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Manic Panic (prp Adder)
« on: December 11, 2016, 02:07:14 AM »
(UHhhh trigger warning for animal mutilation? Kaz has no chill)

She hated to be alone.

It wasn’t something altogether unexpected, after all, Kazmiera constantly sought out the company of other wolves. Yet for once it was not the desire for profitable allegiances that drove her to look for company this time. Alone her thoughts were far too loud. Alone she got...well, like this. She placed another rabbit on the pile, there were two and a half bodies she had barely touched. Below them an additional pile of innards and bones. She had gorged herself sick on the stupid little beasts, and now Kaz killed them because she simply wanted to chase. Wanted to sink her teeth into something.

It was one of those times... Kazmiera could not remember the last time she slept, how many hours had it been? How many days?! She had struggled with this for sometime; yet it had worsened since Oukoku. Mania washed over her like a tidal wave. Unable to relax, unable to settle down. Sleep seemed like a ghost she had been chasing for months. She grabbed the skin of one rabbit, placing both forepaws on it and hauling back with a slow satisfying riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip.

She wondered if Afzhal would entertain her in her current state; but she didn’t seek the silver-eyed cretin. No. No no. It would not do for him to see her so... out of sorts. It wouldn’t do. Kazmiera flung the now mutilated rabbit away, a large chunk of skin clipped between her teeth and the rest of the tiny body sent flying. Lobbed at such velocity; the mutilated rabbit hit a nearby teeth with a soft wet smack. She cackled; trying to be quiet but the sound tore out of her throat banshee like. She dropped the shredded piece of rabbit hide, licking blood off her lips. Kazmiera would find another, more rabbits... maybe a - Another sound; a soft rustle in the undergrowth.

She whirled, ears sticking upright and rotating to pinpoint the sound. Once she had a heading she’d trot toward it. Was that someone? Or something? Either way, she wanted to know. She needed to see them. Kazmiera trotted toward the noise, moving a bit too fast for polite conversation. She could smell them now, another wolf! Yes - someone to talk too!

Upon seeing that it was indeed someone, the red she-wolf would draw up short. Head tilting to one side, green eyes blazing like a copper fueled flame. ”Hello, Darling!” The friendly voice lilted from behind a wide smile that bore far too many teeth.
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