Author Topic: Cat-Astrophe In the Making (healer needed, liquid timed to epidemic plot)  (Read 450 times)

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She was hot..and all she wanted was to find somewhere cool to lie down but though she had moved from place to place she never found anywhere that was cool enough. Instead all the moving did was make her hotter, thirstier, dizzier and more exhausted. She'd been feeling like this for days now, ever since catching that small prey thing, but she hadn't really known what to do about it and so had simply ignored it bit with each bit of prey she caught and ate she felt worse and worse until hunting had become impossible as the dizziness kept her from being able to remain coordinated well enough to catch or even just stalk anything. It also made her disinclined to go anywhere near water for fear the dizziness would cause her to fall in so she'd been drinking less and less each day as wall as she felt worse and worse until finally the combination of dehydration, lack of food and temperatures that were already too warm for a creature born to live in snow nearly year round it all finally compounded causing the normally playful feline to finally collapse unable to go any further, despite the pain and throbbing of her head, as well as in her legs and paws courtesy of her rapidly beating heart, the sunlight was causing her, and too tired to call for help. Of course even if she'd had the energy she wouldn't have known who to call but even that was slowly slipping into the haze of sickness just as the fact that she'd been walking in circles for some time now had already slipped into the haze of fever that was not likely to go away on it's own when there was so much going for it and so little for it's unfortunate host.

((so yes I'm liquid timing this to during the sickness plot so she is dehydrated, has a fever, headache, disorientation, dizziness, sensitive to light and is also suffering from a lack of eating (not that she'd be able to keep anything down anyway) and is also suffering from heat exhaustion so..yep))
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