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Light of Tomorrow (Deidra)
« on: August 07, 2016, 09:03:18 PM »
Dialogue - #0088ff

Her meeting with Ticon and the apologies spoken had warmed her but, she was unsure. She felt so lost and confused. She didn't know what she desired save for peace, inner peace, inner forgiveness. The sunny wolf walked along the fields of wildflowers, moving in daylight for the first time since her return home. She'd brought shame to her people and even if there had been no trial by fire yet, she knew it was all to come in time, Tortuga would not idly sit by while this crime went unpunished.

Though if they only knew how  her emotions plagues her, how her doubts had picked away her joy and care-free way of living. Gates had vanished, Ticon had returned, Akutan was in charge of the Jovian's and she was avoiding the Royals and dear sweet Puffin. Could she even call herself a Parallax any more? She didn't even know the answer.

The small arctic paused, the wind gusting rough over the field, plowing against her small frame, even as she braced herself, the power nearly knocked her to stumble. It was humbling, feeling the raw force of the wind, unyielding, with no sense of friend or foe. The sacred winds of life.

"Destiny calls."

She would breathe out softly, a sigh escaping after her words, breathy and airy, light like a dream, it was then that dainty paws moved along as she hummed an old melody from her mother's side. It was also odd to watch, as the small golden canine seemed to sway and step in time with the strong winds, twisting and turning in ways that caused her fur to ruffle beautifully, like a river of gold.

Making her way across the sea of wildflowers, humming the song, singing bits and pieces now and again, she found herself at the river, this was where she finally took a moment to look at the rushing waters and her distorted reflection. "Oh, Stella..." She would sigh out. "How far you've come, how much you've gained and lost but, you must move on." She would hum to herself, smiling faintly, gently, at her own distorted reflection.

What she needed now was a gal-pal in all reality, someone she could maybe let loose and act goofy around. Someone who would tackle her into some mud, force her to unwind and maybe do a little thing called having fun.... Heh, all work she'd been for so long and even now, she seemed unsure if she should leap to the boulder that was part of a natural bridge across the river or, wander and find a calmer part.

Black tipped ears fell back, a small frown forming before.... She tensed and crouched, pushing off and springing forward, landing on the boulder before.....


She let out a yelp and seemed to panic a moment, splishing and splashing rather ungracefully to shore, crawling onto solid ground before going splat, sprawled out in her side laughing her tail off. That had probably been one of the most ridiculous things to panic over! Oh my god she probably looked like a drowned rat right now! Hahahahahahha!

Stella got to her paws, shaking the water from her coat, still giggling on and off. Unknown to her, she may or may not have a pair of eyes watching and well, one could only hope the hazel gaze would see the pain hidden behind the mask and maybe help with it.

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Re: Light of Tomorrow (Deidra)
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2017, 10:08:31 PM »
The pollen that sloughed off the wildflowers in thick clouds were not kind to Deidra's recovering lungs, but regardless, she felt confident braving the wilderness of Nardir, which was certainly an improvement over her condition. Queen Alana knew what she was doing! With her health slowly improving thanks to Alana's antidotes, Deidra once more set out into Nardir, intent on rebuilding the life that had been frozen in stasis after she had fallen ill.

And there was a hell of a lot of rebuilding to do. Saelac was gone. The Reporters had disbanded. Deidra was again an Astronomer with no network to rely upon, and she had to consider possible career avenues. She was not interested in prestige, but she felt uprooted after Saelac's disappearance, and more than a little concerned about his whereabouts. Deidra hummed thoughtfully, and regarded her surroundings with a sudden gravity. So much of Nardir felt unfamiliar to her now, and the forests that were once teeming with packmates now felt desolate and alien to her.

The forces of coincidence deigned to answer Deidra's silent prayer for companionship, albeit in comical fashion. Deidra caught movement between the trees, followed by a loud SPLASH as a yellow shape fell into the water. Alerted, Deidra proceeded in a brisk pace towards the river and stopped at the bank. The yellow wolf that disappeared under the water quickly paddled towards dry land, soaked from head to toe, but otherwise unhurt; in fact, she appeared amused by her predicament, and was shaking with the urge to control her bubbling laughter.

Deidra cracked a smile of her own, because hey, seeing as she didn't crack her head open on the rocks, she felt safe finding the whole thing funny. "Y' took a pretty bad fall there!" Deidra exclaimed. "Ya alright?"
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