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Diggy diggy hole(Open)
« on: November 08, 2016, 03:42:56 PM »
Ah yes, the Quarry.

She'd literally hit rock bottom, a few wrong steps and she'd been detained and left here in this disgusting pit. Huh, guess one could say she'd hit rock bottom. Celena snorted at her own terrible pun, rolling her golden eyes. She really should stop with the self punishment but, the horrible puns she was thinking of were keeping her spirits up. The wolfdog still had meat on her bones and plenty of it, she'd yet to be broken and left hopeless like so many other faces around her. The striking hues of her pelt were even still rather clean, save for the mud spattered about from her initial toss into the pit.

She knew how to play the game though, she knew all too well already, that if she held herself high, she'd become a target. She did not want a bullseye painted on her rump and she sure as hell wasn't about to get herself dirty over being too proud. Shouting could be heard and the girl yawned, long limbs stretching out, tripping another wolf scrambling to get to work. Oops.

Celena crawled to the open, not that it took much more than a roll for the lanky wolfdog. Yeah, she was an odd looking one, sharp features and a slender lanky build of her doggy daddy mixed with the sturdy bones and fluff of her wolfy mama, her only oddity that really stood out of the butt fluff of a tail she sported, having been born witht he nub, all her tail fur formed quite the pomf! The lanky wolfdog strode into the open, her head hung slightly, steps placed just so to fake fear and nervousness. Yes,, yes, play into their games.

So... A Quarry.... Maybe she could find something useful, gems maybe? Shiny useful things, barter her way out? Heh, it was worth a shot and to be quite frank, she didn't think mud was a good look for her, nah, she'd be better off out of this crap pit. The blue and gold creature moved toward the masses, acting as she should, flinching when others passed too swiftly, looking around confused. Hell, if she couldn't barter her way out, maybe, just maybe, she could plan an escape? Golden eyes drank in the details as she wandered toward where they were digging today. Right, too many guards.

She'd have to learn their routs and shifts, maybe make a friend or two so she could use them as bait. Heh. Then again..... Digging could prove to be it's own reward, large paws and strong long legs would make her quite good at that chore. Whelp.... Diggy diggy hole! The blue girl found a spot on the frontlines so to say, off to the right of the others where she could use her shovel paws and fling dirt and mud behind her without getting any flung her way. She was working feverishly, as if searching for something which, in a sense she was but, many could pass this off as beginner's hope or a nervous tick for the mutt.

So, here she was, digging in the mud, getting dirty, effing fabulous. ugh. She grunted as something harder then mud happened to hit her, snapping her gaze toward a rock that didn't look like it came from the Quarry. Were the guards effing with her now?!

"Uhm. Excuse me." She would call to no one really, getting a bit ballsy lil'miss. "Tibia honest, I dun'like't when I get mini boulders hurled at me. I mean I've already hit rock bottom already so do a pal a favor and keep yer punishments ta yerself fer a bit." eff, did she really just say the puns she was thinking earlier? Oh well. May as well let that sense of humor shine a bit since she could hear others stifling snickers. "Ain't gonna fibula, I kinda like playin in tha mud bu', patella the truth, I could go fer a bath." She'd say out loud, hearing a SNERK to her left, a small grin tugging at her lips. Yup, she'd figured out how to find who would be a friend at least. Heh, she'd knock'em dead, she was just that damn humerus.
Coming in unannounced
drag my nails on the tile
I just follow your scent
you can just follow my smile

All of your flaws are aligned
with this mood of mine
Cutting me to the bone
nothing left to leave behind
You ought to keep me concealed
just like I was a weapon

I didn't come for a fight
but I will fight til the ending
This will not be a battle
might not turn out okay

And I love the way you hurt me
It's irresistible, yeah
I love the way, I love the way
I love the way you hurt me, baby.