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Whispers and Shadows [PRP]
« on: October 16, 2016, 02:20:46 PM »

It wasn't the crashing of the violent waves against the shore that woke him, but the sudden rumbling that seemed just too off rhythm with the waves, made his eyes open slowly.  He had been combing the shores coastline in search of somewhere to take the kids, and upper echelon of ranked individuals in case of a retaliation of Saboro, in case they came looking for them.  He had thought that if they were attacked, the kids, if anything, would need somewhere safe to go, somewhere the adults could take them away from the looming carnage if the need ever called for it. 

And it just so happened he found the perfect place for a nap instead. 

It was a small cave, niched neatly between two cliffs on the shoreline, not large enough to hold but one or two bodies for an amount of time, but it did have a nice smooth rock on the inside, lined with moss.  Too perfect to pass up the opportunity.  Letting out a large, loud yawn that reverberated off the cave walls, Echo stretched as he stood, looking out to the ocean, which had changed from somewhat calm, to violently lashing about thanks to the rain storm.  The calm breeze that had lulled him to sleep had turned vicious, and bit at his ears and nose, and some drops of rain that were pounding at the surface of the oceans waves made their way inside the cave and onto Echo's nose and front paws. Paws which were still damp from his trek in the shallow water to get here. 

He wasn't sure if the dark was caused by the sun going down, or the clouds from the storm, but either way his nap must've been great, because he's lost all track of time.  Hopping down from the mossy rock, he'd mentally mark this place as "a good place to nap, but crap for stuffing kids".  Peering out into the ocean, he lifted his gaze upwards, wondering if it was going to clear up anytime soon.  The flash of lightning, and rumble of thunder was good enough answer to that as he expected.  Sighing, he began to take a step out of the cave, when a flicker of blue light behind him caught his eye, he stopped and turned to see a-  a what was that?  Some sort of floating blue light, right where he had been sleeping.  He cocked his head, and turned back into the cave, taking small, careful steps towards the light, but when he was just about to the rock, the light wisped itself away, and the sound of a wave crashing behind him made him jump around quickly, only to be met with a face full of salt water.  Once the water drained, Echo stood there hoping wet, and he could swear he heard some sort of laughter. 

Either way he figured it was time to go as tide was coming back in. 

Leaving the cave, soaking wet, irritated and a little rattled by the blue light, he ran along the coastline, trying to find the path that lead back up the cliff side and inland.  However, the freezing rain was coming down at an alarming rate and made it difficult for him to see.  He wouldn't allow himself to panic because he was too cool for that, but it didn't mean he couldn't call out for help right?  Maybe that little blue light thing would come back and not eff him over this time. "If that little blue light wants to help me find that path, that'd be effing swell."

He continued running, hearing nothing but the sound of rain pounding onto the sand.

"Talking to a blue light.. I must be out of my god damn mind-"


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Re: Whispers and Shadows [PRP]
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2017, 12:06:15 AM »
To say she’d been looking for him wasn’t a lie. She had been. But in the wake of their return from the volcano, reuniting with her family, the settling of the refugees, the business with Absinthe and Derringer’s untimely disappearance, he found himself lower on her priorities. There was a guilt that came with that, but sometimes that was the weight of being Queen. You can’t do everything at once, even if you wanted to. One step at a time. If you try to juggle everything, they all fall.

She hadn’t accounted for the storm. They’d been relatively rare in the steppes she’d called home not long before. The wind stung in ways and heralded a storm unlike anything she’d experienced in the jungle. Those had been humid, hot downpours. This was a gale, and she realized quickly as the rain began to fall that she needed shelter. Staying out in the open was asking for disaster along the cliffs.

(Perhaps this is what happened to Derringer?)

She forges away from the cliffs but much like Echo, found that she could barely see with the wind whipping the rain around in great sheets. Soon she was drenched, cold, and smaller than she wanted to feel out in this great big NEW world. It made her unsure of herself. Unsure, as Gaius screaming where they overlooked the sea had. Unsure, as an aunt delicately giving unwanted news to an unhappy niece. Unsure as she was now, nearly tripping down the first of many hewn steps. She hurriedly backs away from the slick stone. How had she wound back up against the sea? She was walking in circles!

A voice floats up the stairs. The rain distorts it, but still she strains against the storm and calls down, shocked, “IS SOMEONE DOWN THERE?” The ocean was raging. They’d catch their death as the waters rose! “FOLLOW MY VOICE! THE WAY UP IS HERE!

The wind whipped her words from her lips as soon as she uttered them. She could only hope the person lost in the storm would be able to find her. The thought of striking down the stairs herself was unsavory, but if they did not emerge in short order, it would be her duty to. She could hardly claim to be for her people if she was willing to travel the world for refugees but not risk slippery stone for her own.
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Re: Whispers and Shadows [PRP]
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2017, 02:19:02 AM »
The rain was beginning to be the least of his worries, he couldn't see the waves crashing into the cliffside, but he could hear them, and they were raging closer, and more violent with each passing second.  This freak storm had blown out of nowhere, and it just seemed to be coming specifically after him in particular.  Now, he knew that would be impossible, no storm goes after an individual, but it felt personal with each stinging drop of rain hitting his pelt, and blinding him. 

A misstep, and Echo slipped on the sopping rock, sending his face smashing into the moss covered cliffside. For a moment, the rain ceased and all was calm.  Night had fallen somehow and stars were out.

Wait. No.  Echo had just knocked himself unconscious for a moment.  And the sounds and scents came rushing back- and the pain- dear god.  Blinking away the pain, and the water, he pushed himself up from the ground slowly, and he wasn't sure if it was the pounding of his head, or what but he heard something- someone- a voice on the wind.  It was faint, but it was there. 


Thank effing wolfgod.  Slowly getting onto four legs, shakily, he made his way to where he thought the voice was coming from, and sure enough, it got easier to climb.  So he climbed, slowly at first, then quickly, and eventually-  he ran smack into whoever the hell it was that had yelled or whatever.  Through the wind and rain, he couldn't tell who his having grace was, but he did know that he was feeling a little worse for wear.  "Thanksforyourhelp."  He stutter-mumbled out.  He weaved a bit unsteadily on his feet, he must've taken a harder hit to his melon then he originally thought. 

"We should-  ah  get out the storm." 

Thank you, Captain Obvious.