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Seems Fishy [Quest Provider]
« on: October 25, 2016, 10:29:11 PM »

Confused as to what this is? Look HERE.

This is one of Four threads dedicated to Quest Providers during this event. Quest Providers [which we will call QPs for short!] are characters who will hand out quests to your character. Quests can be completed multiple times to earn point rewards, towards the prizes that will be available at the end of the event.

To officially start a quest, you must post in this thread responding to the QP in some way, noting that you agree to their quest! I will then respond to acknowledge that you have started the quest. You can only participate in TWO quests at a time!

To turn in a quest, respond again with your character returning, and noting that you've brought what they asked for. I will respond to acknowledge that you've completed the quest. You will then be rewarded your points, and they will go to your tally in the main event page!

Quest items can be found in Quest Zones, be sure to look for the appropriate Quest Zone for the items you need!


"HEY! Hey you, yes you! Come here!"

"I promise I don't want to eat you, really! You furry things taste gross anyways!"

"You know what tastes really good though? Fish!"

"Think you could bring me some fish? I can give you some fancy plants I found for 'em!"

[Bacchus requests that you find her 5 fish to eat. For doing this, you will earn 5 points, and two random Herbs.]

Note: Herbs will be necessary for a bonus quest later in the event!