffness and order. Ranya loved her brother, she really did, but getting him to loosen up was like trying to pull teeth. She supposed that wasn't always a bad thing. If Ranya had her way and her way alone, then all of Stoneclaw probably would have exploded by now. I don't know how. Just. . .somehow. So far only Vi seemed to have a good sense of humor, and it was something that Ranya deeply appreciated about the smol bean cat.

She plodded through the forest where she usually kept to herself these days. Her tail dragged against the ground and her head hung low, the fire in her heart dimming to a faint ember. The moon was full and bright, illuminating the forest below through the canopy of leaves. Stars twinkled overhead, although Ranya failed to appreciate the beauty of the cloudless night. Instead she stopped in front of one of the treehouses, crouched, and leaped upward on to the platform that man once resided in. It smelled of wood and nature rather than cat, leading the girl to believe that no one had settled down in it yet. She circled around once before plopping down on for the night.

Sleep did not come easily. In fact it didn't really come at all. Ranya tossed and turned, legs dangling in mid air. Eventually she rolled over on to her side, smacking one of her back paws against a cloth covered pile. There was a loud clatter as things toppled, but there was a familiar sound that accompanied it.

It was the banging of a drum.

Her head shot up as it suddenly felt like every nerve was electrified. The Queen quickly rose to her paws, scooped up the cloth with one and batted it away. Beneath it was a pile of drums in different sizes and colors, patterns painted on their sides by previous owners. Rolling across the floor towards the other wall were a couple of wooden flutes, very basic in their style and shape but still very much in tact. Ranya reached out and stopped them with her paw, sliding them back towards the pile where a few others of their kind still remained. It took a moment to sink in what she had just found, but when she realized it fully she let out a squeal of delight.

She dipped her head and slid the leather strap that was attached to one of the drums over, before straightening up to where it sat towards the bottom of her chest and almost between her legs. She leaned back, drumming her paws lightly against the top of the drum in a rhythmic beat. Her ember roared to an inferno as she hummed, completely unaware of her sleeping neighbors. Or perhaps she simply didn't care. This was the sound of her home, or at least part of it. This was what she had been missing this whole time.

Ranya stopped after a few moments, poking her head out of the mouth of the tree house. "Vi! Stumpy!" she called before grabbing a flute in her teeth and leaping down to the forest floor, the drum banging against her chest and legs and she descended.

"Guys come here and look what I found!"
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"If you listen to the rhythm calling out in the dark.
Can you hear it? That's your spirit. Just follow your heart.
So if you're feeling like dancing frequently,
Just tune in the magic frequency.
Don't worry about it 'cause we're gonna burn up."


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Re: for the dancing and the dreaming [open + instrument discovery]
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2017, 12:38:01 PM »
Nyx was not amongst those being called by the Queen, but he was nearby, plodding along a human bridge, high in the trees when he heard her. The dark male stopped for a moment, glancing around, trying to figure out where exactly the voice was coming from. These damn trees made it difficult sometimes, sound bounced off of them and there were times he had hunted and smelled a deer upwind, but heard it moving behind him. One could not trust the sounds alone. He opened his mouth, tasting the air, breathing deep to catch the scent of Ranya. She was further down in some of the huts below.

Carefully he descended, as most of the huts in this area hadn't been explored all the way yet. The village in the trees was larger than they first thought and it would take a team of cats to explore it all. Surely the plundering would go well, but he wasn't sure which bridges were still safe.

Down below he met Ranya, observing the item hanging around her neck with interest. "What is that?" He asked, taking a seat and waiting for others to arrive. He had never seen anything like what she held before and although he was marked for the Obsidian Clan, but that didn't mean he had no interest in new things. Perhaps it was Vi that caused that line of thinking. Maybe she made him soft.... or maybe she just made him more open.
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