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Rolling the Progress Ball [ALL UKOO]
« on: June 22, 2016, 03:57:45 PM »


Hey guys, Moth here! This thread is one I've been meaning to post for awhile and I'm only just now getting to it (whoops). This thread is going to serve the purpose of letting people ICly volunteer to go out on some missions for Ukoo, and also let characters toss forth ideas for how to improve things!

YOU MAY POST BULLET POINTS IN PLACE OF A FULL IC POST that's totally fine by me! I know things are hectic right now and people might not have the time to write up a full post, but might still want their character present. Bullet points work fine!
Also please don't feel like you need to post a very long reply either, if you do want to make a not-bullet pointed post. My first post is huge because Heckler has a lot to say fffff

This thread isn't actually mandatory in any way, so if you can't post at all due to RL stuff or lack of muse, let me know and you're golden! I don't want to stress anyone out or put pressure on them, we're here to have fun! ;w;

It'll be open for awhile before I post again too, just to give anyone who wants to join in a chance to post!

Misc notes: Spatha, and members of the Council, can join Heckler on the Stones. Everyone else should gather around the stones!
Since our map/layout is currently a WIP, the Ceremony Stones are absolutely massive stones- likely some very large quartz formations- which are just outside the Salt Flats, meetings are held here!

Also everyone ICly has clothes now. If your character came into the pack after the check-in where people picked their clothes, check out the post HERE and include an OOC note of what clothing you want for your character (note: you need at minimum a tunic or hoodscarf!).
Edit: Spatha and the Council can be assumed to have been given their armor prior to this thread! Just in case there was any confusion over that. fffffffff


Heckler took a deep breath as she stepped up to the Ceremony stones. She'd been here before, several times- many times at the foot of her father, and her mother, as they sat upon the stones to make announcements. Once when she had become queen and had been left to inform the pack herself (gee thanks, dad). Now, she did it once more to address her clan, her family, the people who made Ukoo what it was. They had a lot of work that needed doing, and so few bodies- she needed to know who wanted to do what, who could help where. In her eyes, it wasn't fair to just order her people around willy nilly, especially into things that might not be covered by their skillset.

She had prepared for this for some time, working with the craftsmen, working hard for her people. While she herself sat upon the Stones, before her was a pile of cloth garments, all ready for her clan. The call went up- a loud whoop of summons, calling all who wished to come to her. She wouldn't force her people to obey every call, if they missed her announcements, that was their free choice. The young queen did not wish to become a tyrant.

Besides, some- like Mars- had duties to attend to, like keeping the prisoner, Mega, in her cell. She didn't trust the lawbreaker not to make a bolt for the borders the minute she was unguarded. She was more trouble than she was worth at this point- and luckily something was to be done about that, very soon, in fact. That was definitely exciting. Finally one less thing to worry about, and that was always a good thing.

Once a sizable amount of people had appeared, she cleared her throat nervously. "People of Ukoo." She started, wondering if that sounded too formal, was she doing this right? "I have called you here today because I have....many announcements to make. I will admit that this has been a long time needed. I should have called everyone sooner, to organize ourselves better during the Monsoon, for this I apologize- but I congratulate those who put forth their greatest efforts to keep Ukoo safe during this time. I appreciate your hard work- it will not be forgotten." As far as Heckler was concerned, she owed people for their hard work during the Monsoon. The rains had hit Ukoo hard, and they had really stepped up where she had faltered. They would be rewarded for their effort.

"Our first order of business is this-" She gestured to the clothing laying before her. "I've worked hard with the craftsmen, with the Voices. Together they and I have come up with these....clothes." An odd concept perhaps. "Tunics, hoodscarves, sandsocks. There's plenty to go around, you may all step forward to claim what you like best. If it doesn't quite fit right, no worries- the Voices will alter them for you so they fit right, no trade necessary. If you wish to improve them...personalize them more- strike a deal with our craftsmen. Trade is the way of Ukoo." They were traders, the people could come up with something. "There is, however, more. We have designed armor- a way to better protect our Fangs and Sentinels. Some of you may already be aware of this, I had Mars pass our your armor during a meeting." She was certain they would all remember it at least.

"Moving along to the next note, however we have...a bit of a problem..... Some may know already, and others may not- but some months ago, before the Monsoon, a lawbreaker named Mega attempted to flee Ukoo and was captured. Her crime was a severe one- she risked bringing war to Ukoo by stealing from the cats, by bringing them back here so they knew where she came from. For this, we will be bringing her to them, for them to pass their own judgement. Her crime was against them, not just us. However, I need volunteers, people willing to go with me to the cats, willing to keep our prisoner in check." For her safety, for their safety. She needed numbers, because she didn't know if she could trust the big felines. They weren't part of Ukoo, and so many years before they had been their enemies. "The council and I decided her fate together, and we pray nothing ever brings us to this again." They were not wicked people, and it hurt her heart to think of what might happen to Mega, even if she was beneath her caring, beneath being worth it. She had still been part of Ukoo, she had been part of their clan- and she had betrayed it. The thought of others being mauled so badly as her mother had been was terrifying. They needed to prevent it!

