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dizzy on caffeine [Bunny]
« on: August 30, 2016, 06:42:12 PM »
If his days were boring, his nights were worse; there were some spans where Gideon found it difficult to tell where one ended and the other began in the dark jungle’s endless depths. The sun was hardly constant, so high overhead and drowned out by drooping canopies and twisted vines, and though it filtered hazy light down to the loam below Gideon was used to living perpetually in its shadow. He fit in nicely with it, enjoying the way his own coat mirrored the dappled sun in the darkness; he could not yet envision the world existing any other way, though Mother had spoken to him of different places, once upon a time. That even his own dying forest had once been different, too.

Though he was growing, the boy was still naïve enough to believe in the perpetuity of all things: that he, just like his kingdom, just like his Anya, would last in this same idyllic state forever.

Too-large paws carried him through the sunlight’s scattered shafts, motes of dust and earth floating like clouds in the shifting beams. His legs were long, now, and some days Gideon could recognize the sudden burst of height that had accompanied his adolescence – rabbits seemed smaller, and he had long outgrown the tangled bed of grass and moss Anya had placed him on all those months ago. He felt distant from Alteron, but he felt distant from many things. Azuhel still ruled stalwartly while he was educated, but the boy felt the silence of the territory’s hushed masses like a loss, like an empty space where a profound something used to sit.

They were his people, but they did not love him. They were his subjects, but no petitioners came to call. Perhaps it was because his Eyes did such a good job of governing? Perhaps his Police were so successful at rooting out dissent and discontent…?

The boy-king doubted either scenario. He remembered the hungry eyes that had watched him at his coronation; he remembered the faces and the names of those who had spurned his requests. Instead, the void within him only grew, a longing for something that Gideon did not yet have the words to put a name to – a jealousy, a violence, a thirst. No one could respect a child. The youth stalked on, his head low, the flickers of petty greed and envy stoking to life within his chest. No one thought of him seriously—

A noise from the undergrowth caught his attentions, something he surely would have notice had he not been so lost in his own thoughts. Narrow ears rolling forward, the Sovereign slunk forward with a curl of his lip and a raised tail, as though whatever had thought to surprise him might be the reason for – or the victim of – all his troubles. One wide paw reached forward, brushing aside a branch, and while he does not quite soften at the sight before him he certainly deflated.

”Ah,” he murmured, looming high overhead. ”Just what, exactly, are you?”

love seems bare of meaning when cash is king
wealth here for the bleeding, what good will bring
me more than I could ask from those who sleep
A crooked mind, an honest heart ancillary -
they collide.