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Quest Zone: The Rivers
« on: October 25, 2016, 10:44:12 PM »

Confused as to what this is? Look HERE.

This is one of three Quest Zones available during this event. It represents a small area where your character can come look for the items they need to turn in for quests.

You can interact with Quest Zones by replying to the thread with your character and what they're doing. An example would be [Bob decides to go looking around to see what he can find]. Basically, doesn't have to be complex, just needs to be something more than "I'm here, give me stuff".

Once you post in a Quest Zone I will roll some digital dice and determine how many items you get, and what kind of items they are! You can find multiple kinds of items in each Zone.

During the trial of this event, nothing else can happen in Quest Zones. If this goes well and the event happens again, there will be random events you may be able to run across as well!


The Rivers are an area of lush greenery around the waterways of Ukoo. There's lots of fish here, but sometimes you may find some other predators around too so be careful!

Items available in this Zone