She was quiet for a moment, the worry on her face clear. "There is also the matter that trade from the outside is slow....virtually non-existant. We haven't had any visitors in a long time, not since the wolves from Inaria." And even that had been some time ago. "I cannot leave the territory for this mission myself, so I look to those gathered here, hoping some might volunteer themselves for this. You will need to go out of our territory, bringing samples of our goods with you- herbs, dried meat, crafted goods- anything to best represent Ukoo. Bring these as gifts, a taste of our skill, to packs beyond our borders- use your best judgement, approach those who you believe will not bring us trouble. We need outsiders to trade with, we need our market to flourish." They could rebuild, but it did little good if no one came.

"Finally....if anyone here has any concerns...suggestions- please by all means tell me. I will hear you out." Heckler was not an unfair queen, and the thoughts of her people mattered to her.
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Re: Rolling the Progress Ball [ALL UKOO]
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2016, 04:15:47 PM »

Nuke wondered around the Badlands, keeping an eye out for fresh blood. Their home was fresh. Tiny. At one time they were great - trades were worthwhile for Ukoo and the clan made a decently profitable living for the citizens left underneath it's roof. Nukiharu was almost confident that this was the case. Yet the Monsoon had swept away precious, valuable lives that bumped their member base up to a proper standard.

The Nuke can easily make proper repairs to this. She could attract members straight to the homeland! Perhaps, this one could even talk to her Queen. Surely if she can prove her trust to Heckler, she could earn a permissible grant. Go out deeper into the homeland, dig for fresh blood that lays past the borders. Maybe... maybe that was needed. But it could also be rather risky.

But her ears perked. The marsupial lifted her head up, craning her elongated snout up at an angle towards the horizon. Heckler, her beloved queen, called her. Where the voice would sound, she would quickly make her apparition. Her body quickly turned, curving itself in the direction of the sound. With a swivel of her body she would shoot off across the rough terrain.

The Thylacine raced towards her leader. Heckler seemed fresh to the Tasmanian Tiger, when she thought of the Greatness and her Throne underneath her. But she was perfect for her role. The Nuke stands beside her, Nuke thought to herself, even until my final breath. She just waited patiently, until her owner would eventually find herself.

"There's plenty to go around, you may all step forward to claim what you like best." Her eyes landed squarely upon the shoulders of the impressive Hyena. The Queen stood  before them, calling out and addressing new concepts and important clan concerns. Nukiharu nodded silently to the almost golden, yellowed hyena. She slipped up, pulling forth a hoodscarf and sandsocks. She weaseled and pulled it over her, and let it drape almost comically around her. Slightly awkward and not the best fit, but she would acknowledge that to the Craftsmen after the meeting.

Nu slipped back into the crowd, to absorb the conversation. Her purple hues brightened with hope and inspiration as her leader spoke out to them. "We help each other in ALL times, yes Queen?" She spoke out, ears priming up. Perked, with the hint of a smile, she calmly made her statement. "You alone are not  Ukoo. We all - together - are Ukoo. It takes us all especially in times such as Monsoon." She nodded to her, eyes fixed. She wasn't there to personally help through the disaster herself, but she grieved at the notion of lost citizens. Family.

"But let this one a say, she believes you must understand that we also know you are doing what's best for Ukoo." She mentioned. Then, with silence, she would listen on.

As soon as she asked, Nuke studied the question carefully, biting her lips whilst she forced herself to solitude. She wanted to instead if Heckler the entire board and space after her speech, so that she knew all of her options. She wanted to jump at the chance of guarding her high Queen from such a treacherous threat for Ukoo safety. And she knew that the felines were something of a threat, on their own, for Ukoo. The history was a very rocky trail - like scaling one of their rocky canyons up to it's top, then slipping on a loose sediment deposit. She would rather put herself personally in Heckler's way of danger to protect her Queen.

But afterwards, she would pipe up again.

"The Nuke wishes to volunteer! Where ever you would have this one. I am Nukiharu Eyes of the Queen.  This one will either protect you personally or help scout for allies. Perhaps on such a journey we can find more Ukoo citizens. Surely those without homes we'll encounter on this trip."

Have what you will of this one. She thought silently.

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