Author Topic: Tortugan Rites/Luau open opinion thread(outsiders welcome)  (Read 628 times)

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Tortugan Rites/Luau open opinion thread(outsiders welcome)
« on: November 26, 2016, 08:26:25 PM »
Hey there guys! So basically, we need to go a different direction with Rites. As much as we love our visits with Tortuga, we feel like the Rites are way too complicated to gain ranks with. We have about one person per rank now so there's no reason to have the adults do Rites. Ranks will be gained the normal way now and only children will go on Rites from now on.

We aren't 100% sure of what we want to do for Rites foe the cubbies (except that we will have an awesome party/ceremony at the end where the cubs get their Clan war paint and stuff) so if you have any suggestions, go ahead and post away! We would love to hear what you guys want!

Also, we're still talking things out with Jade and Kay and trying to figure out a luau between Tort and Sc where we take turns hosting and having like, a market day too. This MIGHT involve making a new child board for a month or so every year to allow people to mingle and threads not get lost in main pack threads. Stickied threads would be like.... Tort market, SC market, Mass Bonfire/Feast and people could just make individual posts for smaller fires, or meet and greets, what have you. We've THOUGHT about implementing some sort of currency so that we can more effectively do business with Tortugans, being as we would use croc hide strips instead of leather and just say they magically convert themselves when they change hands. But all of this is totally up in the air and we would love input from members and non member alike to make SC a smoother running pride.

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