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well-dweller [open]
« on: July 28, 2016, 07:10:28 PM »
It had been such a normal day so far. The voices of wolves never really roused him, as they came and go ever since he'd moved in to the dark, damp hole. Every now and then he had to evacuate, waiting for the water to stop flooding in and operating the flimsy contraption himself to un-flood his little home. It was the closest thing that reminded him of the Marsh of Lune, but for some reason it felt more fitting. It matched his decorum, and the air he tried to put about himself. Mysterious. Who would ever suspect the monster to be living in a well? Of course it was a common myth among the living, something spooky living at the bottom of a well, but no one though it was true. Not my well, they'd say. But... what if it was?

He was coiled tightly, sleeping, the rune on his head illuminating the bottom of the ten-foot well and softly coloring the craggy rocks around him with faint green. The sound of dripping water and hard bug legs scratching on stone lulled him to rest, a type of ASMR that only the weirdest would find soothing. The echoing birds were muffled, only a soft noise by the time they reached his ears. Then he heard a yelp. It echoed loudly through the well, almost as if it was falling down...


The cat uncoiled in a fear-induced hiss-mixed-with-screech and clambered at the sides of the walls, reaching the shoddy ladder and slithering up it with gripping claws. When he was a few feet off the well, his eyes focused in on what had landed on him. It wasn't a rock. It was soft. A bird? A big one...

'Oh no... H...hello?' It called. It was... a canine? Of some sort. A hellbeast of his own, he assumed. He saw small horns and a long, ribbon tail. It's body was white and black with splashes of pink. How in the world had it fallen down? Was it not watching itself? It hadn't noticed him. Dogs didn't see well in the dark, did they? For a moment he considered lunch, but then remembered- dog tasted nasty. He could leave it for the roaches, but then he would have to live with a noisy roommate climbing over him until it died. It would not be fun, exactly. He slithered down and slowly began to coil himself around the creature. It reacted in surprise, jumping out of the way (straight up, landing once again, on top of Ikhthus), and scurrying against the wall. 'Oh! A snake! I'm sorry you scared me!' Was... this thing talking to him? Most would scramble immediately for dear life but was this one so cornered it had given up already? "Sstop moving." he demanded with a hiss, moving himself to once again coil against the child. He would wrap around his waist, moving him to the smallest part of his body that he could. The boy surprisingly listened. 'You're cold, snake. What's your name? You aren't going to eat me, are you?' he asked. Ikhthus, who was now staring the boy straight in the face, had just then noticed- this creature was blind. Ah. Unseen trust. Dangerous. "I am not a ssnake," he said, "I am Ikhthuss, and you tasste dissgussting." His coil tightened, causing the boy to let out a little bit of a gasp. However, soon enough he was being lifted off the ground, and slowly pulled into the air like an anchor.

Fast forwarding through some conversations, Ten feet up a shaky ladder later, the cat-snake rested on the ground, the confused but pleased Samael trapped neck-deep within his coils. Samael was smiling, chatting with the creature that seemed mildly interested, and yet would only reply with short words. The boy was in the middle of talking about his family or something, when the cat's attention shifted to the distance. Someone was approaching. "Oh, boy." he said lowly, casually interrupting the pup who now looked in the same direction. "Thiss might not look good."

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Re: well-dweller [open]
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2016, 03:56:50 PM »
So far following the elf had been a good decision.

There was a certain comfort in knowing that this new Gemini was not only new to him. The vast, rolling expanse of green and the salty sea breeze was fresh to everyone. All members were learning about the hidden secrets of this land. Eli had stumbled across some human artifacts already, pausing at the crumbling walls and wondering what had made them leave. Was there something hidden in this land that made it inhospitable? Most likely not, it wouldn't have been so lush and rich with prey. The humans he was used to were wanderers. Maybe despite the obvious hard work that was put into this place the people succumbed to their itchy feet and left it all behind for the unknown. Perhaps, being used to such lifestyle, it was only a matter of time before the dog wandered off as well. But for now he was content.

Elias had yet to really meet any of his new packmates outside of a simple greeting in passing. The majority of Gemini was wolves and slowly but surely he was getting used to that. They gave him no reason to fear them. He hadn't had the nerve to reach out to anyone yet, but the dog was going tired of being alone desipite being surrounded by new packmates. Next time, Eli told himself, next time I see someone I'll reach out. Easier said than done for the nervous dog, but it was worth a shot. Little did he know what he would be stumbling across today.

As Eli hopped along he heard some voices. A small voice, most likely a puppy, and one he couldn't quite discern. While not enthusiastically doting over puppies, Eli didn't mind the little furballs. He wouldn't mind introducing himself to a little family. The dog went a little faster now and he could see a silhouette. The closer he came the stranger the being, this was no wolf. Eli had heard this land was filled with hellhounds, but he had never seen anything like this before. Was it a snake? He doubted Gemini took in snakes, but he could be wrong. The creature turned it's head toward the dog. Was that a cat? He came to a stop three yards away. It was then he noticed the tiny puppy wrapped in it's coils. This creature was hunting the wolves of Gemini! The hellion was sizable for a snake, but not too much bigger than he was. Eli was not typically the strong hero type, but he wouldn't turn a blind eye to an innocent pup being gobbled up. He let out a couple sharp barks, followed by a bay, the call he would use back when he hunted with a dog pack. Hopefully someone else would heed the call and give the tripod a hand.

"Hey!" teeth were bared as he stepped closer, "Put that puppy down!"

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Re: well-dweller [open]
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2016, 02:49:08 AM »
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