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We Can Own The Night [Visiting] {Trident}
« on: August 10, 2016, 01:00:50 AM »
The desert night was eerily quite as a lone hulking figure made its way through the wasteland that stretched on for as far as the eye could see. The sound of a unknown animal caused the dark furred hound to pause in its steps, and turn towards the noise as a knot of unease settled in the beasts stomach. Snorting out a breath, honey gold eyes scanned the darkness for any signs of the source of the noise. After a few sweeps of the barely see-able horizon the hellhound slowly continues on its trek towards the unknown. A few heavy strides in the noise sounded once more; closer. Whipping the whole of her body towards the nose Grignor felt her hackles raise as a warning growl welled up in the pit of her throat. "Vho is zhere?! Come out now!" She barked out quickly, ears perked forward and twitching in search of the culprit. As seconds ticked by with no response save for the sparse breeze drifting by the large hound slowly loosened her hulking frame, making sure to scan as much of the area that her eyes would grant her vision for any figures out with her.

She knew that there was no way she could stay in this one spot for the rest of the night. It was in her best interest to continue moving onward and hope that she could loose whatever was making the noise plaguing her thoughts. If she could not... Taking one more quick glance around to make sure nothing had snuck upon her while musing to herself, her gaze fell upon a small black mass scurrying quickly towards a low set of brush. Narrowing her eyes Grignor watched the mass as it slipped from view for a few seconds before popping into view once more, this time making it way in her direction. She knew from the creatures she had met upon her travels that not many would willingly come up against a beast of her stature, and that the few who did quickly learned their mistake. But... Those had all been wolves, and never had anything as small looking as this mass.

Thinking of the small being no more Grignor turned her back to it and began walking once more. Because surely whatever this small mass was it would think twice about wanting to tangle with the hellhound upon seeing her size. Nodding to herself, mentally patting herself on the back for the smart thinking the bluky female happily trotted along, even going so far as humming a unintelligible tune under her breath. She was so sure that she was safe from any danger the last thing she expected as a flurry of black fur, claws, and teeth to come barreling out of a thick patch of grass hissing like something out of a nightmare. "Kish'NAK!" She screeched out sharply as her paws scrambled to halt herself from moving towards the whirlwind of rage that was spitting and hissing mere feet from her. Back stepping as fast as her stout body allowed Grignor took survey of what it was that had come after her. There hissing and growling wildly at her was a... Okay she had no idea what it was. But whatever it was clearly could have cared less that she was four times its size, because it was mad and diffidently wanted her to know if the way it kept backing away and then charging towards her once more.

Sensing that whatever this small creature was it wasn't going to let her simply pass by as she pleased the female hellie growled loudly, snapping her jaws at it in a hope to scare it away long enough for her to pass. This only seemed to make the small beast more angry as it charged forward to jump up and swipe at her nose. Yelping out at the sudden sting radiating out from her nose Grignor darted her tongue out to swipe at the blood seeping from the small wound. "So zhat is how you vish to play?" She growled out before lunging towards the little pest. The blasted little pain screeched loudly as it swiftly waddled backwards from the lumbering hound, diving in to snap at bite at the females legs with a speed Grignor had only seen since her sister. Sidestepping the nipping teeth Grignor snarled loudly as she continued to move avay in hopes of getting around the furry bundle of rage so she could be on her way. "Go avay you little bastard." She snapped at it all teeth and narrow eyes. It was really trying her patience now. A low groan escaped her as she was matched step for step, effectively keeping her locked in a standoff. "I don't have time for your games!"  Were the words she was able to get out before it came charging forward once more, making the female hellie dance by it in some odd play on what pups roughhousing looked like. "Ha!" She barked out as she was finally able to get around it. Only for the small angry creature to realize what had happened and turn around, hiss at the large hound once before scurrying off into the brush once more.

Grignor stood still for a few seconds to make sure it wasn't going to pounce out at her again when she was least expecting it. Taking a few quick sniffs of the air alerted her that is was finally leaving her alone. She was also alerted to a sudden influx of many new scents mingling and blending. A pack nearby it would seem. Taking deeper inhales of the new scents her breath hitched in her chest as a lone scent slammed into her like a large rock falling from a high cliff. Taking a few tentative steps towards where the scent was strongest she felt all the air being sucked form her lungs in a mighty heave. She knew that scent. It was surely faint, but she would never forget it. It reminded her of home. Of a land far beyond this one she was currently wandering. A scent she thought she would never again be allowed to smell. "Yaroul... She breathed out softly, as her eyes frantically searched the land in front of her. "I found you sister."

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